curtain design
Interior Design

Curtains: A comprehensive selection & design digest (Shop online)

Curtains are one of those integral elements of decor that can set the tone for the room. The appropriate curtains can bring style and character …

round wall lights adding beauty to your space can be used in bathroom and bedroom
Interior DesignLighting

Buy wall lights online for every room at best price in India

The perfect lighting can do wonders for your house by transforming dull and gloomy rooms into vibrant and gorgeous spaces. Whether you are illuminating your …

beautiful living room with floor lamps, biophilic touch with indoor plants, sofa
Interior DesignLighting

Floor lamps: Choosing the right style for trendy decor (Shop online)

Interior decor elements play an important role in making a house feel like “home”. Nowadays, we have numerous options booming in the market which makes it …

Room colour inspirations- ultimate colour combination, design guide for aesthetic living room, dining room & bedroom
Interior DesignWall Coverings (Paints)

Room colour: 115+ sublime wall colour schemes & combinations

The easiest and least expensive upgrade to your room is colour paints. Unlike furniture, paint colour is not a long-term commitment; so now is the …

A sophisticated wall art painting, displayed in a living room.
Interior Design

Buy modern wall art paintings for home decor at best price online

Art transcends the four walls of living space and adds beauty and warmth to it. Wall art paintings bring your whole room alive and add …

overhead aluminium door closer installed on a wooden door
Architectural, Furniture, Kitchen Fittings & Hardware

12 Best door closer brands and manufacturers in India

If you are looking for reliable door hardware, finding the right door closer is a crucial element in that process. As safety, convenience, and aesthetics …

Jade plant: Benefits, care, types, propagation & decor ideas
Interior Design

Jade plant: Benefits, care, propagation & 26+ decor ideas

One of the most popular interior decor trends is all about adding greenery to your space. Any kind of indoor plant, from succulents to bonsai, …

latest sliding glass door designs for bathroom, wardrobe etc from top brands in India
Architectural, Furniture, Kitchen Fittings & HardwareFenestrationInterior Design

126+ Glass door designs & types for refreshing interiors (Enquire here)

Doors are the sliding or hinged barriers that separate an entryway from being closed or opened. These entryway barriers are very crucial fittings for any …

55+ handpicked decorative & utility mirrors for wall & dressing table, with light
Interior Design

65+ Trendy mirror designs for easy home decor (Shop online!)

Mirrors are an inexpensive way to add depth and elegance to any room. The perfect one can boost the aesthetic appeal of a room by …

double size bed design photo, off white mattress, black pillows, bedsheet, white walls, lamp, textured floor, brown round wooden wall hangings
FurnitureInterior Design

34+ double bed designs to style your bedroom (FAQ+buying options)

A beautiful double bed design makes your home aesthetically pleasing along with providing you the ultimate comfort. Moreover, a double bed is a great option …

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