Biophilic design by sustainable Canadian Wood
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Biophilic advantages of sustainably sourced wood in interior spaces

Integrating wood elements into interior design spaces goes beyond aesthetics; it’s a choice that can profoundly affect human health and overall well-being. Recognized as one …

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76 latest iron & steel main gate designs for Indian homes

​​The main gate design plays a crucial role in determining the overall aesthetics of the house. The entrance of any place ought to be warm …

stained glass door design in a living room

Door design: 44 Wooden main door designs for modern homes in India

The doors in our homes serve as both functional barriers and artistic expressions. They are the first thing guests see and the portals that safeguard …

Eternia revolutionizing the fenestration industry with exceptional quality and service

Eternia: Revolutionizing the fenestration industry with exceptional quality and service

The Indian fenestration industry is undergoing a transformation as a new generation of end-users seeks innovative solutions, unconventional materials, and energy-efficient elements for their homes …

Canadian Wood seedling plantation
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On World Wood Day 2023, Canadian Wood honours the various aspects of timber

For centuries, architects, designers, manufacturers, and contractors in India have favoured wood for various applications. This preference has contributed to the growth of the wooden …

latest sliding glass door designs for bathroom, wardrobe etc from top brands in India
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126+ Glass door designs & types for refreshing interiors (Enquire here)

Doors are the sliding or hinged barriers that separate an entryway from being closed or opened. These entryway barriers are very crucial fittings for any …

Canadian wood booth at DelhiWood
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Canadian Wood showcases innovative wood products at DelhiWood 2023

FII, the crown agency of the British Columbia (B.C.) government, also known as Canadian Wood, participated in DelhiWood expo 2023, an international trade fair for …

the most interesting & practical window designs in glass or wood for your house
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55+ Unique window design inspirations for your modern home

What function do you believe a window has in a home’s curb appeal? These are important components of any structure that allows natural light and …

Eternia aluminum windows

Why are aluminium doors and windows the best?

Doors and windows are the gateways to the outside world. Hence, they should be durable enough to withstand harsh weather and provide maximum safety. Nowadays, …

An exceptional piece of architecture outdoors to be displayed at delhi wood 2023
ArchitectureFenestrationFiberboard | Laminates

Canadian Wood to showcase sustainable wood species at DELHI WOOD 2023

As the nation tends to focus on green growth and sustainable development, awareness about timber will quickly become a movement in the days ahead. Notably, …

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