What are the most common kitchen problems and how to solve them?

Every kitchen encounters common issues because it is one of the busiest and trickiest-to-design rooms in the house. For this reason, having a well-organized, well-planned, and simple-to-manage kitchen is essential. By recognising these 7 major problems in the kitchen, you can overcome common kitchen issues with easy solutions and prepare meals in a pleasant, clean, and clutter-free environment. So, below listed are 7 common kitchen problems with simple solutions, organization, and storage hacks to resolve them.


Kitchen problems and solutions (organization & storage hacks)
Make your kitchen problems go away with quick solutions as shown in the above image!

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Kitchen problem #1 – Too much clutter

Make sure you effectively organise your kitchen so you can make space free of clutter. Include modular kitchen accessories like cutlery trays, bottle racks, spice racks, and spoon holders. Instead of freestanding appliances, choose stylish built-in ones. Ensure that all kitchen utensils, pantry items, storage bins, and appliances are arranged in a manner that they are accessible and can be found easily.


Kitchen Problem #2 – Insufficient storage

Most kitchens struggle with an abundance of chaos caused by inadequate storage, which is a big problem. By using full-height overhead cabinets to maximise vertical space and storing less often used items on the highest shelves, you can enhance the amount of storage in your kitchen. Include a small kitchen island if there is enough space for one because it can serve as a dining or breakfast table and can double up as a storage unit.


Problem #3 – Greasy countertop

Grease and grime from everyday cooking stick to the walls and cabinetry. Spraying a white vinegar solution on sticky surfaces and wiping it down with a microfiber cloth can remove the stickiness.


Kitchen problem #4 – Lack of counter space

Maintaining a clutter-free countertop will increase its usable space. Keep everything off your counter! Store your mixer, grinder, toaster, and blender in locked cabinets, and hang your pots, ladles, spatulas, and other kitchen utensils on the backsplash to free the counter space. These simple kitchen organization and storage hacks can do wonders for your layout!


Problem #5 – Sink blockage

Odours coming from the sink or blockage brought on by food residue are two of the most typical kitchen problems. To resolve this, add a cup of baking soda and some lemon juice to the sink. Leave them there for 15 minutes. Then, add a cup of white vinegar and wait for bubbles to form, run a gallon of boiling hot water through the sink to clean it. To prevent food particles from clogging the drain; you can also use a sink strainer.


Kitchen problem #6 – Poor ventilation

Since kitchens produce a lot of fumes, odours, and pollutants, ensuring the space is well-ventilated can help. Include a chimney with great suction power and an exhaust fan within the kitchen. Clean the chimney from time to time and replace its air filters quarterly.


Kitchen problem #7 – Poor lighting

Poor lighting in the kitchen makes it appear dingy and also makes cooking a straining task. To resolve this issue, choose CFL or LED lights that are brighter if there isn’t enough natural light in the kitchen. Add more lighting, such as LED strip lights or recessed spotlights, beneath the overhead cabinets. Adequate task lighting in the kitchen for cooking can also act as an effective solution.


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