Best Indian mattress brands | Top 10 mattress companies in India with price

blue and white mattress in a bedroom with brown wooden bed, floors and rug
blue and white mattress in a bedroom with brown wooden bed, floors and rug


A good mattress does more than just provide you with a good night’s sleep. It also protects your back and maintains the natural curvature of your spine. Furthermore, it helps you maintain a good posture while sleeping, which benefits you in more than one way. This in turn reduces your stress and anxiety levels and aligns your ears, shoulders, and hips. Hence, the result is a perfect night’s sleep, which creates a lot of difference in your life. Therefore, you must invest great time and effort while buying a mattress. To make this job easier, we have come up with a list of the top 10 Indian mattress brands and picked 20 best products to give you enough options to choose from.

While buying a mattress from any brand in India, you must consider factors like age, medical issues, sleeping habits, firmness preference, weight and shape of your body. In this article, you will get top brands, buying options, selection guide and FAQs that will arm you will all the knowledge you need to make the right purchase.




List of best Indian mattress brands | Top Indian mattress brands (with prices)


Brands  Products  MRP 
Duroflex Duroflex Strength Plus Orthopedic Mattress 18,191
Duroflex Duroflex Rise Spring Soft Mattress 9,511
Wakefit Wakefit Xtra Snooze Grid Mattress 17,090
Wakefit Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress 7,420
Sleepycat Sleepycat Ultima Mattress 13,999
Sleepycat Sleepycat Hybrid Latex Mattress 10,999
Nilkamal Nilkamal Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress 11,659
Nilkamal Nilkamal Cushy 5″ Foam Mattress 9,479
Sleepyhead Sleepyhead Laxe – Natural Latex Mattress 15,999
Sleepyhead Sleepyhead Original – Orthopedic Mattress 7,499
The Sleep Company The Sleep Company Smart Luxe 24,900
The Sleep Company The Sleep Company Smart Ortho  15,900
Dreamzee Dreamzee Vilass 33,000
Dreamzee Dreamzee Elevate 21,500


Our top picks from the best mattress brands in India


Overall best mattress – Dreamzee vilasa

In addition to being one of the top 10 Indian mattress brands, Amazon recognised Dreamzee in 2019 was awarded with the “Top 10000 Selling Partner Club” title. With its carefully designed layers of foam and exceptional craftsmanship, this product ensures a harmonious blend of support, pressure relief, and breathability for a truly restful slumber.


Best budget mattress – Wakefit dual comfort

Wakefit is one of India’s top 10 mattress brands with the best price options. The Wakefit dual comfort mattress is perfect for people who are looking for a dual foam mattress that is affordable but still carries a brand name.


Best memory foam mattress – Strength plus coir orthopedic mattress

Duroflex is one of the top 10 Indian mattress brands due to its dedication to creativity and high-quality craftsmanship. The Strength plus memory foam coir orthopedic mattress with Euro-top combines the best of both worlds. It offers a harmonious blend of support and comfort for a restorative sleep experience. Moreover, its innovative design, with a layer of memory foam and coir, provides exceptional orthopedic support.


The best Orthopedic mattress – Sleepyhead original orthopedic memory foam mattress 

Sleepyhead is one of the best brands offering mattresses at competitive prices in India. The Sleepyhead original orthopedic memory foam mattress combines advanced technology with superior comfort. Moreover, it provides optimal support for aching joints and promotes spinal alignment. Furthermore, its innovative memory foam adapts to your body, delivering a blissful sleep experience that rejuvenates and restores.


Best Indian mattress brand #1 – Sleepwell

This mattress brand has been present in India for over five decades. It caters to the individual comfort needs of its customers. The company is one of the top 10 mattress brands in India and uses modern technology for manufacturing its products. It has a good manufacturing network, a diversified product portfolio, and great R&D capabilities.


Best Indian Mattress By Sleepwell #1 – Utsav


Product specifications

  • Patented Japanese SmartGRID Technology 
  • 2500+ Air Channels 
  • LuxioTec Comfort 
  • Firmness Score 5, Plush Soft 



  • Offers advanced support and pressure relief 
  • Promotes proper ventilation 
  • Plush soft feel 



  • Not suitable for those who prefer a firm surface
  • Does not eliminate motion transfer
  • High initial cost 


bed, blue coloured mattress, blue cushions, bedroom

B U Y  H E R E 


Best Indian Mattress By Sleepwell #2 – Spinetech Air Luxury


Product specifications

  • Medium firm feel
  • Improved firmness
  • Contour hugging
  • Superior air circulation
  • Plush top feel



  • Premium knitted fabric
  • Combines Impressions foam and Quiltec® foam
  • Impressions foam adapts to body contours
  • Sleepwell Resitec® foam offers optimal body support
  • Reticool® foam improves airflow
  • Rebonded foam provides extra firmness



  • Specifications about durability and long-term performance are not provided
  • Information does not specify the products effectiveness in regulating temperature


bedroom, bed, mattress, yellow and white piloows, white lamp, white walls, white side table

B U Y  H E R E 


Contact information

  • Contact number: +91 97175 44944
  • Email:


Best Indian mattress brand #2 – Duroflex

Duroflex started in 1963 and is regularly working towards new innovations. It is a research-backed and technology-led brand in India that makes mattresses, protectors, pillows, and sleep tech options. In fact, they have some of the first and latest industry innovations and technology.


Best Indian Mattress By Duroflex #1 – Strength Plus Orthopedic Mattress


Product specifications 

  • 5-zone orthopedic support 
  • Adaptive memory foam 
  • Naturally cooling coir 
  • Signature quilted fabric 
  • Plush euro top 
  • 10 years warranty 



  • Adaptive memory foam layer conforms to the body’s contours
  • Cooling coir layer regulates temperature and promotes airflow 
  • Luxurious quilted fabric 



  • Not ideal for those who prefer a softer feel 
  • Comparatively heavier


bedroom with light blue walls, lampshade, bed, blue mattress

B U Y  H E R E 


Best Indian Mattress By Duroflex #2 – Rise Spring Soft Mattress


Product specifications

  • High comfort 
  • Bonnell spring layer 
  • High resilience foam 
  • 5 years warranty 



  • Bonnell spring layer 
  • High resilience foam layer



  • Not suitable for individuals who prefer a firmer sleeping surface 
  • Durability might vary based on usage and maintenance


wall hanging, bedroom, dark blue mattress from good mattress brand, white pillows, bed

B U Y  H E R E 


Contact information

  • Contact number: 08095119977
  • Email:


Best Indian mattress brand #3 – Kurl-on

This company easily falls among the top 10 best mattress brands in India for its good quality products. The company manufactures the mattress in 126 different configurations. Furthermore, the company has more than 10000 dealers, 9 manufacturing units, 72 branch and stock points in India.


Best Indian Mattress By Kurl-on #1 – Convenio


Product specifications 

  • Multi-layer foam 
  • Bonded foam in the core 
  • Memory foam quilt(top) 
  • PU foam quilt (bottom) 
  • Premium knitted fabric 
  • Comfort level – medium firm 
  • Warranty – 7 years 



  • Offers a balance of comfort and support
  • Provides sturdy support to the body
  • Plush and contouring feel 
  • Medium firm comfort level 



  • Not ideal for those who prefer an extremely soft or firm surface
  • May have a tendency to retain heat 
  • Relatively heavier 


beroom, bed, indoor plant, white mattress from the best brands, pillows, rug

B U Y  H E R E 


Best Indian Mattress By Kurl-on #2 – Dream Sleep


Product specifications

  • Spring mattress
  • Side ventilators make it breathable
  • High-tensile bonnell springs
  • High-density PU foam quilt on top for better comfort
  • Sidewall across the perimeter to prevent sagging on the sides
  • Comfort level – Medium soft
  • Warranty – 5 years



  • Improved breathability with side ventilators
  • High-tensile bonnell springs
  • Medium-soft comfort level



  • Not ideal for individuals who prefer a firmer or extra-soft sleeping surface
  • Limited information is available regarding specific prices and comparisons


bedroom with dark walls, curtains, bed with pillows, red mattress from a top brand

B U Y  H E R E 


Contact information

  • Contact number: 8150000103
  • Email:


Best Indian mattress brand #4 – Wakefit

Wakefit is one of the top 10 Indian mattress brand. It was founded in 2016 by Chaitanya Ramalingegowda and Ankit Garg and has its headquarters in Bengaluru. Apart from mattresses, the company also manufactures different kinds of pillows, and bed frames


Best Indian Mattress By Wakefit #1 – Xtra Snooze Grid Mattress


Product specifications

  • 3300+ air channels 
  • XpertGRID cooling series 
  • Motion isolation technology 
  • 1.5-inch grid thickness 
  • Available in all sizes 



  • Ensures optimal airflow 
  • Prevents overheating during the night 
  • Equipped with motion isolation technology 
  • Provides a balanced combination of support and comfort



  • Not suited for individuals who prefer an ultra-soft or extremely firm feel
  • May have a slight odour upon unpacking


wooden bed in room, top and best quality mattress brand in India in low price, side tables, pillows

B U Y  H E R E 


Best Indian Mattress By Wakefit #2 – Dual Comfort Mattress


Product specifications 

  • Responsive foam  
  • High resilience foam 
  • Available in all sizes 



  • Offers a unique feature of dual comfort, providing two different firmness options
  • Conforms to the body’s contours  
  • 7-year warranty



  • May not provide customization to the same extent as mattresses with individually adjustable firmness zones
  • Some users may experience heat retention 


bed, pink sheets, pillows, best quality mattress

B U Y  H E R E 


Contact information

  • Contact number: +91 988 3333 123
  • Website:


Best Indian mattress brand #5 – SleepyCat

SleepyCat is a startup company in Kolkata that was founded by Kabir Siddiq in 2017. The products of this company in India are unique due to the use of automated compression technology.


Best Indian Mattress By SleepyCat #1 – Ultima Mattress


Product specifications

  • Machine washable ezie zipper cover 
  • Open-cell memory foam 
  • Super high-density foam 
  • Stylish and protective line-side walls 



  • Offers a medium-soft comfort level 
  • CoolTECH fabric
  • 100 nights free trial period for customers  
  • 7-zone support layer
  • Advanced deep touch support technology 
  • 10-year warranty



  • Available only at a medium-soft comfort level 
  • Edge support not as robust 


bed, mattress, pillows, bedroom

B U Y  H E R E 


Best Indian Mattress By SleepyCat #2 – Hybrid Latex Mattress


Product specifications

  • High-quality latex layer  
  • Open cell memory foam layer 
  • High-density foam layer 
  • 5 zone body support 
  • Breathable bamboo fabric 



  • Hybrid latex mattress
  • Breathable bamboo fabric  
  • 5-zone body support system 
  • Minimal motion transfer



  • Relatively expensive  
  • Heavy 


woman sitting in front of bed, decorated bedroom

B U Y  H E R E 


Contact information

  • Contact number: +91 85880 52247
  • Email:


Best Indian mattress brand #6 – Springwel

Springwel mattresses provide better sleep solutions and premium sleep products. The company’s products are widely used in hotels, corporate houses, and also by certain government and private institutions. Furthermore, their exclusive product range includes Royale Retreat, Value Series, Orthopedic Series, Prestige Collection, Club Class Collection, and PUF Series.


Best Indian Mattress By Springwel #1 – Comfort Advance – Bonnell Spring Mattress


Product specifications

  • Premium jacquard fabric with chain-stitched quilting on both sides 
  • High-density PUF sheet 
  • Needle loom felt for added comfort and durability 
  • High-density rubberised coir sheet as a support layer 
  • High-quality polypropylene mesh as an insulator 
  • High-tensile, Bonnell springs made on swiss machines 



  • Provides sturdy support to the body
  • Greater overall comfort  
  • High-quality polypropylene mesh insulator



  • Slightly lower motion isolation 
  • Not suitable for individuals who prefer a softer sleep surface
  • Heavy


bedroom, bed, pillows, music system, light yellow walls, mattress from top quality mattress brands in India with best price

B U Y  H E R E 


Best Indian Mattress By Springwel #2 – Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress


Product specifications 

  • Premium quality zipper cover 
  • High-quality soft foam 
  • Pressure-relieving memory foam 
  • High-resilience polyurethane foam 
  • Premium quality zipper cover 



  • Orthopedic memory foam  
  • Encourages correct spinal alignment
  • Helps in healthy blood circulation
  • Anti-microbial and Anti-bacterial properties 
  • Premium quality zipper cover 



  • May have a noticeable initial odour upon unboxing
  • Memory foam has a tendency to retain heat
  • Heavier 
  • Slow response time and limited bounce 


white bed, coloured pillows, side table, wall hangings

B U Y  H E R E 


Contact information

  • Contact number: 011-47533333
  • Email:


Best Indian mattress brand #7 – Nilkamal

Nilkamal has 30,000 dealers across the country. Moreover, this brand has a wide range of coir, spring, and foam mattresses available in an affordable price range in India. It has emerged as one of the top Indian mattress brands revolutionizing the country’s comfort technology ecosystem.


Best Indian Mattress By Nilkamal #1 – Ortho Comfort Mattress


Product specifications

  • Prevents back pain and releases stress 
  • Adjusts according to body contour 
  • New generation orthopedic mattress 
  • Firm sides prevent sagging on edges 



  • Designed specifically to prevent back pain and release stress
  • Adjusts according to the body’s contours
  • Specifically engineered to support the musculoskeletal system 
  • Firm sides prevent sagging on the edges



  • Slightly lower motion isolation   
  • May not offer the same level of airflow and heat dissipation as mattresses with advanced cooling technologies


wooden sleek bed, white pillows, side lamp, plant, windows

B U Y  H E R E 


Best Indian Mattress By Nilkamal #2 – Cushy 5″ Foam Mattress


Product specifications 

  • Combination of bonded foam and EPE
  • Thickness 5 inches 
  • Outer is made of polymesh 
  • Medium firmness 



  • Provides a comfortable and supportive sleep surface
  • Affordable  
  • Can withstand regular use and maintain its shape over time



  • Offers basic level of comfort and support 
  • May not offer as much contouring or deep cushioning
  • Limited ability to dissipate heat


room with windows, bed, white pillows, wall photos, mattress from top quality brands in India at best price

B U Y  H E R E 


Contact information

  • Contact number: 1800 1219 115
  • Email:


Best Indian mattress brand #8 – Sleepyhead

The company has a 100-night free trial policy and a bed-in-a-box concept. Furthermore, it is one of the top 10 Indian mattress brands due to its innovative and beautiful product range. In addition, this company also has home lifestyle products like furniture and home decor.


Best Indian Mattress By Sleepyhead #1 – Laxe – Natural Latex Mattress


Product specifications

  • Natural latex 
  • Firm multilayer support 
  • Uniform pressure distribution 
  • Breathability 
  • Renowned durability 



  • Offers a supportive and comfortable sleep surface without the use of synthetic materials
  • Help alleviate pressure points 
  • Allows for good air circulation and heat dissipation 
  • Maintains shape and support over a long period 



  • Relatively expensive 
  • Not ideal for those who prefer a softer or plusher feel 
  • Comparatively heavier  


black and grey mattress from top mattress brand in India at best price

B U Y  H E R E 


Best Indian Mattress By Sleepyhead #2 – Original – Orthopedic Mattress


Product specifications

  • BodyIQ orthopedic memory foam technology
  • Luxury comfort
  • Smart contouring
  • Optimal weight distribution
  • Breathable construction
  • Motion isolation
  • Hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant
  • Durable construction



  • Provides customized support and comfort
  • Provides personalized pressure relief for different body shapes
  • Motion isolation
  • Hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant properties
  • Durable construction



  • High priced
  • Some individuals may prefer a different level of firmness


black and gray mattress, pillows, mattresses from top brand in India at best price

B U Y  H E R E 


Contact information

  • Contact number: 8884884345
  • Email:


Best Indian mattress brand #9 – The Sleep Company

The Sleep Company is India’s leading comfort innovation brand and the creator of the revolutionary SmartGRID mattress. Founded in 2019, the company aims to offer customers the best sleeping experience with Patented Japanese SmartGRID technology that offers both ultimate comfort and optimal support for the body.


Best Indian Mattress By The Sleep Company #1 – Smart Luxe


Product specifications 

  • Patented Japanese SmartGRID Technology 
  • 2500+ Air Channels 
  • LuxioTec Comfort 
  • Firmness Score 5, Plush Soft 



  • Promotes proper ventilation
  • LuxioTec Comfort 
  • Plush soft feel



  • Not suitable for those who prefer a firmer or extra-firm surface
  • Does not eliminate motion transfer 
  • High price point 


Smart Luxe Mattress

B U Y  H E R E 


Best Indian Mattress By The Sleep Company #2 – Smart Ortho


Product specifications 

  • Patented Japanese SmartGRID Technology 
  • 2500+ Air Channels 
  • Ortho Relief Foam
  • AIHA Certified Orthopedic Mattress
  • Firmness Score 7, Medium Firm



  • Advanced support and pressure relief
  • Promotes proper ventilation



  • May not suit those who prefer softer surfaces
  • Relatively higher price point
  • Heavier due to orthopedic features


Contact information

  • Contact number: +91 9811981911
  • Email:


Best Indian mattress brand #10 – Dreamzee

This company was awarded the ‘Top 10000 Selling Partner Club’ in 2019 by Amazon. The unique technology and price of this mattress brand in India have helped the company keep up with the competition.


Best Indian Mattress By Dreamzee #1 – Vilasa


Product specifications 

  • 85-90 range density dunlop latex 
  • 29 ILD (Indentation Load Deflection) 
  • Medium level comfort 



  • ILD (Indentation Load Deflection) of 29  
  • Delivers a comfortable sleep experience



  • Limited motion isolation   
  • Some individuals may experience a slight tendency for heat retention


bedroom, wall photo, dark colured walls, bed, plant

B U Y  H E R E 


Best Indian Mattress By Dreamzee #2 – Elevate


Product specifications 

  • High-resilience foam for support 
  • Cool memory foam 
  • Organic cotton layer 
  • 100% natural latex 



  • Cushioning for pressure points
  • Excels in motion isolation 
  • Antibacterial and anti-fungal
  • Promotes excellent air circulation
  • Highly durable 



  • High-priced 
  • Limited thickness options 


well decorated room, bed, pillows, lamps

B U Y  H E R E 


Contact information

  • Contact number: +91 9999760720
  • Email:


Our selection criteria

  • Customer reviews and ratings: We’ve chosen buying options with exceptional customer feedback and top ratings.
  • Brand reputation: Our priority is to pick renowned and trusted brands known for their unwavering commitment to quality and reliability.
  • Materials and construction: We scrutinized each products materials, layers, and technology to guarantee durability, comfort, and support.
  • Price and value: We’ve carefully assessed each product’s price relative to its outstanding features and benefits.
  • Warranty: We stand by the durability and support of our chosen buying options, as reflected in their comprehensive warranty coverage and duration.


Types of mattress



These are the top choice for many, featuring coil springs that provide sturdy support. They offer a traditional bouncy feel, with varying degrees of firmness. In addition, these promote airflow, keeping you cool throughout the night.


Memory foam 

These have gained immense popularity for their ability to contour to the shape of your body. This provides excellent support and alleviates pressure points, making them an ideal choice for those seeking relief from aches and pains. Furthermore, the sinking feeling of memory foam can create a sensation of being cradled, offering a restful night’s sleep.



These are known for their durability and resilience. Made from natural or synthetic latex, these provide a responsive and supportive sleeping surface. Additionally, they are hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites and other allergens, making them an excellent choice for those with allergies.



These combine the best of both worlds, blending memory foam or latex with innerspring coils. This fusion results in a balanced feel, offering both support and contouring comfort. Therefore, hybrids are suitable for a wide range of sleepers.



These feature an extra layer of cushioning on the top surface, giving a plush and luxurious feel. Furthermore, they are perfect for those who prefer a soft sleeping surface.



These are designed to dissipate heat effectively, keeping you cool throughout the night. They combine the contouring properties of memory foam with gel beads that regulate temperature.



These are inflatable and can be used for various purposes, such as camping, guest accommodations, or temporary bedding solutions, and they come in various sizes and designs. Furthermore, they are highly customizable, making them suitable for couples with varying preferences.



These offer a unique buoyant feel, as they are filled with water. They come in various styles, including free-flow as well as waveless, catering to different comfort preferences.




These are crafted using natural materials like organic cotton, latex, and wool. They are also free from harmful chemicals and synthetic materials, making them an eco-friendly choice.


Adjustable bed 

This type is specially designed to complement the functionality of adjustable beds, allowing you to customize your sleep position for maximum comfort. Furthermore, these are typically flexible and durable, ensuring they can adapt to various angles and movements without losing their structural integrity.


Factors to consider while buying a mattress 



Mattresses can be constructed from various materials such as memory foam, latex, innerspring, or hybrid combinations. Each material offers distinct characteristics and benefits. Therefore, assessing these qualities is vital to determine the material that aligns best with personal preferences and requirements. 



Different mattress styles cater to various sleep needs. For example, adjustable beds offer customizable positions. Traditional ones, on the other hand, are versatile and suitable for a wide range of sleepers. 



The optimal firmness level is subjective and can vary depending on factors such as personal preference and body type. Therefore, understanding one’s comfort needs and experimenting with different levels of firmness can aid in buying the right mattress. 


Size & thickness 

Mattresses come in various sizes, including twin, full, queen, and king, each catering to different space requirements. Additionally, its thickness can influence support and comfort. Evaluating these aspects ensures that your choice fits appropriately and meets individual comfort expectations. 


Sleeping positions 

Categorizing mattresses based on user-specific factors is also important. Factors like preferred sleeping positions, body weight, and co-sleeping arrangements should be taken into account. For instance, side sleepers may require a mattress that offers ample pressure relief for the shoulders and hips. While heavier individuals may benefit from a sleeping surface with enhanced support.


Noise isolation 

If noise is a concern, consider mattresses with motion isolation features or those made with materials that reduce noise transmission. 


Temperature regulations 

Certain materials, such as memory foam, may retain heat, while others, like latex and hybrid mattresses, tend to sleep cooler. Therefore, you must consider personal temperature preferences and select one with effective temperature regulation properties. 



Determine a practical budget range before shopping. While it is crucial to invest in a quality piece, finding one that fits within the budget is also equally important.


Also see: Designer beds: 50 spectacular styles for people with exquisite taste


Quality test

To test quality at home, lie down on it in different positions to gauge comfort and spinal support. You should also check for motion isolation by having someone move on the bed, and assess edge support by sitting or lying near the edges. Then, research the mattress’s materials for durability, consider its temperature regulation, allergen resistance, and hygiene features. In addition, you can take advantage of trial periods and return policies when buying online, and read customer reviews.


How to take care of your mattress? 

  • Use a protector or waterproof cover to protect against spills, stains, and moisture. 
  • Regularly clean  by vacuuming it to remove dust and allergens. 
  • Rotate your mattress every 3-6 months to distribute wear evenly and prevent sagging. 
  • Avoid jumping or standing on your mattress, as it can damage the internal components. 
  • Avoid bending or folding your mattress, as it can cause damage to the internal structure. 
  • Keep your mattress dry and well-ventilated to prevent the growth of mildew. 
  • Avoid placing heavy objects as they can create permanent indentations. 
  • Address stains by gently blotting them with a mild detergent and water solution. Avoid using harsh chemicals or excessive moisture. 
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for any specific care recommendations. 


Watch this video: Selecting the best type of mattress (7 mins 5 seconds)





What kind of mattress is used in Indian 5-star hotels?

Generally, these 5-star hotels use spring and memory foam mattresses of premium quality. These luxury mattresses make you feel the most comfortable while sleeping.


Are coils or memory foam mattresses better?

While memory foam mattresses are softer, spring mattresses have more bounce. So, a memory foam mattress that is medium-firm is preferred for patients with back pain. On the other hand, spring mattresses are more supportive for people with heavier weights.


What is a hybrid mattress?

A hybrid mattress is made of foam and spring coils. It has 3 inches of foam on the top layer and spring coils as the base. In fact, the foam layers can be made of memory foam or latex foam.


How long does a mattress last?

The lifespan of a mattress depends on its quality, the materials used, the weight and sleeping styles of the users. Typically, a mattress can last for about 7 to 10 years.


Which mattress is the best for back pain?

Orthopedics say that the memory foam mattress is one of the best choices if you are suffering from back pain. Also, this type of mattress has a unique support technology that improves posture, improves blood circulation, and distributes your body weight evenly.


Is it better to sleep on a hard or soft mattress?

If you are not suffering from back pain, a hard mattress will make you feel more comfortable. However, if you suffer from back pain while sleeping on a standard mattress, a softer one will suit you more.


Which is the best mattress in India?

One of the factors to consider while buying the best kind of mattress for you is your back health. The correct mattress will support your body and help you maintain a good posture while sleeping. So, we have done a lot of research and come up with this list of the top 10 best mattress brands in India that will provide you with optimum comfort while sleeping.


What is SmartGRID technology?

SmartGRID Technology offers maximum comfort to the mattress. The technology lets the mattress snuggle the shoulder, neck, and back and hugs your body allowing you to fall asleep faster. Moreover, the amazing upper layer and firmness of the support layer will give you the right posture support, motion isolation, and numerous other benefits.



Searching for the perfect mattress is akin to seeking a treasure chest of comfort, ensuring a restful and rejuvenating sleep experience. Throughout this comprehensive article, we have offered an extensive guide to help you make an informed decision.

We’ve explored the top 10 mattress brands in India, each with its unique blend of Indian craftsmanship, innovation, and quality. These industry leaders are the bedrock of reliable and comfortable sleep solutions, each offering a plethora of options to cater to diverse preferences and needs. Our list of the top 20 buying options has provided a vast array of choices, ensuring there’s a mattress out there for every type of sleeper. From memory foam’s contouring embrace to the traditional support of innerspring, and the eco-consciousness of organic mattresses, we’ve covered it all to suit your comfort desires.

To address any lingering doubts, our FAQs section has tackled common queries. We understand that choosing the right mattress can be a significant investment. Therefore, we have strived to provide you with all the answers you need to make an informed choice.

The selection guide has acted as your compass in this journey, providing insights into key factors like firmness, materials, and sleeping positions to consider when making your selection. Armed with this knowledge, you can confidently navigate the marketplace and make a choice that aligns perfectly with your comfort needs.

In conclusion, investing in the right mattress is investing in your overall well-being. With this comprehensive guide at your disposal, you’re now equipped to make a choice that promises years of restful slumber and rejuvenation. Sweet dreams await, and your path to comfort and bliss begins here.


*The featured image used in this article is from Forbes


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