Colour combo for walls: 19+ top-notch ideas for stylish makeovers

colour combo for home walls , blue, white
colour combo for home walls , blue, white

Colour combos for walls have a profound influence on the aesthetics of a room. Wall colour combos can make or break a space. Perfect colour combo for walls should be in harmony with the scale of your space, the architectural features of your interiors, and your personal preference. Consequently, wall colour combinations add character, style, and personality to any room. However, the extensive array of two-colour combinations for bedrooms, kitchens, dining, bathroom, and living room walls can be overwhelming. Hence, to help you avoid the pitfalls of wrong choices, we bring you the best colour combos, including bold, dramatic, calm, soothing, neutral and classic, through this article to help you make choices easily.



Creative wall colour combos to suit every room

Colours breathe life into space, bringing a flow and rhythm that determines the design, decor, and vibe. Individual choices, functional aspects and the continuity from one room to another are the points that essentially rule particular colour choices. Ideally, creative colour combos improve aesthetics and highlight different areas in a single space. 


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Bedroom wall ideas

In our multifunctional lives, the bedroom functions as our workspace, study corner, and our sanctuary. Moreover, the bedroom is a sacred space to relax, recharge, and relinquish our worries for a while. Therefore, this room deserves the best colour combos for walls that create outstanding results. Scroll down to look at the best two or three colour combinations for bedroom walls that are certain to meet your expectations!


Bedroom wall colour combo #1 – Coral with neutral shades


bedroom wall ,Coral with neutral shades
Bringing in oceanic hues

Image Source: Crafts and Bolts


A timeless shade two-colour combination for bedroom walls that works with most neutrals, coral is a pink-orange colour that reverberates with ocean associations. The dynamic colour brings in freshness when combined with blue, white, taupe, yellow and shades of grey. The soothing palette in the colour combo of the bedroom is intended to relax and rejuvenate.


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Bedroom wall colour combo #2 – White and Grey


bedroom in grey and white,
Nuances of light & dark

Image Source: Porter Davis


Grey offers unlimited options to play with. It is a versatile neutral two-colour combination for bedroom walls that is anything but gloomy. Wall colour combos for bedrooms are fast leaning towards the combined nuances of grey and white. Lighter shades or darker shades of grey paired with white reflect a sophistication beyond compare.


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Bedroom wall colour combo #3 – Maroon, Brown and White


Colour combos for bedroom walls. Maroon, white, brown
Unusual tints

Image Source: Farm food family


If you wish to create an unusual two-colour combination for a bedroom wall with a variety of earthy tints that complement each other then opt for rich maroon as the main colour. The bold colour combines well with earthy brown and creamy white bringing warmth, dimension and comfort to the bedroom.


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Bedroom wall colour combo #4 – Green and Beige 


Wall colour combo for bedroom, green and beige
Play of warm & cool tones

Image Source: PS Group


Green and beige combine shades of both warm and cool tones creating a dynamic yet relaxed bedroom wall colour combo. The emerald green paired with neutral beige is set off with wooden flooring and green plants. Very much contemporary and yet classy two-colour combination for the bedroom wall.


Living room wall colour ideas

The living room is the mirror that shows the entire personality of the home to visitors. Hence, the colour combo for walls, home decor and design must implement harmony, grace and sophistication to improve the aesthetics of your living space. Here are some innovative wall colour combos for living rooms that can help you bring out the best combination of designs to escalate your living space. 


Living room wall colour combo #1 – Classic Black & White


living room in Black and white, bedroom walls
Classic elegance

Image source: First Cry Parenting


The black and white colour combo exudes timeless elegance every time. This optical palette always works and fits any interior style. Black is never for the faint-hearted, offering a bold canvas to play with. However, with white walls, the bold black accents in accessories create a minimalist but stunning living room.


Living room wall colour combo #2 – Yellow and Green


living room wall colour combo. Yellow, orange, green
Vibrant vibes

Image source: Homilo


If you prefer bold colours over pale neutrals then opt for exciting hues. The stunning living room done in green, yellow and orange brings in tons of vibrancy and youthful vibes. The three-tone colour combo shows optimism and vigour breathing life into the setting.


Living room wall colour combo #3 – Red and White 


Colour combo for living room walls. red and white
Glamorous in red

Image Source: Design Cafe


The two-tone colour combination for the walls of the living room makes a glamorous design statement with Hollywood vibes. The secret to a stunning colour combination for the walls of the living room is to use red with white accents. In this room, Red is the pop colour smartly set off with white in the furniture and bright red in accessories, cushions and wall decor


Living room wall colour combo #4 – Light and Dark Blue 


Living room in shades of blue. Light and dark blue
Soothing & serene

Image source: Ekspektasia 


Different shades of blue in combination with pale yellow accents create a bright, airy and light vibe. It is the go-to colour for soothing, clean vibes and a versatile canvas to work with. This gloriously diverse colour combination for the walls of the living room adapts itself to anything you want it to be. Powder blues with darker hues bring calm and serenity, maximising the soothing feel.


Kitchen wall ideas

The kitchen is not just a place to cook but also the engine of the home, a family place and an entertaining zone. Hence, the decor should have a focal point that makes an impact. The choice of colour combinations for the kitchen has the most influence on the entire design. Scroll down to look at the innovative options in kitchen wall colours for creating a focal point. 


Kitchen wall colour combo #1 – Red and Black


kitchen. red and white
Vibrantly bold

Image Source: Freepik


Red and black are two bold colours that make a vibrant combination. The kitchen here shows a play of these two colour combinations for the kitchen adding a punch to the walls and cabinets. Muted wood shelves break the bold play while being functional. The look is modern, chic and yet timeless.


Kitchen wall colour combo #2 – Aqua Blue & White 


Kitchen colour . Aqua blue and white
Refreshingly cool

Image Source: Design Cafe



The striking colour combination for the kitchen of aqua blue and white is a no-fail choice for a neat minimalistic modern vibe. A refreshing choice with the kitchen cabinets in white and the walls in aqua blue, the modular kitchen is sleek, calm and cool.


Kitchen wall colour combo #3 – Pink and Purple 


wall colour combo for kitchen, purple, pink, white
Barbie Dreams

Image Source: 99Acres


There is something about pink and purple that brings in the Barbie magic. The colour combination for the kitchen can be a dream come true for the little girl in every woman. This kitchen colour combo is vibrant and refreshing.


Kitchen wall colour combo #4 – Black & Yellow 


Wall colour for kitchen, yellow black
Blending bold hues

Image Source: Forbes


Incorporating the bold hues of yellow and black can be challenging. However, if done right like in this kitchen here, the outcome is stunningly beautiful. Creating a stark blend of bold hues the colour combination for the kitchen set off with white in subtle touches.


Bathroom wall colour ideas

When selecting the colours for bathroom walls, we often follow neutral colour schemes. However, classic neutral tones combine with contrasting complementary hues to set the tone for your space. Also, the bathroom wall colour combo relates to the decor and choice of materials and finishes. Here are some interesting colour combos for bathroom walls you can select with no regrets!


Bathroom wall colour combo #1 – Pastel Pink & White


Peach and white bathroom
Go for Pastels

Image Source: Walls and Floors


Pastel pink and white combination is one of the most soothing wall colour combos. Once considered sweet and sugary, pink is now in the sophisticated bracket. If the look here inspires you, it might just be your choice for your bathroom makeover.


Bathroom wall colour combo #2 – Turquoise and Light Grey


wall colour combo for bathrooms, turquoise, grey
Inspiration from nature

Image Source: Northern Virginia Mag


This attractive nature-inspired palette is an elegant wall colour combo for bathrooms. The look here is comfortable, bright and energizing. However, a classic touch comes from the wrought iron accents and white light shades.


Bathroom wall colour combo #3 – Peach and Marble texture 


colour combo for bathroom, marble and peach
Choose subtly, be stunning

Image Source: DIY Painting Tips


Marble textures and peach hues transform your private space from boring to brilliant. The subtle textures almost raise the room to a luxurious level. The vertical lines contrast well with the rest of the decor. This might just be a subtle but stunning choice for you.


Bathroom wall colour combo #4 – Charcoal with wooden accents 


Wall colour combo for bathroom, Charcoal and wood
Offbeat but beautiful

Image source: The Paint Shed


Charcoal may not be the most inspiring of colours but it can be a brilliant hue in combination with wooden accents. The charcoal accent wall defines the look and displays the wooden accents to perfection. Most unusual combination but perfect for people who like not-so-common combinations.


Dining room wall colour combo ideas

After the living room, the dining area reflects much about your personality. Hence, it is essential to create an aesthetic dining space that is lively and fun. While selecting the colour combos for the dining room, ensure that it is in harmony with the home interiors. Therefore, finding a balance by choosing the right colour combinations, patterns and finishes can hit the bull’s eye!


Dining room wall colour combo #1 – Rich Purple and Gold


wall colour combo for dining room. Purple and gold
Royal vibes

Image Source: Charles Neal


The two jewel-toned colours create royal vibes. Dining rooms in aubergine and gold are striking and luxurious. It can be a tricky choice if the look is not in harmony with the rest of the home. However, the combination is best for defining grandeur.


Dining room wall colour combo #2 – Yellow, Blue, Red & Black


Dining room wall colour combo
Choose colourful blocks

Image Source: Pinterest


Bright colours in well-defined blocks in this modern fun-loving dining room are a good setup for newlyweds or friends staying together. Simple but stunning, the modern look has excitement in its bold combos.


Dining room wall colour combo #3 – Lime and Lavender 


wall colour combination for dining room, Lavender and lime
Opt for trendy hues

Image Source: Nerolac


These two pretty colours give a trendy look to otherwise formal choices in dining areas. Lime hues and lavender vibes bring in spring vigour and garden glory.  A sure pick for the young at heart.


Dining room wall colour combo #4 – Blue & Green 


Dining room wall colour combo, blue, green
Be stylishly cool

Image Source: Asian Paints


A stylish cool colour palette, the combination of light blue and muted green looks eclectic with deep wooden accents. The look is further accentuated by the light-coloured flooring and white chairs. Yet another modern dining room for the new age couples.



Stunning colour combinations for the walls elevate the look of the house. The new trend of using two or more colour combos reveals a distinctive persona and vibe of rooms. Pops of colour and combining accent walls with lighter shades in the rest of the room are great ways to create interest in the space. The secret to having a cohesive look is to mix and match with the same palette and achieve visual relief by using neutrals in combination with bold colours. Also, textured materials, stone, art, and fabrics complement the ambience. So refer to our above-mentioned style ideas for wall colour combos for different rooms of the house and dazzle your home.


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