Succulent plants: 10 Best types & tips to grow indoors (Buy online!)

brown wooden table with names of types of indoor succulent plants online
brown wooden table with names of types of indoor succulent plants online

Lately, the concept of biophilia has been gaining popularity. According to it, we have an inherent love for nature that has been imprinted in our DNA. That is why we have seen a surge in biophilic design that incorporates natural resources in modern architecture to create a sense of harmony. There are tons of examples out there where people have used indoor plants to get a closer connection to nature. So, today, we have decided to talk about easy-to-maintain succulent plants that can be used to give your home an aesthetic update while removing toxins from the air and humidifying dry air. In this article, we will name the different types of succulent plants you can keep indoors, top maintenance and shopping tips with online buying options. These are great plants for beginners as well as experienced plant parents. So, read on to know more about these unique plants.



Types of succulent plants


Succulent plant name #1 – Aloe Vera


Yellow pot with aloe vera in a brown wooden table with blue box
Healing Aloe Vera in a yellow planter

Image Source:


Aloe Vera is quite popular in Indian households and is often considered to possess great beauty and medicinal benefits. Its widespread use can be credited to its low maintenance and aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, you can plant this succulent indoors as well as outdoors and it would thrive without demanding much care.


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Succulent plant name #2 – Burro’s Tail


green fiolage of burro's tail with a white planter on a white table
Beautiful Burro’s Tail plant in a small pot

Image Source:


This type of succulent has stunningly distinct foliage that makes it an excellent addition to your home decor. It is also one of the easiest plants to grow and propagate. The plant has hanging stems that can reach up to 3 feet in height, which is why they are commonly planted in hanging planters.


Succulent plant name #3 – Jade Plant


jade with green foilage in a brown pot on a brown table
Stunning Jade Plant in a jute covered pot

Image Source:


This gorgeous variety of succulent occasionally blooms with white or pink flowers. Jade Plant does not require much water to grow and can grow up to five feet long. This plant has a beautiful green colour and looks especially appealing in bright-coloured planters. Also, this beautiful succulent purifies the air, absorbs carbon dioxide, and has numerous medicinal benefits.


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Succulent plant name #4 – Hens-and-Chicks


hens and chicks in a brown planter with light pink pebbles
Aesthetic Hens-and-Chicks plant in a pot filled with pebbles

Image Source: Kara Riley


This type of succulent has a gorgeous look and requires little maintenance. It looks like a blooming rose enclosed by small rose-like leaves known as chicks. It also produces pretty flowers that have to be pruned when they die. Furthermore, this plant has superior tolerance for less-than-ideal growing conditions and poor soil.


Succulent plant name #5 – Christmas Cactus


green foilage of christmas cactus in a white pot with brown wooden table
Beautiful Christmas Cactus plant in a withered pot

Image Source:


Christmas Cactus needs to be watered more often than other types of succulents. However, its beautifully draping stems more than make up for this little extra maintenance it requires. If the top inch of the soil feels dry, it is time to water the plant. It makes for an attractive addition to a compact workspace. So, you can shop online for this beautiful succulent plant.


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Succulent plant name #6 – Zebra Haworthia


Zebra Haworthia with green foilage in a brown planter in a home garden
Zebra Haworthia with distinctive foilage

Image Source:


As the name suggests, this indoor succulent plant has a distinct look that resembles Zebra stripes. This type of succulent grows bright yellow flowers adding to its distinct and unique beauty. You can place this stunning plant in your living room for a quick and easy decor update.


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Succulent plant name #7 – Panda Plant


light green leaves in a white pot
Cute and charming Panda Plant

Image Source:



The Panda Plant is yet another distinct variety of succulents. While the Panda Plant can grow up to three feet in its native form, when grown indoors, the succulent can be limited to only one foot. The plant gets its name from its brownish markings found on its leaf edges that look similar to panda fur.


Succulent plant name #8 – Snake Plant


Dracaena trifasciata in a white pot near a window with blue bottle and books
Stunning Snake plant in a white pot

Image Source:


After Aloe Vera, the Snake Plant is probably the most widely known succulent. It’s popular for its durability and modest requirements. It can survive without water for weeks, making it the ideal plant for those of us with a hectic schedule. This stunning variety of succulent plants is very easily available online at an affordable price.


Succulent plant name #9 – Crown of Thorns


Crown of Thorns in a brown planter on a wooden table
Beautiful Crown of Thorns plant in an indoor plant display

Image Source:


This beautiful type of succulent sprouts bright red flowers with contrasting yellow accents in the middle. The plant has several thorns spread across its body with green foliage and flowers on top. It’s a great addition to any indoor plant display. Just be mindful to keep it in a spot that receives plenty of sunlight.


Succulent plant name #10 – Moon Cactus


Moon cactus with a pink flower on top in a brown planter on a table
Unique Moon Cactus with a pink top

Image Source:


This is the most unique type of succulent on the list. This plant is a combination of two kinds of succulent plants. The red-coloured flowers have been grafted onto the green cactus plant and they survive on it for sustenance. Furthermore, the plant can survive without water for 15-20 days and requires very little sunlight.


Top tips to effectively care for your indoor succulent plants


Sun exposure

Succulent plants should be placed indoors in a spot that receives abundant sunlight for them to thrive; a south-facing window would be ideal. Moderation is key here because long hours of sun exposure can actually be harmful to the plant.


Watering needs

Succulents don’t need to be watered regularly to survive. In fact, you ought to be careful to not overwater them. Water your plant when the soil feels dry to the touch and wait for it to dry completely in between watering sessions.



Succulent plants grow slowly and therefore don’t require frequent trimming. You can remove any withered leaves with hand pruners.


Potting and repotting

Ensure that you place your succulents in well-draining soil and add sufficient fertilizer to promote the growth of new roots. Since succulents are slow growers, they do not require frequent repotting; once every three to four years will work.


Things to consider before buying succulent plants for your home

  • Location – Ensure that the type of succulent plant you pick can be grown indoors. So, depending on where you live and how you care for the plant, you will want to pick different varieties.
  • Size – Larger succulent plants are easier to care for and require less frequent watering. However, smaller varieties work wonderfully well as attractive desk plants.
  • Assess the plant’s health – Ensure that the plant has little to no damage. Remember that the leaves of the plant should feel firm to the touch and brighter colours indicate a healthier plant.


Shop for beautiful succulent plants online!


Flower Aura Jade Plant In Printed Vase

Jade plant in a white printed pot

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Wild Roots Christmas Cactus, Schlumbergera – Succulent Plant

green foilage with flowers in a brown planter

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Ferns N Petals Haworthia Plant

black planter with a plant placed on a table covered with white sheet, books and cup

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Nurserylive Aloe Vera – Succulent Plant

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MyBageecha Sedum Burrito

donkey tail plant in a brown planter placed outdoor, names of the different types of indoor succulent plants available online

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Root Bridges Snake Whitney Live Natural Plant

brown wooden table with a snake plant in a black planter with books, names of the different types of indoor succulent plants available online

B U Y  H E R E 


Nursery Nisarga Dwarf Snake Plant With Coloured Finished Pot

black planter with snake plant on a brown wooden table, names of the different types of indoor succulent plants available online

B U Y  H E R E 


MyBageecha Echeveria Blue Bird

gorgeous blue succulent in a brown planter, names of the different types of indoor succulent plants available online

B U Y  H E R E 


Ugaoo Christmas Cactus With Self Watering Pot

christmas cactus plant with green foilage in a brown packing placed on a wooden table, names of the different types of indoor succulent plants available online

B U Y  H E R E 


Ferns N Petals Jade Plant

jade plant in a maroon pot on a brown table with books, names of the different types of indoor succulent plants available online

B U Y  H E R E 



Succulent plants have gained popularity over the years as the ultimate indoor plant. This plant has numerous unique varieties that are highly resilient and durable. They’re especially great investments for beginners as well as those with little time to spare. You can spot these Instagram-worthy plants enhancing the beauty of office desks and home gardens everywhere. Also, succulent plants are in high demand and can be found online with ease.

Ensure that you pick the right succulent type to plant indoors. Before buying, make sure your plant’s size is proportionate to the space you intend to grow it in. Also, check for plant damage and signs of rotting before purchasing. Any type of succulent from the ones mentioned above can be grown indoors. You must also plant your succulent in well-draining soil, put it in a spot that receives plenty of sunlight, and allow the soil to dry out before watering it again. Repot the plant every three to four years and trim whenever needed. After acquainting yourself with the types, top maintenance and shopping tips, grace your indoors with a stunning succulent plant with our above-displayed buying options today!


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