Top 10 interior designers in Hyderabad | Best interior designers in Hyderabad

living room with tv, table, sofa, grey walls, chairs, modern home by the best top 10 interior designer companies in hyderabad
living room with tv, table, sofa, grey walls, chairs, modern home by the best top 10 interior designer companies in hyderabad

Over the last few decades, there has been a continuous surge in the number of people interested in home decor. Essentially, more and more people have started taking interest in enhancing the look of their space. However, this steadily increasing trend saw a huge jump during the pandemic when most people had to spend a majority of their time indoors. Therefore, the need to beautify their space arose and so did a demand for interior designers. Most of us don’t have the time or the skill to understand what would beautify our space within our tight budget. This is where interior designers come into the picture to make our lives easier and our homes better. So in this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 interior designers & design companies in Hyderabad who are the absolute best at the designing game.

So, if you want to create your dream home or apartment in Hyderabad, hit up these designers to turn your dreams into reality. Also, we have given a comprehensive list of services offered by each along with contact details to make your lives easier.  



List of top 10 interior designers in Hyderabad


U&I Interiors

U&I Interiors has been creating and executing customized, high-end residential and commercial designs for over 15 years. They are considered to be one of the top 10 interior designers in Hyderabad. The company uses a combination of influences and cultures to create timeless pieces that reflect the luxuriousness of both artistry & craftsmanship. U&I’s portfolio features modern, elegant, cutting-edge interior design incorporating innovative colour schemes, textures & finishes.


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U&I interiors luxury turnkey execution

  • Furniture & Arts
  • Soft Furnishings
  • Civil & Automation
  • Lighting & Other Services

Uttamaditya signature design

  • Interiors
  • Architecture
  • Landscape
  • MEP



Contact Details

  • Website:
  • Phone No: +91 9099099596, +91 7940055888
  • Email:


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AANDH by Aamir & Hameeda

Aamir and Hameeda Interior Designers (AANDH) deliver chic, refined interiors with luxurious finishes and occasional bursts of daring colour or modern geometrics. AANDH is headed by the husband-wife duo Aamir and Hameeda. Their extensive and versatile body of work ranges from interior design of residences, corporate offices, retail stores, and hospitality spaces. They are one of the top interior designers in Hyderabad.



  • Residential interior design
  • Corporate office interior design
  • Retail store interior design
  • Hospitality spaces’ interior design



Contact Details


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Nifty Interio

Interior designing is an art and Nifty Interio LLP has mastered that art of filling up empty walls of the room with different emotions and colours of life. They are recognized as the best Interior designers in Hyderabad because of their customized and unique home interior design services. Nifty Interio specializes in designing their customer’s spaces exactly as they envisioned and they take honour in working for the bedroom interior design, office interior design, and living room interior design services.



  • Project Management
  • Quotation & Budgeting
  • Material Selection
  • Designing Presentation & Finalization
  • Residential Interior Design
  • Hospitality Interior Design
  • Office Interior Design
  • Commercial Interior Design



Contact Details


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Home Trenz

Hometrenz comes among the top interior designers in Hyderabad. At Hometrenz, they are exceeding the focus of interior design by providing lavish and trendy homes that flawlessly match their client’s needs and dreams. They have vast experience in all sorts of interior designing and their expert designers are the best in office, residential, and commercial interior design. They take time and study the customers’ needs and fulfill their demands with a unique innovative idea for a superior look and eye-catching design.





Contact Details

  • Website:
  • Phone No: +91 7676819999, +91 8712999918, +91 7999539999
  • Email:


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Vaishnavi Interiors

Vaishnavi Interiors was established in 2009 in Hyderabad by a group of professional and talented architects. Now, the company is considered to be one of the best interior designers in Hyderabad. They deal with all kinds of interior designs in residential and commercial spaces. Their talented group of architects offers you the best designs as per your taste and budget.



  • Commercial design
  • Residential design
  • Hospitality design
  • Bedroom design



Contact Details


Serene Interio

Serene Interio comes on the list of the top interior designers in Hyderabad. It was established to inspire people to personalize their spaces. They believe that customers’ homes, offices, and all their spaces should eventually resonate with who they are and their ideologies. Also, they go the extra mile to understand what the customers want while maintaining transparency and professionalism throughout to deliver the best interior design projects.



  • Commercial interior design
  • Residential interior design
  • Office interior design
  • Landscape design
  • Turnkey projects
  • Home automation services
  • Architectural plans
  • Home theatre designing
  • Modular kitchen designs
  • 2D virtual designs
  • 3D virtual designs



Contact Details


Cutting Edge Design Studio

Cutting Edge Design Studio was founded by a group of young and dynamic professionals with a passion to create spaces that are fully functional as well as aesthetically and visually appealing. Founded in 2010, it has completed hundreds of projects in the Residential and Commercial segments in and around Hyderabad and other parts of India. They have carved their own niche in the design world with their unique style and approach. Now, they are considered one of the best interior designers in Hyderabad.



  • Residential design
  • Commercial design



Contact Details


Danube Home

Get the perfect designs & equipment for your home with Danube Home. Counted among the best interior designers in Hyderabad, they help reinvent everything, from the bathroom to the living room. Their interior solutions are a perfect blend of functionality, style, and exuberance to give their customers the experience of unrivalled luxury.



  • Bedroom space
  • Living room space
  • Dining space
  • Modular kitchen
  • Bathroom space
  • Outdoor space
  • Home improvement services
  • Surface finish



Contact Details

  • Website:
  • Phone No: +91 9100099590
  • Email:


SB Interior Solutions

SB Interior Solutions is one of the best interior design companies in Hyderabad. It has a team of specialists capable of offering its customers a unique quality of life through design that directly nourishes their souls. As a leader among interior decorates in Hyderabad, it creates highly bespoke solutions that embody its clients. With more than 12 years of experience, it is driven by a collaborative design spirit to make the most avant-garde spaces. SB Interior provides complete design services including design to installation and even detailing of the minutest details.



  • Residential design
  • Corporate design



Contact Details


Decore Designz

Decore Designz is one of the top interior design companies in Hyderabad. It was established in 2014. Since then it has been in all kinds of interior works. It also provides a wide range of programming, planning & furniture solutions, interior design with 2D & 3D views & execution of service. Its primary mission is to design an interior that enhances the natural environment. Its scope of work includes flooring, false ceiling, electrical work, plumbing work, woodwork, etc. It is a team of innovators and experts in the field of designing, furniture, renovation, and modular works.



  • Design & Planning
  • Custom Solutions
  • Furniture & Decor
  • Renovation



Contact Details



The need for interior design companies has undoubtedly risen in the last two years because of the rise in work-from-home culture and Hyderabad is not an exception. People have started realising that spending and investing in visually appealing homes is no longer a splurge. Rather, it is seen as a thoughtful investment that will last for years. Having a clean and aesthetic living space is now seen as important because it has a positive impact on our lives. It creates a sense of calm and positivity when your space is immaculate and in harmony with your personal style and preference. To achieve that, one has to not only have a good sense of self-awareness but also the skill and experience to turn that vision into reality. While the majority of us lack that skill, we thankfully have interior designers to do that job for us.

So, to enliven the dream of a perfectly functional and beautiful home, you need to know the absolute best interior designers in your area. Therefore, our above-mentioned list of the top 10 interior designers in Hyderabad, who have the best skills, will come in handy for you. Additionally, we have mentioned their services, contact details, and previous project images above. So, feel free to contact any of them using the details displayed above.


*The featured image used in this article is from Home Trenz


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