SICAM 2024 exhibitors’ list released: A sneak peek into the furniture exhibition

SICAM - a leading exhibition in furniture industry scheduled to be held at the Pordenone Fiere Exhibition Center has released its exhibitors' list


The organizers of SICAM 2024 have released the list of exhibitors a remarkable ten months ahead of the event’s commencement. The fifteenth edition of SICAM is scheduled to take place at the Pordenone Fiere Exhibition Center, Italy from October 15th to 18th 2024. The exhibition has established its place in the national and international calendar of the furniture industry. It is a platform where supply and demand consistently converge, ensuring effectiveness, competence, services, and opportunities.



SICAM is the world’s leading exhibition for the furniture industry supply chain, showcasing the latest innovations in components, accessories, and semi-finished products. Every year, SICAM brings together a long list of thousands of exhibitors and visitors from over 100 countries. Furthermore, at SICAM, you’ll find a wide range of products from leading manufacturers, including hardware and fittings, surfaces and materials, upholstery and fabrics, raw materials, and much more. The exhibition is a platform for educational workshops and seminars, providing a space for industry professionals to exchange knowledge and insights.


SICAM set to be held in Pordenone Fiere Exhibition Center
SICAM 2024 is scheduled to be held at Pordenone Fiere Exhibition Center


On the release of SICAM 2024 exhibitors’ list, Carolina Giobbi, Marketing and Communications Manager, said-

“We are thrilled to be able to publish the list of exhibitors of this year as usual well in advance. Also, next October, SICAM will be “sold out.” This is thanks to a demand that has proven to be particularly “lively” this year. Many new realities, both multinationals and niche companies, have chosen SICAM as the most suitable place to present themselves to an international market and seek concrete business opportunities.


Our formula is well known to all. We want to be attentive travel companions who work to ensure a place where the product is in the spotlight, an incubator of ideas and relationships that arise from the concreteness of the thousands and thousands of products on display, in an “easy”, friendly atmosphere that allows everyone to feel good while maintaining the rigor and efficiency that a business place must always maintain. And it is precisely this value that is emphasized by the many operators we meet at the fairs and the many events at which we are present to promote SICAM, so that it will always be the preferred place for buyers from all over the world!”

Click here to find the growing list of companies exhibiting at SICAM 2024!


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