Furniture Components

Furniture Components

SICAM - a leading exhibition in furniture industry scheduled to be held at the Pordenone Fiere Exhibition Center has released its exhibitors' list
Architectural, Furniture, Kitchen Fittings & HardwareFurniture

SICAM 2024 exhibitors’ list released: A sneak peek into the furniture exhibition

The organizers of SICAM 2024 have released the list of exhibitors a remarkable ten months ahead of the event’s commencement. The fifteenth edition of SICAM …

Crowd examining displays at WOFX - World Furniture Expo 2023 a leading event in the furniture and design industry
FurnitureOffice Furniture

WOFX 2023: Bridging nations & igniting innovation in the furniture industry

WOFX, a long-awaited professional B2B trade platform, is committed to serving the global furniture and design community. Organised from November 28 to 30 at the …

B&I Guest column - Sheetal, furniture industry in india, furniture sector challenges, furniture manufacturers
FurnitureOffice Furniture

India’s growing furniture industry: Challenges & opportunities

Over the past decade, India has witnessed a remarkable surge in its furniture industry, largely propelled by the ‘Make in India’ campaign launched in 2014 …

marble wall with double vanity
Bathroom Fittings, Accessories & FurnitureFurnitureInterior Design

36+ Showstopping vanities with mirror to dress up in style (Buy it)

Whether it is a minute or an hour, most people spend a certain amount of time in front of their vanities on a daily basis. …

black marble boss office table with white quilted office chair in luxurious office
FurnitureInterior DesignOffice Furniture

A buyer’s digest for chic office table designs (24+buying ideas)

Most people usually spend 8 to 9 hours at their workplace every day. So, it is important that the office has the right set of …

Industry Talks with B&I - Furniture Fittings Market in India
Architectural, Furniture, Kitchen Fittings & Hardware

Industry Talks with B&I – Furniture Fittings & Hardware in India

Furniture fittings are small yet crucial components that bring functionality, aesthetics, and durability to our living spaces. From hinges, knobs, and drawer slides to connectors …

Blum storage cabinets - Pocket systems, hidden cabinets and kitchen furniture design
Architectural, Furniture, Kitchen Fittings & HardwareFurnitureKitchens

Blum REVEGO pocket system – A versatile solution for space utilization

Blum’s REVEGO, the revolutionary pocket system, redefines spatial storage solutions for large cabinet fronts, concealed kitchen units, and complete living areas tailored to your preferences. …

how to choose the best furniture fittings
Architectural, Furniture, Kitchen Fittings & Hardware

How to choose and install the best furniture fittings the right way?

How do you distinguish between a good and a poor furniture item? Your first thought would be its design, look, and feel. But, there is …

Carpenter meet event organised by REHAU
Fiberboard | LaminatesFurniture

REHAU’s ‘Carpenter Meet’ initiative: Elevating the furniture industry through skill enhancement

REHAU, a prominent manufacturer of polymer-based products and solutions in India, has set a target to provide training to more than 2,000 carpenters through its …

Blum myths and facts about furniture fittings
Architectural, Furniture, Kitchen Fittings & Hardware

Common myths & facts about Blum: A leading furniture hardware fitting company

In the furniture hardware and fittings industry, Blum has carved a niche as a global leader, celebrated for its impeccable craftsmanship and groundbreaking innovations. Yet, …

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