15 best chairs for office that literally got your back (Shop here!)

best office chairs for work from home in tan leather
best office chairs for work from home in tan leather

Have you ever spent eight hours straight sitting on an uncomfortable chair? Your back might hurt just thinking about it! A supportive office chair is crucial for this reason specifically. Since a considerable majority of our population works at desk occupations, it is crucial to select a chair that will allow one to sit for extended periods of time without discomfort. Ergonomic or revolving office chairs are made with prolonged sitting in mind, and as a result, they are best for supporting the spine to keep a healthy posture. However, the price range for office chairs is a bit more than the regular chairs, but you can always look for great deals online.

In order to keep you comfortable, their ergonomic design offers features and modifications including lumbar support, headrest, large load-bearing ability, adjustable armrests, breathable mesh design, and locking mechanism. Given below are a few advantages of using an ergonomic office chair over any regular one, followed by a list of our top 15 best office chairs. So, browse through these 15 best office chairs in India if you’re looking to buy a chair for your home office or workplace. To find out more, continue reading!



Why invest in an all-rounder office chair?

Relieves neck pain and posture: Neck and back discomfort is one of the most common health problems experienced by office workers who spend a lot of time sitting down. This occurs as a result of bad posture for a longer period of time. Nearly 54% of users have reported significant pain reduction thanks to an ergonomic office chair that promotes good posture.

Increases productivity: Studies have shown that employees are more productive than others when they are more at ease when sitting. Therefore, choosing an ergonomic chair that is both well-designed and comfy can considerably increase employee pleasure. Productivity will increase as a result, which will help the company overall.

Comfortable and mood-stabilizing: An employee’s attention might easily be diverted by poor posture and prolonged sitting. The individual eventually becomes physically and mentally exhausted due to the added stress of the job and the lack of room for movement. When a person is exhausted, it is practically impossible for them to remain productive, which results in a loss for the company as a whole. This is a significant factor in the demand for purchasing office chairs. Even over extended periods of time, it can provide effortless movements and little to no physical exertion, giving users tremendous energy and a positive attitude.

Makes tasks easier to perform: An ergonomic chair’s features can all be adjusted to accommodate any tasks you might do at your desk. Additionally, it includes a swivel feature that allows the user to move about quickly without getting out of their seat or exerting too much effort.


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Top 15 office chairs in India


Herman Miller Aeron

The Herman Miller Aeron is a recognisable, cosy, and sturdy chair. The mesh back and seat make it a better choice if you tend to become hot while working or are in an environment without air conditioning. The Aeron will work well for you if your major priority is a chair that supports you ergonomically. It’s light and easy to move around, and it doesn’t gather lint as much. Thus, we know that Aeron is strong enough to provide service for a decade or more. It comes in three sizes, therefore before purchase, we advise consulting the fit advisor.


Herman Miller ergonomic best office chairs

B U Y  H E R E 


BoConcept Porto Chair With Revolving Function

Porto office chair is your cosy fashion statement. An expressive work by designer Frans Schrofer mixes traditional lines with unique accents that promote relaxation and individual expression. You may easily spin and work on various projects using the chair’s revolving functionality. A unique foam that has been sculpted to produce stunning designs and excellent comfort is what accounts for the trademark design of the chair. So, sitting on and admiring the chair is a true pleasure. Additionally, you can tilt the seat using the optional tilt feature to customise it to your own needs for comfort.


Work from home office chair with swivel function

B U Y  H E R E 


Haworth Fern Task Chair

The modern style of this Haworth Fern task office chair will create a new center of attention in your workspace. With pneumatic seat height adjustment, it is very ergonomic. Additionally, the chair has adjustable arms that may be customised in four different ways. Users of this product can reduce pressure on their knees thanks to the adjustable seat depth. It is suitable for most people because it can hold people up to 147 kg in weight. This model does not, however, lean forward. It features a unique design that is comfortable thanks to the soft seat and back edges. Since it arrives completely assembled, we appreciate that this chair saves users’ time for installation.


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Haworth fern ergonomic office chair at best price

B U Y  H E R E 


Steelcase Gesture Office Chair

The Steelcase Gesture is a bit expensive but if you spend a lot of time sitting, the investment is well worth it for the support, flexibility, and long-lasting comfort it provides. The back support, premium fabric, and reliable adjustment knobs have all withstood the test of time. The Gesture also has the broadest selection of textiles and other finishing options among the seats, allowing you to tailor it to the style of your office.


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Steelcase ergonomic gesture task chair

B U Y  H E R E 


Knoll ReGeneration

Look at Knoll’s ergonomic ReGeneration Flex office chair if you want a chair that deviates from the usual. The “armchair athlete” is the name of this chair. The chair’s stylish proportions complement any contemporary desk or workspace and have a strong aesthetic appeal. Before making a purchase, you can customise your chair in a number of ways with Knoll. There are many kinds of cushion fabrics, and there are several kinds of flex back netting options as well. The ReGeneration chair has a number of noteworthy features. The chair’s height, seat cushion depth, individual armrest height adjustment, back tension adjustment for better lumbar support, and other features are all adjustable. Using the levers underneath the seat is quite simple. So, buy the regeneration office chair by Knoll online now for the best price here!


ReGeneration by Knoll ergonomic chair

B U Y  H E R E 


Featherlite Optima Mesh HB

Chairs from Optima Mesh deliver unmatched levels of support and relaxation. Since it is biomorphic, the mesh can conform to all of the user’s body’s curves and contours. The chair’s inner workings are revealed by its lightweight and cutting-edge aesthetic design, which also makes it unobtrusive in its surroundings. A chair that can adapt to everyone, anyplace, and meet their requirements on their terms can be called Optima Mesh. It is effortless to recline. As you transition from one position to the next, a superior multi-lock synchro-tilt offers a smooth and balanced feeling. To unlock/lock reclining in a variety of positions, move the lever on the left side forward or backward. As a result, this office chair is definitely one of the best for its budget in the Indian market right now.

Featherlite, Optima Mesh HB ergonomic office chair

B U Y  H E R E 


Wipro Furniture Adapt Chairs

This chair is intended for people who are forced to spend a lot of time at work sitting still and staring at a computer screen. A hardcore workaholic needs nothing more than this chair with a mid-back. The chair’s ergonomic design allows the user to tilt the back while still having their feet on the ground. The armrests and seat height of the chair manufactured from premium fabric can be adjusted. To maintain good posture and a comfortable position for your spine, the chair has a soft cushion for lumbar support. The product has a one-year warranty and is the greatest chair for prolonged study sessions. The chair is recognized for striking the ideal balance between upholding poise and beautiful design. So, check out the Wipro Adapt office chair online for the best price deals here!

WFH Wipro cool blue cushion ergonomic chair for office

B U Y  H E R E 


Godrej Interio Motion High Back Office Chair

Since the renowned Godrej Group requires no introduction, its office interior collections feature amazing products. The Motion high-back Chair is a stunning fabric-upholstered chair with a Burnt Russet frame made of glass-filled polyamide material. It is a rotating chair with modern fixed armrests and a three-level back tilt restriction. Additionally, since it is a GREENGUARD product, there are no more chemical emissions than are necessary for interior usage, creating healthier interiors. You will love working for long hours when seated in this chair without noticing the march of time!

Godrej Interio Motion High Back Office chair in red and white

B U Y  H E R E 


Nilkamal Aries Mid Back Office Chair

Purchase this chic, polyurethane leather-covered, Mid Back Aries Nilkamal office chair. The chair’s plush cushion makes it quite pleasant to sit in for extended periods of time. For people who put in extended hours at work each day, this chair is ideal. Your midback provides complete support and maintains proper posture, while the adjustable height provides your legs with the necessary rest. Along with being functional, the Neelkaml Mid Back Aries office chair will provide your workspace with a polished and professional appearance. So, check out Aries Mid Back office chair online now for the best price deals!


Nilkamal Aries leather finish chair in home office with desk

B U Y  H E R E 


Durian Magic Chair

This Durian chair is unmatched for meeting your needs for workplace comfort. The classy chair features an adjustable central back support for your convenience. As a result, it is an excellent choice for a rotating ergonomic chair from a reputable brand such as Durian. With height adjustments and a mesh back and seat, it has a stunning appearance and serves as excellent lower back support. The chair’s design has smooth-moving nylon base castors. It is a fantastic choice because of its elegant appearance, which blends well with modular furniture.

Durian Magic Ergonomic Chair for office

B U Y  H E R E 


Freedom Tree Swivel Study Chair

Freedom Tree designed this revolving chair with a sixties vibe. Simply turn on some upbeat music and take a seat in the cocoon-like chair.  Enjoy this sophisticated chair’s adaptable design and luxurious fabric. The nicest aspect is that it works well as a vignette in the living room or a home office. The chair has a revolving capacity of a full 360 degrees without tilting or swaying. Also, this chair can be customised with six different upholstery options ranging from solid velvets to textured weaves. So, buy this revolving office chair online now for the best price deals!


Swivel Study Chair

B U Y  H E R E 


West Elm Cooper Mid-Century Office Chair

This study chair combines vintage beauty and everyday comfort with a ’70s touch, in metal arms wrapped across the back. The product has a stylish minimal appearance thanks to the tan leather. The chair has characteristics like a swivel/revolving base to help revolve 360 degrees, tilts, and adjustable height. This contract-grade product is made to fulfill the needs of both commercial and domestic applications. Another plus with this chair is that it comes fully assembled so you don’t need to get your tools out to install it. So, buy Cooper Mid-Century office chair online here for the best price deals!


Cooper mid century in tan leather

B U Y  H E R E 


Featherlite Helix Office Chair

Helix is a task chair with a slim silhouette profile, a contoured back frame, and an adjustable lumbar pad that delivers better support and the ideal ergonomic position. The Helix raises the bar for task chairs with its cutting-edge design, simple controls, and selection of colours for both the frame and the fabric. Helix was designed to fit the way people work nowadays. The lumbar support encourages good posture for the back. The chair allows for the ideal lumbar support position for healthy blood flow and back support. To find your preferred position, move the lumbar support up, down, and forward or backward (by moving the handles). So, if you need the perfect task chair, go with this one!

Helix featherlite in lime green

B U Y  H E R E 


Idus Alfredo High 

The fully leather-upholstered Alfredo Ergonomic Executive Chair combines style and comfort to make your working hours as productive and healthy as possible. Contoured cushions, a soft headrest, and upholstered wing arms provide consistent back support during periods of concentration. It has casters that glide easily for comfort and mobility. The seat of the chair may be readily adjusted to your preferred height using the pneumatic adjustment lever. Thus, this chair will deliver many years of great performance and satisfaction with minimal care and upkeep. So, buy Alfredo High office chair online here for the best price deals!

Idus Alferdo

B U Y  H E R E 


GeeKen Zody

GeeKen’s Zody is an office chair designed for the comfort of your spine. With its sleek design featuring a mesh back in beautiful maroon colour, the chair not only is high on comfort but is also good-looking. The lumbar support and cushion allow you to work for long durations without tiring your back. The chair also has a swivel and height adjustment function that helps you do all different tasks with ease of revolving and moving. So, if you are looking for best ergonomic office chair in a pocket friendly price, purchase GeeKen Zody online now!  


GeeKen ZODY maroon and grey

B U Y  H E R E 



Purchasing a good quality office chair can prove to be quite helpful to both your health and your productivity at work. With features like seat height adjustment, lumbar support, swivel, backrest recliner, etc. the ergonomic revolving chairs have totally taken over office seating furniture. Now that you know how crucial an office chair is, making an investment in an ergonomic office chair is the best way to guarantee that none of your working hours is ever squandered. As this article’s examples of quality office chairs show, buying one offers many benefits than just comfort. Choose an office chair from the choices above to complete your workspace now! Finally, we hope that the aforementioned suggestions will help you choose a more effective ergonomic chair for your needs.


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*The featured image used in the article is from Unsplash (Laura Davidson)


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