WOFX 2023: Bridging nations & igniting innovation in the furniture industry

Crowd examining displays at WOFX - World Furniture Expo 2023 a leading event in the furniture and design industry
Crowd examining displays at WOFX - World Furniture Expo 2023 a leading event in the furniture and design industry

WOFX, a long-awaited professional B2B trade platform, is committed to serving the global furniture and design community. Organised from November 28 to 30 at the Bombay Exhibition Center in Mumbai, WOFX 2023 commenced its proceedings with the inaugural ceremony graced by dignitaries such as Shri Gopal Shetty, Member of Parliament; Shri Vinod Shelar, General Secretary, Bharatiya Janata Party, Mumbai; Ar. Sarosh Wadia, President IIID; Ar. Arzan Khambatta; Kumar Rajagopalan, CEO, Retailers Association of India (RAI); Huzefa Samplewala, President, Association of Furniture Manufacturers and Traders; Ar. Abhay Purohit, President, Council of Architecture (COA); and Ketan Ramesh Sheth, Chairperson, Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID). Over the span of three days, marked by vibrant networking, cutting-edge innovations, and cross-border deal-making, WOFX – World Furniture Expo 2023 has firmly established itself as the primary catalyst for the Indian furniture and design industry.


WOFX 2023: A diplomatic affair of trade, innovation, and global connections


Crowd examining displays at WOFX - World Furniture Expo 2023 a leading event in the furniture and design industry
Crowd examining displays at World Furniture Expo 2023


In attendance were representatives from Embassies and international trade bodies, including the Sri Lanka Consulate General in Mumbai, Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia, High Commission for the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Vietnam Trade office in New Delhi, the Turkish Consulate, and the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE).

Going beyond the traditional expo format, WOFX 2023 positioned itself as a dynamic platform that facilitated connections between Indian professionals, industry leaders, and global innovators. With an enticing lineup of over 200 brands and exhibitors from 13+ countries, WOFX 2023 drew the participation of 12,052 buyers from 20 countries and 22 states in India.

Both local and international buyers were exposed to the latest global trends, technologies, and design inspirations at WOFX, while suppliers from 13+ nations—including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Bangladesh, France, Italy, and India—engaged with industry professionals, furniture businesses, sourcing experts, and real estate professionals to leverage the thriving market in India.


WOFX 2023: Statistics

  • 200+ brands and exhibitors from 13+ countries participated in the World Furniture Expo 2023.
  • 12,052+ buyers from 20 countries & 22 states of India visited the expo.


Louis Gossart, Director of Voila Paris, France, expressed enthusiasm, stating-

“This marks our inaugural exhibition in India. The response has surpassed our expectations, with a significant turnout of industry professionals at our booth. We have already secured several onsite orders and eagerly anticipate returning to WOFX next year with an even larger booth.”


Chris Lim, Assistant General Manager, AH Hai Industries, Malaysia, remarked-

“We have garnered promising leads from Developers, Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers, and Import and Export Traders. Our booth experienced substantial buyer traffic, and we even secured on-site orders during the exhibition.”


Puneet Sethi, Principal Architect, Planner & Valuer, IAD Studio, expressed satisfaction with the product display at WOFX 2023, stating-

“I’m pleased with the products showcased over the past three days, both from India and globally. WOFX proves beneficial for industry professionals, keeping us abreast of new developments, innovations, and technologies worldwide.”


Asad Tarifi, General Manager, Zahrat Amman Industries, Sharjah, UAE, said-

“This marks my first visit to Mumbai, and I’m delighted with my experience at WOFX. I found exactly what I was seeking here. WOFX stands out not just for bringing manufacturers and suppliers from around the world but also for showcasing a diverse range of furniture from these countries. I had the pleasure of connecting with numerous companies that I’m keen on trading with and making deals with.”



Dewan Atif Rashid, Managing Director, Bangladesh Furniture Industries, said-

“Participating in WOFX was a wise decision for us because the market demand for our products here is immense. It’s astonishing to see such high demand for the products we already manufacture. We’ve received substantial inquiries, not only from Mumbai but also from other cities across India, and we have promising leads for the coming year.”


Rajesh Bhagat, Chairman & Managing Director, Worldex India, the organizer of WOFX 2023, emphasized-

“The Indian furniture and design industry is experiencing tremendous growth. However, what is truly essential is targeted support through enhanced interactions with international suppliers to propel the industry forward in terms of global designs, products, materials, and quality. WOFX, with its distinctive platform, facilitates industry expansion by fostering international networking and showcasing brands. This empowers our exhibitors to establish a robust presence in the global furniture industry and facilitates the development of strong local and global partnerships.”


WOFX 2023’s stellar achievements: Awards, alliances, and a vision for 2024


Crowd examining displays at WOFX - World Furniture Expo 2023 a leading event in the furniture and design industry
200+ brands and exhibitors showcased their products at WOFX


The esteemed WOFX Awards recognized outstanding booth design, innovative products, and exceptional design among Indian and international participants. This acknowledgment, evaluated by renowned architects and designers, further solidified WOFX’s position as a platform for design excellence and a driving force for future innovation.

WOFX 2023 has received crucial support from key industry trade bodies, including the Association of Furniture Manufacturers & Traders (AFMT), Retailers Association of India (RAI), Council of Architecture (COA), Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID), and Purchasing Professional Forum of India (PPFI).

With its vibrant networking opportunities, insightful knowledge-sharing sessions, and commitment to innovation, WOFX has generated a global buzz and established itself as the bridge connecting the current state to the future of the furniture and design industry. Against the backdrop of India’s furniture market projected to reach US$ 26.85 billion by 2028, propelled by a thriving real estate sector and a burgeoning hospitality industry, WOFX emerges as the singular networking and business platform dedicated to expanding opportunities for the furniture and décor industries.

WOFX 2023 transcended beyond mere business transactions; it played a pivotal role in shaping the future of the furniture and design industry. Informative seminars like “Business Pulse” provided strategic guidance, while “Design Talk” explored cutting-edge innovations such as AI-driven design and paperless design with BIM. The seminar on ‘BIS Certifications’ delved into the latest regulations for manufacturing and importing, equipping attendees with the knowledge and inspiration to push the boundaries of the industry.

This momentum is set to continue into 2024, when the World Furniture Expo aims to be a transformative force, reshaping the Indian furniture landscape. The event will empower the Indian industry through global connections, innovations, and knowledge sharing, propelling businesses from regional to international prominence.


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