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Brijendra Sharma in his office with table, chair, cupboard and computer
Brijendra Sharma in his office with table, chair, cupboard and computer

Noble Trading Company stands as a pivotal figure in Bhopal’s hardware market, distinguished by its varied product range and extensive distribution network. In this edition of Channel Partner Talk with BuildingandInteriors, we feature Brijendra Sharma, among the prominent hardware distributors in Bhopal, who sheds light on the success of Link Locks in capturing the local market and discusses how his collaboration with the brand has propelled his business to unprecedented heights.


About Noble Trading Company


Brijendra Sharma link locks hardware-distributors-in-bhopal-noble-trading-company
Brijendra Sharma is one of the most notable distributors specializing in hardware in Bhopal


Founded in 2021, Noble Trading Company has established itself as a prominent player in the market with a diverse portfolio and widespread distribution network. Dealing in spray paints, sealants, drawer channels, locks, and more, Noble Trading Company has successfully expanded its reach to encompass over 500 retail outlets. The company is recognized for its comprehensive coverage, ensuring accessibility to a wide array of quality products. It is a reliable source for a variety of products, offering both durability and functionality to its growing customer base.


The journey to becoming a Link Locks channel partner

Becoming a channel partner of Link Locks was inspired by my prior awareness of the company’s reputation. Having prior knowledge of Link Locks as a renowned brand, I became aware of their expansion into the distribution channel. This information motivated me to reach out to them, leading us to join their network of hardware distributors in Bhopal. Moreover, what I appreciate most about Link Locks is the brand’s established reputation for quality and reliability, aligning perfectly with my commitment to providing top-notch products to our clientele.


From inspiration to collaboration: Experience of hardware distributors of Link Locks in Bhopal

As a channel partner with Link Locks, our experience has been exceptionally positive. One notable aspect is their thoughtful organization of area-wise employees who consistently maintain communication with us. Furthermore, the monthly secondary value-wise scheme they offer has proven to be widely popular, and their incentive of providing free products after a certain purchase threshold adds an extra layer of benefit. In addition, they actively listen to our concerns and promptly address any issues that arise, demonstrating a keen interest in fostering the success of our partnership. The consistent and timely delivery of products adds another layer of reliability to the brand name.


Link Locks’ superior product quality and dedicated post-sale services

Within the domain of security solutions and door hardware, Link Locks distinguishes itself through its outstanding product quality and devoted after-sale services. Primarily, the brand offers products of exceptional quality, backed by warranties that instill confidence in its offerings. In addition, Link Locks excels in defect handling, showcasing a proactive approach to customer satisfaction. In the rare event of a genuine defect, the company swiftly recalls the affected product and promptly provides a replacement. Furthermore, the brand’s dedication extends to addressing customer complaints with a personalized touch. In instances where a complaint arises in Bhopal, a company representative accompanies hardware distributors to address the issue. This hands-on approach demonstrates their devotion to customer satisfaction.


Link Locks market mastery of Bhopal with unmatched awareness and reputation

Link Locks has mastered the Bhopal market showcasing an outstanding reputation. The company, primarily recognized for its locks, has recently expanded its portfolio to manufacture supreme quality furniture fittings and door hardware. However, their new products are rapidly accepted by our customers because of their well-established brand name and the consistent delivery of top-quality items. Also, the residents of Bhopal exhibit a distinct preference for materials that strike a balance between economic pricing and top-notch quality. As hardware distributors in Bhopal, we can assure that Link Locks emerges as the ideal choice, perfectly aligning with this criterion. The brand’s offerings not only cater to the economic considerations of consumers but also meet high standards of quality.


Link Locks partnership and business growth: A perspective from hardware distributors in Bhopal

Their strategic promotional activities have significantly heightened the brand’s recognition in the market, creating a positive ripple effect for our products. Since aligning with Link Locks, we’ve experienced an encouraging surge in interest from other dealers who are eager to display our products in their shops; this is a newfound prominence that we are enjoying after collaboration. Link Locks has not only enhanced our market visibility but has also generated tangible results in terms of increased sales and expanded business opportunities.


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