Hansgrohe’s tailor-made Dog Shower makes grooming your pet a pleasant experience

Hansgrohe DogShower with handheld showerhead in white colour; dog bath accessories
Hansgrohe DogShower with handheld showerhead in white colour; dog bath accessories

Our dogs, in particular, are our best companions, fur babies, and possibly the best friend. As a result, it is critical for pet parents to ensure their dogs’ health and wellbeing, and one of the simplest yet most efficient methods of doing so is to give them regular baths using the best accessories. Some dogs, on the other hand, do not enjoy showers or being confined in cramped spaces while grooming or being given a shower. The innovative DogShower was created by hansgrohe, a leading premium German brand in the bath and kitchen sector, in order to keep our four-legged buddy clean and healthy.


Hansgrohe DogShower with handheld showerhead in white colour; dog bath accessories
Ergonomically designed DogShower by hansgrohe


Hansgrohe is the first shower specialist to work with veterinarians, psychologists, dog groomers, and pet owners. Its revolutionary hand-held DogShower is specifically developed to provide dogs with a comfortable grooming experience. The water reaches even the undercoat, which is one of the most difficult areas to reach while giving our pet a bath, thanks to the long stroking nozzles. The water from the shower gently strokes the dog clean when moved all around its body, simultaneously removing all the dirt, mud, and shampoo residue on its fur, preventing skin irritations and product build-up.


Speaking on the launch of the DogShower, Mr. Gaurav Malhotra, MD India, and Regional Key Accounts Asia, Hansgrohe India

“All of hansgrohe’s specially created innovations provide solutions for everyday problems in our element – water. With the new hansgrohe DogShower, we provide bath accessories that, undoubtedly, are beneficial for dog parents. We intend to make the entire showering experience an enjoyable one for the pooch. Built ergonomically, the dog shower works efficiently across the dog’s body. Moreover, it is comfortable to hold and ideal even for single-handed operation. Now, dog parents needn’t worry about their furry friends avoiding bath time.”


The dog shower by hansgrohe comes with three different spray types for a gentle yet thorough cleansing experience. The upper end of the shower is suitable for delicate cleansing of the paws and other sensitive areas. On the other hand, the soft water spray from the front stroking nozzle cleans the dog’s soiled, muddy legs. The unique DogShower also offers a full fur spray mode to provide full-body care; its 70 soft silicone nozzles spray water deep into the undercoat for a thorough cleanse. A select button on the handle changes between spray types and an integrated water brake activates when the person releases the shower handle for a short time. This reduces the water pressure and prevents the owner from getting wet when their pet moves. Therefore, the hansgrohe DogShower is the perfect blend of technology, efficiency, and convenience for both dogs and their humans.



Pink, black, white, and blue are the four distinct finishes available for the hansgrohe DogShower. To avoid becoming reflective, all of the hues have a matte surface. The DogShower’s showerhead attaches to any normal shower tube. In addition, equip it with a click connecter for quick and easy installation.


To know more about hansgrohe DogShower, contact on the following details:

E-mail: abhijeet.sonar@hansgrohe.in

Phone: +91 9764448716


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