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The automatic control of technological gadgets in your house is known as home automation. Because these gadgets are connected to the Internet, they may be operated from afar. Also, devices can trigger one another with home automation from different companies, so you don’t have to operate them manually via an app or voice assistant. Home automation makes life easier and might even save you money on utility expenses such as heating, cooling, and electricity. With Internet of Things devices like security cameras and systems, smart home automation system using IoT can also lead to increased safety.


smart home automation system using IOT
Make your home smart with home automation

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Importance of using home automation

  1. Remote access: The ability to control items remotely allows you to perform things like unlocking the door for a plant sitter without leaving a key under the mat.
  2. Comfort: You know when you’re all snuggled up in bed and realize you’ve forgotten to turn out the bathroom light? You can turn off smart light bulbs from the comfort of your bed without having to leave your high thread count sheets.
  3. Energy efficiency: How many times have you left the house with the heat on full blast while you were gone for eight hours? You can use smart home automation system to arrange things like thermostats on timers to avoid wasting electricity.
  4. Convenience: Being able to operate gadgets remotely or via voice commands, schedule them. Also, you can even sync them with the dawn and sunset is a dream come true. Imagine coming down to freshly baked toast without having to press a button in the morning!
  5. Safety: There are several smart security solutions that can improve the security of your house, such as door and window sensors, security cameras. Also, they can detect individuals, and video doorbells that enable you to greet visitors from anywhere with an Internet connection.


Room home automation ideas

  1. Entry sensors
  2. Robot vacuums
  3. Motorized control equipment
  4. Smoke & carbon monoxide detectors
  5. Sprinkler control
  6. Automation switches
  7. Security cameras
  8. Home security system
  9. Home automation system using IoT Devices
  10. Smart lights
  11. Thermostats
  12. Smart locks, and more

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