Anchor By Panasonic Roma Smart Digital 5PLUS1 Home Automation

Roma Smart Digital 5PLUS1 Home Automation from Anchor By Panasonic


What with the many appliances everyone has at home today, more people are opting for a home automation system. By automating your home, you can save electricity, remotely monitor and control your appliances, and make your home safer for your disabled or elderly family members.

Anchor presents comprehensive, state-of-the-art home automation products that will help you do just that – sensors that can detect smoke and gas leaks and pressure levels in addition to movement, switches, actuators, remote controllable switchboards, and more.


Now no more worrying about your appliances when you go on a vacation; the anchor smart home automation system will alert you if you’ve forgotten to switch off anything, and you can remotely control them through the smart switchboard. All you need to do is download the app on your Smartphone, or track it over the net on your computer


Product Description



Anchor By Panasonic Roma Smart Digital 5PLUS1 Home Automation

  • Feather touch Panel
  • Remote IR control
  • Wi Fi contro(Optional): Multiple units can be operated through a single mobile or a single unit. Can be operated through multiple mobiles
  • Make your mood(Scrnario setting): Light setting as your choice
  • Phase Dimming control(Optional): Light brightness can be adjusted
  • Retrofit Panel: Can be installed in existing fittings
  • Easy Installation
  • Safety(Surge Protection): Protection from voltage fluctuation
  • Slim/Sleek design
  • Easy to Clean


Dimensions: Roma Smart Digital 5PLUS1 Home Automation

  • Fitted in 6 Module Anchor Metal Box
  • Product Size:226mm X 91 mm X 53 mm


Code Model Light(On/Off) Fan Phase Dimming IR Remote Wi-Fi
22989 5Plus 1 Basic 5 1 Small
22990 5Plus 1 with Dimm 3 1 2 Big
2291 5PLus1 with Wi-Fi & Dimm 3 1 2 Big Yes



Brand Info

Anchor by Panasonic

Anchor by Panasonic
Thea Modular Switch Range


Anchor by Panasonic is one of the largest players in the Indian electrical wires, switches, lighting and home automation market. Brand Anchor has been a household name for switches and sockets since 1960s. Now it is part of the Japanese multinational – Panasonic and operates in India under the company name Panasonic Life Solutions India (PLSI). The product categories offered the company include:

  • Wiring Devices – Switches, Sockets, Accessories and Home Automation
  • Wires, Cables & Tapes
  • Water Heaters (Geysers)
  • Lighting Products
  • Fans
  • Electrical Conduits
  • Power Tools
  • Modular Kitchens



The company has been at the forefront of innovations across all the above categories it operates in.


Anchor by Panasonic Customer Care Number: +91 22 4130 4130


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