Schneider ZENcelo switches

Schneider ZenCelo switches

Schneider is a global leader in innovative and energy-saving electrical solutions. The modular switches by the brand combine form and function for utmost comfort.

About the product

The Schneider ZENcelo switches have been meticulously created. They offer sleek designs with efficient practicality.

The price range (MRP) of the ZENcelo switches is Rs 313-Rs 7130 per unit.

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Product Description

Schneider ZENcelo switches are robust, strong, and safety-compliant switches for residential as well as commercial areas. These aesthetically pleasing flat switches are for those who use electromechanical switches. The specifications of the ZENcelo switches are:

  • ZENcelo is the world’s first and only full-flat mechanical switch
  • The switch works on the “impress” mechanism
  • It can be swiftly operated with one simple motion
  • Equipped with patented ISO-motion technology that ensures that the switch stays in the same position whether On or Off
  • There are more than a hundred products in the Schneider ZENcelo switches range.
  • The polycarbonate material of these switches is corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, and impact-resistant
  • Electric arc encapsulated switches and data sockets with patented integrated shutter provide safety
  • Switches are tested up to 80,000 times while sockets are tested up to 15,000 cycles
  • Green and eco-friendly, the Schneider ZENcelo switches are a RoHS-compliant range
  • The indicator changes to a “marigold” colour when turned on, and blends into the same colour as the dolly when off.
  • ZENcelo India and ZENcelo BS share all the above features except for ZENcelo BS that is British Standard-compliant.
  • Thus, ZENcelo BS has a consistent plate size across all functions


Schneider ZENcelo switches
ZENcelo India 6A 2 Way Full Flat Switch (White)


Schneider ZENcelo switches- Application areas

The ZENcelo switches are perfect for use in the following areas:

  • Residential areas
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Offices
  • Small businesses


Contact details:

  • Customer care number: +9118001030011, +9118004194272
  • Email:

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