How do you determine the right cabinet hardware size? | Cabinet hardware size guide

There are no hard and fast rules that can guide us on how to determine the right kitchen cabinet hardware size and placement, but there are a few pointers to assist you to figure out what will work for your cabinets. There are some terminologies you need to understand when looking to install cabinet hardware. They are: 

  1. Centre-to-Centre is the measurement between the centres of each screw hole. When searching for new cabinet hardware, this is the most important measurement to look for. 
  2. Overall Length is the distance between the pull’s ends. This measurement is always longer than centre-to-centre and should be considered when determining the length of your cabinet hardware.  
  3. Projection is the area between your door and the door knob. This is vital to remember so that your handles do not obstruct the flow of doors in your kitchen. 


How to choose the right cabinet hardware size?


how to choose cabinet hardware size guide with diagrams
Kitchen cabinet hardware size guide

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Cabinet hardware sizes vary depending on your design choices. However, you should select a size that is both attractive and useful. If your cabinetry is already pre-drilled, you’ll need to obtain hardware that fits the existing measurement. Otherwise, you’re on your own when it comes to selecting the size of your cabinet hardware. Here are the guidelines for choosing the perfect cabinet hardware size: 

  • For oversized cabinetry (dimensions of 36″ or larger) – Longer length pulls (6”, 8”, 10” or 12”) or knobs (diameter of 1-1/2” or larger).
  • For standard size cabinetry (dimensions of 12″ – 36″) – Pull sizes (3”, 4”, 96mm, and 128mm) and standard knob sizes (1 1/4″ or 1 3/8″). 
  • For small, specialized cabinetry (dimensions under 12″) – Smaller knobs under 1″ in diameter or T-pulls.


Watch the following video for a better understanding:


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