What products comprise sanitaryware?

A bathroom can be made into a luxurious and welcoming facility with the right furnishings and sanitary ware. The term “sanitaryware” refers to sanitary appliances and bathroom fixtures. Therefore, it includes any permanent fixture in the bathroom that interacts with a plumbing pipe. They are crucial bathroom fittings. The use of porcelain for manufacturing sanitaryware has been the norm. However, with changing technology and times they are available in a variety of mixed materials. The design and functionality of your sanitaryware will ultimately impact your daily water use and bathroom comfort.


sanitary ware for bathroom, white bathroom fixtures

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Sanitaryware products comprise the following bathroom fittings:

  1. Urinals
  2. Toilet seats
  3. Water closet
  4. Washbasin
  5. Bathtub
  6. Bidet


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