How to choose the right sanitary ware for bathroom?

Usually, when we build or remodel our home, we pay close attention to every last detail. However, when it comes to bathrooms and sanitary items, we typically do not look past the conventional ones that have been around for years. Consider these 3 factors to choose the ideal sanitary ware for your bathroom.


classic sanitary ware items for your bathroom

Image Source: Duravit


  1. Space: You must make sure you have enough space for the sanitary ware you choose for your bathroom. Bathrooms shouldn’t appear overly stuffed with large sanitaryware housed inside and no room for anything else.
  2. Colour/theme: Conventional whites are no longer the norm for sanitaryware. There are many different colours of sanitary ware available nowadays. So, choose one that complements the theme of your interiors.
  3. Material: Since sanitaryware items are used several times a day. Thus, it is imperative to ensure that your sanitaryware products are water-saving, durable, easy to clean & have heavy load-bearing capacity.

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