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The merger of Dorma and Kaba resulted in a world-class manufacturing centre for secured access to rooms and buildings. Dormakaba provides innovative and total solutions for access control, security, building and door opening, and much more with a widespread range of modern, compact products. The Dormakaba compact card reader provides security and safety for the office.

About the Product

The Dormakaba compact reader 91 10 can be universally used as an online subterminal in all-access solutions. Constantly online, the reader, together with a control unit, gives increased security in the company. It is very attractive with its innovative, compact and elegant, high-gloss finish. It blends discreetly and harmoniously into modern architecture.


Product Description

The dormakaba RFID contactless compact card reader 91 10 is particularly good for the security system inside the building because it has a relay and digital inputs- also available at the budget price. Its aesthetic blends seamlessly into the modern architecture of buildings. Also, the reader suits for any harsh environment.


Dormakaba RFID contactless card reader, a security system available at the budget price
for office


Features of Compact RFID card reader:

  • The Dormakaba compact reader 91 10 is put in a secure indoor space and additionally connects to a control device. This checks and interprets the data recorded by the reader and decides whether to grant access.
  • Also, Encrypted Communications.
  • The compact reader is equipped with a relay and digital inputs to open and monitor doors, for access functions indoors.
  • A large central symbol and an acoustic signal tell the user about access grants.
  • An optional PIN keypad is available to improve the security system.
  • Therefore. employees identify themselves by holding their contactless RFID card readers up to the compact reader.
  • Firstly, different operating modes enable optimal integration into any existing dormakaba system.
  • Secondly, it supports the LEGIC prime and advant and MIFARE Classic and DESFire RFID standards.
  • It is quick and efficient to install.
  • Because scratch-resistant surface and aesthetic make it a safe investment for many years.
  • Also, available in black or white.


Areas of application of Compact reader

  • Office buildings
  • RFID Automatic
  • Lifts
  • Garage
  • Car park barriers
  • Entrance areas
  • Doors with motor locks


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Brand Info



dormakaba is a Switzerland-headquartered player and a market-leader in the access control systems and markets across the world. For many and Consultants, the brand is also synonymous with the category of ‘door closers’. Today, as the markets have moved into high- access control systems, the company continues to remain at the top of the pyramid in innovations in the market.

The Covid19 pandemic has pushed the world into adopting technologies that allow ‘touch-free’ people management across doors. dormakaba has a wide range of solutions for homes, small businesses and large corporate environments to allow for the requirements of the times. In the brand’s portfolio, there is a complete solution package, both in terms of the hardware and the software (smart door solutions).

The company has a wide range of solutions in the following categories:

The company has some specific solutions for the Indian market as well, including solutions for the retrofit market.


dormakaba India Customer Care Number: 1800 121 6414



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