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The merger of Dorma and Kaba resulted in a world-class manufacturing centre for secured access to rooms and buildings. Dormakaba provides innovative and total solutions for access control, security, building and door opening, and much more with a widespread range of modern, compact products. The Dormakaba movable partition wall is the best system for space saving.

About the Product

Intelligent solutions for flexible space utilization whether sound-insulated or transparent – our movable walls with flexible partitions enable efficient space utilization for almost any configuration. Regardless of their characteristics and function, rooms can be effortlessly partitioned, made smaller, larger or re-proportioned to suit individual requirements. Any area, from a small conference room to a large exhibition hall, can be optimally adapted to suit varying numbers of users.

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Product Description

The Dormakaba aluminium movable partition wall or moving wall system is best suited for all small conference rooms to the large exhibition hall. This flexibility generates a special atmosphere, characterized by creative aesthetics and enhanced by a wide range of surface materials and finishes. Rooms of different types and usage are divided, reduced in size, enlarged, have their proportions modified and thus be adapted on demand to the different number of people using them.

The spaces- easily divided according to your needs for greater flexibility in your day-to-day life. Also, this wall system enhances the aesthetics by offering a limitless range of textures, colours and designs.


Features of the Dormakaba movable partition wall:

  • Conventional steel-aluminium construction
  • Wide range of models and options
  • Sound insulation up to RW 60 dB
  • Element heights up to 14.5 m
  • Rugged, heavy-duty steel sheet constructions possible


Dormakaba aluminium movable partition wall or moving wall are the best choice for big halls
Moving wall



  • Element thicknesses: 85, 100 and 120 mm
  • Element width: 600 – 1,200 mm
  • Clear height: 2,000 – 14,500 mm


Equipment and accessories of movable partition wall:

  • Standard operation: Manual with crank
  • For more convenience: Semi-automatic (electronically controlled extension and retraction of the sealing strips)
  • Steel sheet panelling: Optional

Sound insulation per EN 20140, laboratory values in Rw:

  • Variflex 85  : 45 and 50 dB
  • 100 Variflex: 45 – 57 dB
  • Variflex 120: 58 and 60 dB


This type of movable partition wall is recommended for clients who need a more flexible wall system. This helps in room customization. Additionally, with respect to room height, sloped ceiling, angled walls, the moving wall’s verticality and flexibility provides excellent functionality.


So, call us to know more about the aluminium wall partition and space-saving ideas.

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Brand Info



dormakaba is a Switzerland-headquartered technology player and a market-leader in the access control systems and security solutions markets across the world. For many Architects and Consultants, the brand is also synonymous with the category of ‘door closers’. Today, as the markets have moved into high-technology access control systems, the company continues to remain at the top of the pyramid in innovations in the market.

The Covid19 pandemic has pushed the world into adopting technologies that allow ‘touch-free’ people management across doors. dormakaba has a wide range of solutions for homes, small businesses and large corporate environments to allow for the requirements of the times. In the brand’s portfolio, there is a complete solution package, both in terms of the hardware and the software (smart door solutions).

The company has a wide range of solutions in the following categories:

The company has some specific solutions for the Indian market as well, including solutions for the retrofit market.


dormakaba India Customer Care Number: 1800 121 6414



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