Dormakaba Smoke detector (Signalling device)

The merger of Dorma and Kaba resulted in a world-class manufacturing centre for secured access to rooms and buildings. Dormakaba provides innovative and total solutions for access control, security, building and door opening, and much more with a widespread range of modern, compact products. The Dormakaba compact card reader provides security and safety for the office.

About the Product

Dormakaba signalling devices for escape route security systems provide effective and noticeable warnings in dangerous situations by emitting visual or acoustic signals. They are connected to the RZ TMS 2 escape route control boxes, TL-G door terminals with the control and connection unit TL-S TMS 2 and the TL-S TMS Comfort UP door terminals.

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Product Description

Dormakaba provides a range of signalling device like a smoke detector, alarm siren, flashing light etc for security systems- all in the budget price range. This signifies the danger to humans and to easily take immediate safety measures because of its right placements.


Features of signalling device:

  • Visual and acoustic alarm in case of danger
  • Noticeable and powerful signals
  • Direct connection to all TMS control systems
  • Smoke detector with integrated power pack and DCW® bus technology


Dormakaba signalling device like smoke detector, alarm siren etc all at the best price for security systems
Signalling device


Smoke detector- a signalling device:

  • RMZ DCW® smoke detector with integrated power pack: with an integrated power pack in the Contour design with a visual detector, suitable for lintel mounting in combination with TMS escape route control units, SVP motor lock control units and Dormakaba hold-open systems. Also, Connected through the DCW® system bus. Additional detectors or push buttons for the manual release- connected.
  • Alarm siren: Multi-functional alarm siren in a shock-resistant ABS case for interior and exterior use. Volume is controlled up to 105 dB so, 26 different types of sounds are available.
  • Flush-mounted S55 siren: Multi-functional siren for installation in device boxes, featuring 28 programmable types of sounds, the international emergency signal for evacuation and a controllable volume up to 107 dB/A.
  • RM-N smoke detector: Smoke detector for ceiling installation to connect to TMS control boards or SVP motor lock control units and as a second and third detector for all Dormakaba hold-open systems and Dormakaba RMZ smoke detectors with integrated power pack.
  • Flashing light: Also, Green flashing light in a shock-resistant ABS case for interior and exterior use. Approx. 80 flashes per minute.
  • LED light signal: The acrylic LED light signal is used for the external display of door conditions, e.g. for applications in interlocks or psychiatric clinics. All colours- controlled individually. Therefore the intelligent design guarantees 180° visibility of the display. And enables surface mounting as well as mounting on switch boxes in System 55.


So, call us to know more about the smoke detector and other signalling systems for security systems- all available at the best price.

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Brand Info



dormakaba is a Switzerland-headquartered technology player and a market-leader in the access control systems and security solutions markets across the world. For many Architects and Consultants, the brand is also synonymous with the category of ‘door closers’. Today, as the markets have moved into high-technology access control systems, the company continues to remain at the top of the pyramid in innovations in the market.

The Covid19 pandemic has pushed the world into adopting technologies that allow ‘touch-free’ people management across doors. dormakaba has a wide range of solutions for homes, small businesses and large corporate environments to allow for the requirements of the times. In the brand’s portfolio, there is a complete solution package, both in terms of the hardware and the software (smart door solutions).

The company has a wide range of solutions in the following categories:

The company has some specific solutions for the Indian market as well, including solutions for the retrofit market.


dormakaba India Customer Care Number: 1800 121 6414



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