Motion and Lighting Solutions for Individual Office from Legrand


Legrand’s  Management sensors switch on / off the automatically by sensing: 1) presence of a person 2) availability of enough natural light, resulting in up to 60% savings on energy costs.

These solutions are tailor made for the different type of areas based on their usage. eg. Individual Office, classroom etc.


Product Description


1) Dual–tech sensors provide precise detection & avoid false switch-off. 3 options available:                              

Cat.No 0 488 06           Cat.No 5 740 49    Cat.No 0 488 04  
Dual-tech sensor 360° Dual-tech sensor 180° PIR sensor 360°
Range Ø 8 m Maximum range 8 m Range Ø 5 m
Manual ON-Auto OFF Manual ON-Auto OFF High density lens with control
Daylight control – 300 lux Daylight control – 300 lux. IP 41 Ceiling mounted
IP 20 – Ceiling mounted. IP 41 -mounting.


2) The push-button Cat.No 5 720 31 can be used to control circuits manually


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Brand Info


Legrand India
Legrand Building Automation Solutions


Legrand India – part of the French electricals major Legrand has been present in the market for over 2 decades. What initially started as a projects oriented company is today one of the prominent names in not only projects business but also a strong name in the retail market.

Legrand India Specialisation

Globally, Legrand is a specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructure. In India, Legrand offers end-to-end solutions in the following categories:

  • Wiring devices
  • automation
  • Door phones
  • management systems,
  • Cable management system
  • Structured cabling

These solutions are aimed for buyers across sectors – from residential and commercial, to hospitality and industrial.


Legrand Customer Care Number: +91 22 3041 6201

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