15 Inspiring modern bathroom designs & trends to try out in 2023!

modern bathroom design ideas for small master bathrooms with tiles pink bathroom with a yellow sink, cabinet and a bathtub
modern bathroom design ideas for small master bathrooms with tiles pink bathroom with a yellow sink, cabinet and a bathtub


Consumer behaviour towards home decor and interior design has changed tremendously in the past few decades. Now people have started recognising home decor as a necessity, tailoring their decor scheme to fit their budget. Also, people have started paying attention to their bathrooms and ensuring that the space has both function and beauty. The trend is to look for modern bathroom design ideas that enhance the aesthetic value of the space. So, whether they are planning a small bathroom or a master bathroom, people design their spaces with care. Therefore, in this article, we have curated a list of innovative modern bathroom design ideas such as wall tiles, marble floors, mirror lights, etc. to inspire your next project.



Modern bathroom design ideas #1 – Mesmerize with stunning floors

Floors are often overlooked when it comes to interior decor. However, they are key to creating a holistic decor scheme that looks harmonious and cohesive. When it comes to the bathroom, it is important to find the right materials that not only look elegant but also don’t get slippery when wet.


Marble floors


white bathroom with mirror washbasin and toilet
Stunning marble flooring – Failproof modern master bathroom ideas

Image Source: Nada hamed on Behance


Marble has a superior appearance that gives any place an expensive look. Due to its aesthetic value and durability, marble is popularly used in interior design and architecture. You can also opt for a textured marble look for your bathroom floors.


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Tile floors


white modern bathroom design ideas for small master bathrooms with floor tiles with a bathtub, table, sink and mirror
Aesthetic tile design in a modern bathroom

Image Source: Stiles.co.za


Tile is a great alternative to marble and is commonly used for bathroom floors and walls. With tiles, you can have endless colour, texture, and pattern options. Therefore, they are perfect for adding more interest to your bathroom floors to give them a modern look.


Floating floors


brown floors in a bathroom with bathtub table and cabinets
Floating floors in an elegant bathroom

Image Source: Kivi Bathroom Full CGI on Behance


Floating floors are laminated floors that do not need nails or glue for installation. These laminated floors for modern bathroom designs are highly durable, cost-effective, and beautiful.


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Hardwood floors


brown floors in bathroom with sink and mirror
Hardwood flooring in an aesthetic bathroom

Image Source: Boen.com


When it comes to bathroom floors, hardwood is preferred over softwood. Hardwood is a popular option because it is easy to install and maintain. Usually, it is made from a single piece of timber so the design and style remain the same on each and every portion of the floor.


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Modern bathroom design ideas #2 – Enhance the aesthetic with lighting fixtures

Lighting is an unavoidable consideration to make the bathroom attractive. There are numerous options to choose from like LED lights or wall lamps. However, the most popular and luxurious of them all is mood lighting. Luxury is all about the experience and mood lighting helps create that experience effectively.


Coloured lights


coloured lights in a modern bathroom design ideas for small master bathrooms with tiles with a mirror and a tub
Eccentric mood lighting in a bathroom

Image Source: Accordelectrical.com.au


Using coloured lighting instead of the traditional warm and white lights is gaining enormous popularity. Since the modern bathroom has a well-balanced mix of function and beauty, coloured lights are incorporated as an addition to an already existing lighting plan.


Ceiling lights


ceiling lights in a bathroom with toilet and shower
Ceilings lights in an industrial-style bathroom

Image Source: Light Bathroom Design on Behance


Installing a bright white light on your ceiling will ensure that there is sufficient light for your essential everyday tasks. This will enliven your morning routine and provide adequate illumination when cleaning.


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LED lights


white bathroom with mirror sink toilet and led lights in a modern bathroom design ideas for small master bathrooms with tiles
Aesthetic LED lighting in an elegant bathroom

Image Source: Stanislav Kaminskyi on Behance


Since LED strips may be installed with more versatility, they are perfect for indirect illumination. This allows them to function as both essential and decorative elements in a bathroom. One can also highlight certain features using lighting, for example, if anybody has a concealed shower in their bathroom, they can add LED light to it and enhance the showering experience.


Mirror wall lights


grey bathroom with a mirror sink and wall lights
Sophisticated bathroom with mirror wall lights

Image Source: Lightsandliving.com



Sufficient lighting is required in front of the mirror as we do a lot of essential tasks there. Make this area more functional by placing the lights in the right way. Prevent shadows from appearing on the face while shaving or applying makeup by positioning lights above and on the sides of the mirror.


Modern bathroom design ideas #3 – Have fun with walls

The colour of the walls sets the mood of the space and provides a backdrop for your decor. However, colour is not the only design element you can play with. When it comes to bathroom wall decor, there are numerous fun ideas you can try. From decorating your walls with wallpapers to adding functionality with shelves, explore the list of ideas below.


Wall covering


white bathtub with sink and mirror in a modern bathroom design ideas for small master bathrooms with tiles
Stunning modern wall tile design in a small bathroom

Image Source: Unsplash.com


Wall coverings such as wallpapers and tiles are very commonly used to adorn the bathroom. Tiles are versatile building materials available in numerous designs; therefore, they are popularly used for decorating modern bathrooms. Due to their versatility and high demand, tiles are available in a wide array of patterns, finishes, and textures. Wallpapers are also a very popular option for wall decor. The great thing about them is that they come in a diverse range of colours, patterns, and styles so you can find something that aligns with your taste.




white bathroom with mirrors, sink, toilet and hanging lights
Graceful tile design in a modern bathroom with asymmetrical mirrors

Image Source: Nadia Saad on Behance


Even though mirrors serve a functional purpose in the bathroom, they can be used to effectively beautify any space. Furthermore, they can be used to decorate a bathroom of any size. One of the best ideas is to add large aesthetic mirrors to the master bathroom to give it a modern look. So, whether you’re searching for something to fill the wall above your vanity or a quick and easy way to spruce up your tiny powder room, mirrors have got you covered.


Storage shelves or cabinets


white bathroom with pastel blue cabinets, mirror and toilet
Pretty wallpaper design in a modern bathroom with a pastel vanity

Image Source: Unsplash.com


It’s crucial to have a dedicated space to store your towels, toiletries, and extra cleaning supplies in your bathroom. Regardless of the size of the bathroom, a storage area increases the functionality of the space while also keeping it neat and tidy. However, these functional storage solutions such as shelves or cabinets can also house decorative elements like indoor plants, vintage light fixtures, woven baskets, etc.


Modern bathroom design ideas #4 – Experiment with fixtures and accessories

Bathroom fixtures can also double up as decorative elements augmenting the visual appeal of your bathroom. In fact, nowadays, you can find fixtures in a wide range of styles and colours. Gone are the days of black and white. So, whether you want a vintage-style bathroom or a modern design, you will find the right fixtures to go with your style.


Smart fixtures


smart automatic toilet in a white bathroom
Smart automatic toilet in a bathroom

Image Source: Alibaba.com


Technology has made our lives easier and more convenient. There are a lot of smart gadgets that you can employ in your bathroom. For example, a classic pressure assist toilet is a great option because it has a built-in air-pressure flushing mechanism. Another great option is an automatic toilet which is 100% clog-free and has a powerful, quieter, and faster flushing ability. Adding smart modern fixtures is one of the best ideas to add a luxurious feel to your master bathroom.


Coloured sanitaryware


black bathroom with orange sinks and mirrors
Eye-catching sanitary ware in an immaculate bathroom

Image Source: Villeroy-boch.asia


Sanitaryware in a bathroom serves an essential role. Without them, a bathroom would fail to be a functional space. Generally, people always go with white washbasins or sinks for their bathrooms, but you can break that trend and opt for colourful washbasins to create a style statement.




black shower with plants and a sink
Stunning shower space with a touch of outdoors

Image Source: Mindfulness Journeys avatar link on Pinterest


Creating an Instagram-worthy modern bathroom design is incomplete without a shower. You can add a classy designer shower to your bathroom to give it a more graceful and luxurious look. Showers are so popular that you have a ton of options to choose from such as digital, mixer, electric, concealed, and shower tower.




white bathroom with a bathtub shower and sink
Stunning bathroom design with a bathtub and shower

Image Source: Villeroy & Boch


To get the feeling of a spa at home, use deep and relaxing colours such as deep blue, olive green, white, and baby pink in the bathroom. Also, consider including artsy elements like a jacuzzi for a spa-like feel and separate the tub from the rest of the bathroom area. In fact, modern products like spa bath pillows for neck support and spa tubs are great ideas for master bathrooms.



A bathroom is a space where we rejuvenate ourselves. Therefore, it must be designed to match our unique style and preference. As is clear from the plethora of ideas displayed above, great style is possible regardless of the size of the space. For example, using large mirrors or 3D wallpapers can give the illusion of a bigger space. You can also elevate your bathroom with accessories and smart fixtures. They will help create a more harmonious space that pleases the eye. Furthermore, you can create a stunning look for your bathroom with designer floors. Now that you have an idea of how to play around with the different elements of the bathroom, feel free to use the ideas displayed above for your next bathroom remodel.


*The featured image in this article is from Villeroy & Boch


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