“Hafele Discoveries” at Interzum 2023: A virtual showroom revolutionising the user experience

Hafele Interzum 2023
Hafele Interzum 2023

Hafele unveils its latest symbol of innovation – the “Hafele Discoveries” virtual showroom – at Interzum 2023. The brand is proud to introduce an updated version of its 3D interactive platform, the “Hafele Discoveries” virtual showroom. With improved user experience and new content, the virtual showroom showcases a wide range of lighting solutions and products in realistic room scenarios. The highlight tour offers a condensed version of the virtual showroom. This can serve as a source of inspiration for customers. Hafele also provides expert assistance through its Hafele Service+ product range, where numerous experts are available to support partners from the initial idea to installation. Whether in the virtual world or in the real world, Hafele’s commitment to providing intelligent hardware and fitting systems, lighting, and electronic access control systems remains unwavering.


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Visionary and service oriented at Interzum 2023  


Hafele Interzum 2023, 100 years of innovation, virtual showroom
A virtual showroom “Hafele Discoveries” – Showcasing the future of design and innovations at Interzum 2023


Hafele Discoveries 2.0 

Hafele has recently updated its “Hafele Discoveries” virtual showroom, which was originally created during the COVID-19 pandemic. For Interzum, the 3D platform has undergone a comprehensive update, both technically and visually, to make it more innovative. It is now freely accessible 24/7 worldwide, without the need for registration. Customers can gain inspiration and obtain additional information on the platform, and with just a few clicks, they can also access the relevant product detail page directly in the online shop. The virtual showroom is available in 33 different market versions as well as 18 languages. Moreover, it has received numerous accolades, including the Red Dot Design Award, and the UX Design Award. Recently, in 2022, it was honoured with the German Brand Award and the German Digital Award.


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“Hafele Discoveries” – A global showroom for your pocket

The Interzum 2023 innovations are the central focus of the “Hafele Discoveries” virtual showroom. Mr. Frank Schloeder, Managing Director of Hafele South Asia, welcomes visitors to the platform and provides a concise overview of the contents. The virtual showroom places a special emphasis on the theme of lighting, with interactive buttons allowing visitors to toggle light sources on and off, giving them a realistic sense of space. Additionally, during the trade fair, visitors can watch live streams directly from the Interzum in Cologne, which will also be available afterwards via the media library. Overall, the virtual showroom is designed to be a global showcase, accessible to anyone with a mobile device or computer. 


“Hafele Discoveries” at Interzum – One-stop-solution for many applications

The virtual showroom offers a descriptive tour of various theme worlds and showcases the company’s innovations for 2023. Moreover, it exhibits a range of lighting scenarios and smart room solutions. The virtual showroom serves as an inspiring source of information for visitors. Kitchen manufacturers can use it to demonstrate different kitchen designs with and without lighting, thereby influencing the purchasing decisions of their customers. Therefore, the virtual showroom is also a valuable service for Hafele partners to use in discussions with their end customers, providing them with concrete purchasing arguments. 


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Together with concentrated light competence 

On the Hafele trade show booth at Interzum 2023, the Service+ area is strategically placed next to the Light area. Hafele has completely reimagined the role of light in shaping rooms, furniture, and functional areas. It serves to highlight zones, put furniture in the spotlight, and create a specific atmosphere. These diverse applications necessitate the involvement of experts with the requisite skills and knowledge. Hafele extends a comprehensive service to its partners under the motto of “We’ll do it together!” This addresses their requirements throughout the entire work process, from sharing knowledge and creating individual light plans to producing custom-made lights starting from a minimum quantity of one and providing programming and installation support.


Service+ – Makes life easier 

At Interzum 2023, Hafele will showcase the extensive range of Service+ products by focusing on the theme of light. The company’s experts work closely with their local partners, aiming to save them time and effort. The experts are available almost around the clock to provide tailored solutions to meet their partners’ specific requirements. The process begins with brainstorming and expert advice and continues through on-site commissioning for the customers. 


Hafele divides its Service+ services into four main areas:

  1. Inspiration & transfer of expertise
  2. Individual planning 
  3. Customised solutions  
  4. Assembly & installation. 

At the Interzum 2023 trade fair booth, visitors can use QR codes to connect the physical and virtual worlds. By scanning the codes with their smartphones, they can access different theme worlds, such as kitchen, caravan, or office, in the virtual showroom. The integration of Hafele’s analogue and virtual services offers visitors a seamless experience and closes the circle.


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About Hafele

Hafele is a global company that has come a long way since its inception in 1923 as a hardware shop. It was founded by Mr. Adolf Hafele and Mr. Hermann Funk. Throughout the years, Hafele has demonstrated qualities such as innovative strength, courage, and optimism, which have helped the company grow into a leading expert in hardware and fitting systems, electronic access control systems, and LED lighting.  

The company has subsidiaries in 38 countries and has a workforce of over 8000 employees. Moreover, it achieved sales of 1.87 billion Euros in the 2022 financial year, with 81% of its sales coming from exports. The company is headquartered in Nagold, where its valued contact point for the carpentry trade first started.  

Today, the brand is a trusted partner for the furniture industry, architects, joiners/cabinet makers, and dealers from more than 150 countries. The company’s innovative approach has helped it stay ahead of the competition. Since January 2023, Mr. Gregor Riekena has been leading the management of the company. Hafele’s 100-year anniversary celebrations are a testament to the company’s history and future. The celebrations will take place in Nagold and selected locations worldwide, and they reflect the company’s origins and forward-looking spirit.


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