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Beautiful bathroom vanity space with twin mirrors and wall mounted lighting fixtures
Beautiful bathroom vanity space with twin mirrors and wall mounted lighting fixtures

Every morning when you wake up, you go straight to the bathroom. Most people also use it as their primary dressing space. Interestingly, while selecting the style of lighting and light fixtures for the home, bathrooms are frequently overlooked. When compared to other rooms in the house, they are rarely prioritised. Most people are unaware that bathrooms are really important areas that require good construction, good decoration, accessories like vanity mirrors, and appropriate lighting fixtures. It is crucial to have proper lighting in these private spaces like bathrooms and powder rooms especially now when bathrooms are growing in importance, with their function of recreation apart from their role as wet rooms. 

While the abundance of natural light is every bathroom’s ideal feature, the reality is that most bathrooms struggle to take in enough daylight. For this reason, bathroom lighting fixtures are a crucial component of bathroom design. Thus, it is imperative to choose the lighting fixtures that match your design and aesthetics while remodelling or designing your bathroom.

In this article, read all about lighting fixtures for bathrooms, and their types and learn about different ideas to decorate with them. Also, shop for the latest and most durable bathroom lights from our recommendation section below!



Types of bathroom lighting fixtures and style inspirations


Vanity lights

The bathroom vanity is usually the place that receives the least attention for lighting. It is a very important area of the room, and for some people, it serves as the central location for self-care and grooming rituals. Both of these tasks call for just the proper amount of strategically positioned lighting. This is one of the key reasons you should pick your mirror vanity lighting type wisely. For bathroom vanities, the majority of people pick a wall sconce, a dramatic chandelier, or a pendant. Twin-light fixtures are a different style of vanity mirror lighting that is also popular these days in bathrooms. These are generally positioned on top of the mirror and offer a lot of light. As a result, the dispersion and balance of the light stay optimized.


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Track lights

A solo head or set of light fixtures makes up this specialised lighting fixture, which is installed on the wall or ceiling of the room. They are frequently placed over mirrors so that you can quickly change out the light heads as needed. When track lights are used in bathrooms, the mount heads reflect light from the vanity mirror onto the whole room. When you are applying makeup or doing your hair in front of the mirror, both of which call for focused lighting, this feature truly comes in handy.


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Suspended lighting fixtures designed to dangle from the ceiling, similar to pendant lights but more elaborate, are commonly known as chandeliers. The majority of contemporary luxury bathrooms feature stunning and ornate chandeliers because they enhance the space’s beauty and provide brilliant lighting. It’s crucial that you first take the size and layout of the room into consideration when selecting a chandelier for your bathroom. These light chandeliers come in a variety of styles from which you may select one for your bathroom. A caged chandelier, which has a metal cage with lights in the centre, is a fantastic option. The light shines through the cage and fills the entire bathroom with brightness.


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Wall sconce

As the name indicates, wall sconces are light fixtures that are mounted on the walls. These lights don’t have a base that supports them on the ground; instead, they rely solely on the wall for support. Sconces date all the way back to pre-modern periods when they were typically the candle and torch holders. Depending on the size and style of your bathroom, you can choose from a wide range of sconce varieties. The flush-mounted wall washer usually referred to as the “half-moon,” is one of the most widely used wall sconces. It is compact and small, yet it firmly anchors itself to the wall. It makes for a very distinctive architectural element and floods the entire bathroom wall with light.



Recessed lights

In almost all contemporary bathrooms, you will find what is more frequently referred to as “recessed lighting.” Also, these sometimes get referred to as pot lights and downlights. These are ceiling-mounted lighting fixtures that fit inside a hollow space. Once they are in place, it appears as though there is light coming from the ceiling openings. Recessed lights usually feature in shower stalls in bathrooms because they have watertight lenses. This indicates that they will continue to operate even if splashed with water. To fully brighten the room, most people additionally put these lights around the perimeter of the bathroom ceiling.



Pendant lights

Bathrooms, kitchens, porches, and foyers are the common places in a home where pendant lights are installed. There are many distinct types of lighting fixtures known as pendant lights, each with its special qualities and attributes. The type with a single light bulb that is encased in a globe-shaped cover or usually beneath an open reflector is the most typical and popular variety that you would find in most residences. Given how uncomplicated and attractive these lights are, pendant lights look fantastic in bathrooms. Simply mount them on the bathroom ceiling, whether above the bathtub or in the exact centre of the room. Also, modern pendant lights frequently use halogen or fluorescent bulbs, which both contribute to energy and power savings.



Ceiling lamps

The most prevalent sort of lighting fixture in most classic or contemporary bathrooms has to be ceiling lamps. They are uncomplicated, compact, and modest, yet they offer enough light to illuminate the entire area. They are arguably the most dependable source of lighting for your entire bathroom and are really easy to use. Typically, ceiling lamps get affixed directly to the centre of your bathroom ceiling. These bulbs are also quite straightforward and simple to use. After installation, all you have to do to operate them is turn on the switch. A fancy type of ceiling light that turns on by itself without you having to play the switch is another option. These posh lamps feature widely in contemporary and luxurious bathrooms.



Shower lights

Shower lighting is crucial for optimum task lighting in the shower as well as adding a lovely decorative or calming touch to your bathroom. Sufficient lighting makes performing different tasks in the shower very convenient. Dim illumination can be just as soothing as the smooth stream of hot water if you frequently use showers as stress-relieving activities. However, professionals advise always checking for damp ratings in lighting fixtures before installing them in shower cubicles.



LED strip bathroom lights

These are among the latest, most cutting-edge, and adaptable types of lighting fixtures that are widely seen in modern homes. They are made up of a single strip light with a row of LEDs on it. This strip light is typically internally linked to around three or four primary circuits. While white is the most popular colour among many homeowners, LED strip lights are available in a variety of hues. These lights often use incandescent bulbs, which give out a warm, soft glow with a low colour temperature. When it comes to bathroom illumination, LED strips are a fantastic choice. When arranged all around the ceiling, they look incredibly brilliant and offer a tonne of illumination.



Mirror lights

Mirror lights are elegant and unique lighting fixtures designed specifically for use with mirrors in bathrooms and bedrooms. Just put lights all around your mirror, or buy a bathroom mirror with lights already built-in. Bathroom settings can be drastically improved by using mirror lighting. Wherever they are installed, they instantly give the area a facelift and even give the room a bigger, brighter, and more beautiful appearance. You can choose from a huge selection of mirrors and lights for your bathroom. Mirror panel light bulbs are attached to the corners of the mirror to give proper illumination with the LED lights.



Factors to consider while selecting bathroom lighting fixtures


Decorative style

Bathroom fixtures are available from many different manufacturers in distinct styles, making it simple to mix and match designs for everything from faucets, and shower trim to towel racks and toilet paper holders. Choose a fixture design that blends nicely with your bathroom’s current decor or go completely different to make a contrast. As long as all the components blend together, almost any decorative style will look amazing.



Bathrooms are often tiny spaces, so a light fixture that might look good in a 60,000-square-foot store might be too much for a 30-square-foot bathroom. Thus, verify each measurement thoroughly.



This is again another matter of taste. Most homeowners discover that 1,100 lumens (about 75-watt equivalent) are effective in bigger bathrooms, while 300 lumens (around 45-watt equivalent) are adequate in smaller half-baths. The colour temperature of the bulb you choose will also affect those statistics because cooler lights look brighter. To simulate various lighting situations, some homeowners prefer using different light temperatures. The ideal choice for mirror vanity light bulbs, however, is typically a warm colour if you just have one option.



Considering bathroom vanity light fixtures are so common, there is a fixture for practically any price range. You may find a three-light mirror vanity lamp for 5,000 Rupees or up to 20,000 and more. Above a certain point, price rises are more affected by look and style than by differences in quality. So, choose a fixture that is within your planned budget while also not compromising on quality and design.



Even for amateurs, replacing a light fixture is a fun DIY job. It is more difficult to install a fixture if there isn’t one already. It’s best to leave electrical work to certified contractors unless you’ve done a lot of it and are comfortable with it.



Even when we value aesthetics, one can’t ignore the safety aspect. Water and electricity can still be fatal allies, and bathrooms are where they mix the most. Before beginning even the smallest lighting project, always get the advice of a licensed electrician. To prevent any accidents, fixtures placed within a specific range of the tub or shower must-have a “wet” or “shower-location” rating.



Bathroom lighting fixtures require very little upkeep. Just dust them and replace the light bulbs if they’re installed incorrectly to maintain them in service for a longer period.


Lighting fixtures for bathroom: Our top 10 recommendations (Buy here!)


Philips LED Bathroom Light

Philips LED bathroom lighting fixture for mirror vanity

B U Y  H E R E 


Havells Ocatane Square LED Panels

Havells bathroom recessed lights

B U Y  H E R E 


Jaquar lighting Strella Downlight

Strella downlight Jaquar

B U Y  H E R E 


Light And Living Sunset Wall Lights

Light and living wall lighting fixture for bathroom vanity and mirror

B U Y  H E R E 


The White Teak Muse Crystal Chandelier 

Beautiful chandelier for kitchen and living room

B U Y  H E R E 


Chronos Light Bathroom LED Strip lights In Warm White

Bathroom LED strip light

B U Y  H E R E 


Jainsons Emporio Justin 5 Lighting Fixtures For Bathroom Vanity 

bathroom track illumination fixtures for vanity mirror

B U Y  H E R E 


Fos Lighting Contemporary Industrial Globe Vanity Mirror Light

Industrial light contemporary globe bulbs for mirror vanity

B U Y  H E R E 


Ubuy KSANA Bathroom Light Fixture

 vanity lights

B U Y  H E R E 


Wall Mantra Warm Glow Picture Illuminating LED Light 12 W

LED tube for mirror

B U Y  H E R E 



As we have established, lighting fixtures for bathrooms and vanity are as vital as in any other location of your house. A little attention to detail with lighting can turn your bathroom’s ambience from dingy to luxury. A well-lit bathroom with a combination of white lights for task lighting to soft warm lights for mood lighting is an ideal setting. However, you can choose any one of these to make your bathroom functional and presentable. Gone are the days when the bathroom was just about bathing, now it is considered more of a recreational zone for unwinding stress with a long shower or bath with your favourite scented candles lit. 

To make your bathroom and vanity lighting perfect you can use any of the above-mentioned lighting fixtures or a combination of them. However, make sure to think about the brightness, size, cost, and style of the fixture. Since light and water do not gel well, a lot of care is required when selecting lighting fixtures for shower cubicles or around bathtubs. Thus, it is wise to seek approval from a professional before installing the fixtures. Also, shop for your favourite bathroom vanity lighting fixture from our top picks above and elevate your bathroom’s aesthetics now!


*The featured image used in this article is from Christopher Lee Foto


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