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This type of light requires both function and appearance. These considerations are important whether you are installing pendant lights in the bedroom or any part of your home, office, and anywhere else. The modern pendant lights hanging should not be either too bright or too dim because this may distract the overall look of the home. Pendant lights are one of the greatest searched kinds of lighting online in India. A single bulb suspended in the air makes the principle of this type of light. The most used materials include glass, metal, plastic, and paper. 


Pendant lights for bedroom with hanging in India is available on online stores
Modern lights in dining room

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1. Glass

The most likeable type of pendant lights in Indian homes because they are versatile. It can be designed in different ways according to your requirements and can uniformly distribute the light within your space. It has subtypes like crosshatch and clear & opal. They are also available in various shades of colour. 

2. Multi-light

It comes in two different shades like light sources attached to the central core and pendant cord lights. The second form of design is suitable for large spaces like staircase landings. 

3. Drum shade

A cylindrical drum shape and used as an important detail in the interior design. Pendant lights in the bedroom can be drum shade as it provides a diffusing touch in the entire space as it is made of fabric. 


4. Globe

Most searched online pendant light hanging is a globe because it has full spherical shade. An even distribution of light can be achieved using globe shades. It gives a classy look to your room or living space. 

5. Cord

A bare bulb on a suspension cord. They can be used in homes, small restaurants, apartments etc and do not create any obstructions. This is used to show designer bulbs in a cluster form. 

6. Linear

They provide simple and effective lighting and come in one tube on a singular canopy. One of the types that suit both modern and traditional home decor. 

7. Shade

It covers a range of lights from copper, brass, porcelain, wooden and many more. Pendant lights with shades increase the aesthetics of your home decor.

8. Lantern

A year-round favourite for all as they have the best appeal and beauty. Lantern lights change the look of your home and bring fabulous impressions. 


Pendant lights brand in India

  1. Anchor by Panasonic
  2. Havells
  3. Signify
  4. Bajaj
  5. Surya
  6. Jaquar


These lights can either be used as primary or secondary light sources. Also has different shapes like a globe, cage etc. call us to buy pendant lights online with natural light and different styles. 


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