Eglo VIVALDO 1 Ceiling lamps | Decorative lights

LED ceiling lamps of different shades suits hanging to your home.
LED ceiling lamps of different shades suits hanging to your home.


Eglo is a well-known International decorative lighting brand and is present in more than 60 countries. It has a wide variety of product styles and designs so there is more to choose from. Eglo provides high-quality and sustainable products or a line of products. The Eglo VIVALDO 1 ceiling lamp is one among them. 

About the Product

Eglo VIVALDO 1 ceiling lamp offers a wide range of interior lighting options from traditional to contemporary spotlights. LED ceiling lamps are the future as they are more efficient and promising. The ceiling lights are available with advanced technology and of high-quality,  eco-friendly with long-lasting capacity. 

Price: MRP Rs.174,900.00

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Product Description

Eglo VIVALDO 1 LED ceiling lamps are a great option for interior hanging designs. Ceiling lamp shades are the best option if you need a beautiful ambience for the entire room. And Eglo brings new technologies and trends in the LED ceiling lights that add aesthetics to interior designing. These lights come in various ranges like pendant, chandelier, flush mounts etc that creates a calm and relaxing mood for your room. Eglo can match your interior lighting with beautiful lights for the ceiling.

Varieties of lights are used to enhance the brightness of rooms, living areas and other spaces. And Eglo offers the best light options to choose from for different spaces. Lights are important for our interior designs and allow us to stay away from darkness.


Product specifications of ceiling lamps

LED ceiling lamps of different shades suits hanging lights for your home.
Bright light

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The following table shows general details:

Material number  39253
Type Ceiling light 
Product segment  Indoor 
Theme  Crystal and design


Dimensions of hanging ceiling lamps

Different dimensions are mentioned below:

Diameter  640 mm
Height  470 mm
Net weight  10.02 kg


Material and Colour

The following table has materials and colours used for lights:

Enclosure material Steel 
Enclosure colour gold-plated
Glass/shade material Crystal 
glass/shade colour  Clear 


The function of LED ceiling lamps

Switch type rocker
Battery  No


Technical data

The table below provides technical details of various shades of ceiling lamp:

Degree of protection IP20
Class of protection  1
Mains voltage  220-240V, 50/60Hz
Operation voltage  12V
Maximum wattage (1)  19X1,2W


Illuminant 1 of lamps

Illuminant information is shown in below table:

Socket type (1) G4
Illuminant type (1) G4-LED
Illuminant Incl. (1) Inclusive 
Nominal Lifetime  15000
kW/1000h  1
Switching cycles 15000
Rated lamp power (0,1W precision) 1,30 
Colour tolerance (LED, SDCM) <6



Eglo VIVALDO 1 ceiling lamp MRP 174,900.00


Contact Details

  • M: +91-9967632127


Brand Info


Eglo India develops the most cutting-edge lighting products tailored to the needs of its customers. The brand works intensively on smart lighting. The light company began its successful journey in the lighting industry in 1969 in Austria.

Combining top-quality lighting technology with elegant designs and enhanced functionality, the brand has the perfect collection of illuminants for every residential, commercial, and outdoor setting.

Let’s take a look at the vast collection of Eglo India lights


Eglo Interior lights


eglo India lighting by top light company
Home lighting solutions

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From wall lights to decorative hanging and surface-mounted ceiling lights, the brand covers it all. Also, the brand sets the latest lighting trends. Thus, it offers you a benchmark interior lighting experience.


Stairwell lighting

Proper stairwell lights remain important not just for sound illumination but also for the safety of the occupants. Also, today, stairwell lighting remains an essential home decoration aspect. Thus, the light company offers the right lamps for all kinds of stairs.




spotlights by Eglo india lighting company
Designer spotlights

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Eglo spotlights highlight the home ceiling and complement the room’s modern décor and design. Also, these spotlights offer soothing ambient lighting as well as directional lighting to the entire space. The vivid collection of energy-saving spotlights make every room comfortable.


Pendant lights


pendant lamps with designer bulbs
Pendant lights for every room

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The brand manufactures intricate and modern design basic and high-end pendant lights for your home.


Bedroom lights

The brand presents bedroom lights that will suit the aesthetics of your bedroom and also offer perfect illumination.


Eglo Outdoor lights


outdoor garden lamps
Outdoor lighting solutions

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The light company has a vast collection of outdoor and garden lights. These lights not only provide great illumination but also enhance the overall look of the façade and outdoor space of the house.


Why Eglo?

The brand launches more than 900 products every year. Thus, it offers an endless range for a great selection. The brand produces almost 80,000 products every day for the global customer market. Also, the brand keeps sustainability as its key concern. Thus, all the developments, productions, and designs take place with the same perspective in mind.

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