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Modern Track Lights are the most adaptable type of lighting. It is unquestionably advantageous and must consider several factors while choosing track lights for the ceiling. They run lengthwise on beams, across rafters and can be fixed to walls. This type of light allows you to place ten lights along the track and is also flexible for customization. The track light LED price is reasonable and can be used in various spaces of your home. There are different types like track and head styles. 


Modern track lights like LED for ceiling are available at the best price.
Linear lights

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On the basis of head type

1. Step head

It is most common because of its simple and beautiful designs. This can be matched with any track type. 

2. Round back head

A modern style that is similar to a step head but has a circular head in the back. 

3. Pinhole head

The back of the pinhole head is a little exposed and suitable for garages, studios etc. it works more on function rather than its style. 

4. Gimbal head

Track light modern with a feature of spindling 360 degrees. It is suitable for industrial setups. 

5. Pendant

This head type is available in different designs and enriches the decoration of the home. Also, it can be the best option for rooms that require good lighting effects. 

Based on style

1. Track light Modern

It is known for its clean and glossy look. Also, it has a wide range of colours and shapes. It cannot be used as a focal point in the room because it shades away.

2. Contemporary

These provide calm lighting. It has round edges and not so clean straight lines. It can be used as a focal point in the room

3. Traditional

It gives a vintage look as it is very simple and creates a relaxed atmosphere.

4. Rustic

It creates natural beauty to the space and provides refreshed feel. 

5. Victorian

The most complicated style of track light for ceiling and looks adorned with high-class elegance. 

Main types

1. Linear

These are traditional, where a track is directly mounted to the ceiling with screws and then adjusted to the required focus. A livewire runs inside the track and light can be adjusted to the desired place. 

2. Monorail

The track is suspended from the ceiling by a stand-off. The tracks can be bent up to 30 degrees and themselves acts as an electric circuit. Monorail track light price is available at the best prices. 

3. Flexible

It can be an alternative to linear tracks and can be bent easily to any desired shape. 

Track light brands in India 

  1. Anchor by Panasonic
  2. Havells
  3. Signify
  4. Bajaj
  5. Surya
  6. Jaquar

Thus track lights with LED are the best option at a minimal price. Call us to buy modern types of lightings. 

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