Modular Kitchen Accessories

Modular Kitchen Accessories

dark green shaker kitchen cabinets and island with stainless steel appliances
accessories for kitchenappliances for kitchendecor

Kitchen cabinets: 15 trendsetting designs & storage configurations

The kitchen is the heart of your home. So, your kitchen needs ideal kitchen cabinets to function properly. You can find your essentials at arm’s …

Best modular kitchen designs with tall units or cabinets in different styles
accessories for kitchenappliances for kitchenArchitectural, Furniture, Kitchen Fittings & Hardware

Kitchen tall units: Expert’s favourite buying & design guide (Buy it)

Kitchen tall units are a stylish and beneficial addition to any kitchen as they make the most of your kitchen space. These tall units in …

Modern design for kitchen in black colour with pendant lights and bar stools
accessories for kitchenappliances for kitchencountertop design

Modern design for kitchen: 49+ ideas offering endless versatility

The kitchen is likely the area in your home that gets used the most, and if it isn’t, we’re going to change that with these …

grey and brown glossy modular kitchen
accessories for kitchenappliances for kitchenArchitectural, Furniture, Kitchen Fittings & Hardware

Designing a Kitchen: Unraveling 23+ tips to upgrade your kitchen

The kitchen is a fundamental part of the house, and designing it is extremely subjective. From storage space to kitchen tiles, everything needs careful planning …

modern kitchen design with latest decor ideas using pendant lights, faux plants, cabinet lightings, accent furniture, and backlit marble backsplash
designdoor design for homeDoors

61+ Ideas for kitchen decor that are defining 2022

Often referred to as the heart of the home, the kitchen is an integral part of any household. Therefore, special care must be taken while …

Countertop Neolith
ArchitectsBathroomcountertop design

Countertop designs & materials: Spoil yourself with never ending options. (40+ designs)

Countertop designs such as marble, granite, quartz, quartzite, steel, and more catch the attention of the user instantly. Also, it is a solution that has …

small modular kitchen design

How to design the perfect small modular kitchen?

The need for small modular kitchen designs arose because of the rapid urbanization of Indian cities. High-rise buildings are the norm in all urban cities …

hafele ceaserstone quartz countertop for kitchen
accessories for kitchencountertop designdesign

Hafele’s Caesarstone Metropolitan Collection: Kitchen countertops with dimensional surfaces and unpolished colours

The Caesarstone Metropolitan Collection by Hafele is crafted beauty reflective of the layers found in industrial art and architecture, highlighting dimensional surfaces and unpolished colours …

Mr.Munir Suri, Senior Vice-President, Hippo Stores
accessories for kitchenArchitectural, Furniture, Kitchen Fittings & HardwareBathroom Fittings, Accessories & Furniture

Hippo Stores aims to maximise its share of the entire building materials market: Mr. Munir Suri

Hippo Stores – a 1st of its kind in India, an organized wholesaler of building materials has been making its presence felt in the largest …

modular kitchen price
accessories for kitchenappliances for kitchenArchitects

Modular kitchen price: How much do they cost?

Modular kitchens are not well-explained, and as a result, not a well-appreciated subject. When you are in the market for premium kitchens, their countertop, cabinets, …

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