Electrical Products | Electrical Accessories

Electrical Products | Electrical Accessories

A black room heater
decordesignElectrical Products | Electrical Accessories

Room heaters: How to make a good purchase decision? (Buy it!)

Room heaters have come a long way. From basic blower devices and oil heater models, today we even have smart room heaters in various price …

Soundbar setup
designElectrical Products | Electrical AccessoriesFeatured Stories

Home theatre systems: Your perfect buying guide (with top brands)

With the growing OTT culture, most people now prefer watching movies in the comfort of their homes. A cinema hall definitely lacks this luxury. Moreover, …

a bunch of colourful electrical wires in a hand
designDoorsElectrical Products | Electrical Accessories

Electrical wires: The ultimate guide with safety tips (Buy here)

Electrical wires must be installed correctly to keep the electricity running safely through your home. More often than not, people tend to overlook the electricity …

a background with different types of electrical switches displayed
decordesignElectrical Products | Electrical Accessories

Top 10 electrical switches brands in India (Shop here)

Switches are the silent heroes of our homes that add a lot of value to our spaces. Mounted on the wall, switches are devices that …

electrical equipment used in a home
appliances for kitchendecorative lights for homeElectrical Products | Electrical Accessories

Top 10 electrical companies in India | Best electrical companies in India

India has emerged as an important business hub in the global market because of the endless opportunities and production quality. The top electrical companies in …

Room desert air coolers for sustainable home cooling

Air coolers: 7 things we bet you didn’t know (+buying options)

With the arrival of the long and hot summer in India, people turn to cooling appliances to keep themselves, their houses, and their offices cool. …

room with large window and window ac, white walls, plants
designElectrical Products | Electrical AccessoriesFeatured Stories

10 best window AC brands in India (FAQs, Price links incl.)

With temperatures soaring almost throughout the year, one of the best ways to keep your room cool and comfortable is by installing an air conditioner. …

modular switches

Modular Switches: Get any information (Quick & Easy)

Generally, when people think of interior decoration and functionality, they think of lighting, flooring, ceilings, furniture, decorative items, etc.  But the less intriguing details such …

All you need to know about home and building automation
Access Control SystemsBathroom Fittings, Accessories & Furnituredecor

Building automation systems: All you need to know about intelligent buildings

Who wouldn’t like their building to be smartly self-sufficient? Building automation gives this efficiency to it. The intelligent building or home automation is the centralized …

LED lighting
Bathroomdecorative lights for homedesign

LED lighting : A comprehensive guide for professionals! (shop online)

LED lighting has revolutionized the game of the home and commercial illumination. LED lights such as strip, ceiling panel, bulb, tracks, etc. and their exceptional …

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