63+ Ideas for wall decoration: Upgrade from dull to dazzling walls

stunning wall decoration with pictures and bulbs on a green wall ideas for wall decoration in living room


Empty walls are nothing but plain canvases for your creative imagination. There are a lot of ideas out there for wall decoration that can elevate or enliven your space. Wall decoration ideas can range from simple DIY projects including paper crafts to large, expensive wall paintings. However, while undertaking any wall decor project, you should keep your overall room decor in mind. For example, if you decide to paint a mural, ensure that the colours you pick are in harmony with the existing colour scheme of your room. The wall decor should also depend upon the room you are decorating. So, wall decoration ideas for the living room may not work as well for your bedroom.

Therefore, you must ensure that you choose your wall decor accordingly. To make your job easier, we have compiled a list of the best wall decoration ideas for every room and every budget. Feel free to browse through our collection and get inspired today!



Ideas for wall decoration #1


Create a gallery wall



A very popular idea for wall decoration is creating a DIY gallery wall. It’s a very effective way of adding colour, character, or interest to your empty wall. You can pick your very own art display or buy a collection online. Also, you can play around with different elements like eccentric frames in different shapes, colours, and looks. For example, you can create an all botanical art display or you can go for family pictures to adorn your wall. The possibilities are endless!


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Wall decor ideas #2


Create a serene vibe in the bedroom



While any decor idea can be used anywhere, there are still some bedroom-specific looks we have curated for your convenience. Being a room specifically made for resting and relaxing, the bedroom needs to maintain a calm and peaceful vibe. Hence, it needs to be styled accordingly. So, look through our collection of ideas for bedroom wall decoration to find one that aligns with your style.


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Ideas for wall decoration #3


Document your travels



Those born with a flair for travel will fall in love with this idea. You can mount a world or country map and put up colourful pins to mark all your wonderful travel adventures. To add extra interest, you can also use colourful yarns to create an interesting pattern on the wall. Additionally, you can use a vintage-style map to add even more character to the look.


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Wall decor ideas #4


Display your collection



Those who maintain a colourful collection of postcards, stamps, plates or baskets can display their collection on the wall. It’s a lovely DIY wall decoration idea for a living room that can be a great conversation starter. Keep in mind that a colourful collection would look much more aesthetically pleasing. However, you can also go for a monochromatic look that pleases the eye.


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Ideas for wall decoration #5


Create an accent wall



Creating a feature wall is one of the most basic principles of interior decor. A great way to add visual interest to the room, accent walls can be created in a number of ways. For example, you can simply paint one wall in a different, bold colour to make it stand out. You can also use statement pieces to adorn this wall to make it the centre of attention in your room. This wall decoration idea can work for both, the living room and bedroom, and can be a fun DIY or a professional makeover.


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Wall decor ideas #6


Have fun with mirrors



Stunning mirrors can be used to add visual interest to the room. It can also create the illusion of a larger space when placed strategically. So, you can put a large wall-sized mirror or go for a gallery of small mirrors of various shapes to keep it interesting. You can also add pretty lights to take this look even further.


Ideas for wall decoration #7


Make a statement with abstract art



A living room is a space where you sit and socialise with your friends, family, and visitors. It is the first introduction of your house to anyone who visits. So, this room must be decorated with special care to aesthetics. Here we have displayed a few wall decoration ideas which are specific to living rooms for your convenience.


Wall decor ideas #8


Embrace greenery



Indoor plants are a great way to add life to your decor. They not only add to the beauty of any room, but they also purify the air. Also, they are ideal for nature lovers who want to add greenery to their interiors. For this look, you can opt for vines that can fill the entirety of a wall. In addition, you can add floating shelves filled with plants to enliven your space.


Ideas for wall decoration #9


Get productive



You can work on your goals and embellish your home at the same time! Just add oversized calendars or a whiteboard to your wall and get started with your to-do lists. It can be a fun DIY idea for a wall decoration project that will also bring you closer to your goals. To beautify it, you can add beautifully printed calendars or decorate the whiteboard with accent pieces. Really, let your creativity flow with this one.


Wall decor ideas #10


Put up shelves



Add some floating shelves to your empty wall and style them your way. Like, you can create a minimalistic book display with only your favourites adorning the shelves. Another great idea is to arrange your collection or put up family photos in it. Just ensure that the shelf colour and design are in harmony with the overall vibe of the room.


Ideas for wall decoration #11


Bring in the lights



You can use all kinds of light strips to add some interest to your wall. What makes it more appealing is that it can act as night lights if you don’t sleep in total darkness. You can combine this with a number of wall decoration ideas like paper crafts for a fun DIY project. For example, you can add pretty lights around a gallery wall, wall mirror, or paper flowers to make a statement.


Wall decor ideas #12


Incorporate wall stickers



An easy way to transform any wall into the centre of attention is wall stickers or murals. A wall sticker is one of the more affordable ideas for decoration and it can be a fun DIY project for both the living room and bedroom. Murals are also a great way to create some visual interest in your wall. You can find one of possibly every pattern, colour, or theme.


Ideas for wall decoration #13


Repurpose old books



Book lovers take note that a bookshelf is not the only way to incorporate books into interior decor. You can create a number of stunning looks with this one. Repurposing old books into wall decor is a great idea to preserve the memory of some of your best reads. Look at our collection of exquisite ideas to get inspired and create your own.


Wall decor ideas #14


DIY your decor



Creating wall decoration using paper crafts is a fantastic idea for a living room or bedroom. You can make your very own paper flowers or wall hangings to beautify your space. Just be mindful of adding different colours to make the wall pop! So, bring out your supplies and make an evening out of this one!


Ideas for wall decoration #15


Put up pretty patterns



Pretty, multicoloured rugs make for a great wall decor idea. They are an unconventional yet fun way to enliven any space with little effort and provide plenty of room for flexibility. Also, you can add any cloth or fabric with a pretty pattern or colour to embellish your walls in an affordable way.


Wall decor ideas #16


Make a statement with clocks



Stunning, statement wall clocks are available in the market. They come in all shapes, sizes, and designs to add an edge to your decor. You can buy one online or revamp an old one at home to come up with something unique.



When used in a proper manner, your walls can provide an excellent framework to plan the rest of the room. Regardless of your style, you can come up with phenomenal results. There are endless wall decoration ideas for your living room or bedroom ranging from paper craft DIYs to professional-grade wall paints. You can embellish those bare walls with stickers, murals, lights, clocks, and the list goes on. The best thing about walls is that they can be accessorised with whatever you like. So, you can surround yourself with things you adore by customizing those blank walls.

Also, wall decoration with DIY paper crafts is one of the many great ideas and has the potential of looking elegant and beautiful whether you place it in the living room or bedroom. Wall decor projects can be made to fit anyone’s style, budget, and preference. Our list of the best ideas for wall decor is a testament to that statement. Feel free to get inspired by the decor ideas listed here to get decorating today. This article makes transforming your boring walls simple, easy, and fun. So, revamp your walls today!


*The featured image used in this article is from WangMing’Photo on Pexels


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