white cabinets, t-bar kitchen handles, kitchen utensils, flower vase
Architectural, Furniture, Kitchen Fittings & Hardware

Top 10 kitchen cabinet handle brands and manufacturers in India

Cabinet handles not only provide a comfortable grip to open and close cabinets easily, but they also add to the aesthetics of your home. When …

Modern PVC wall panel for your office space
Interior DesignWall Cladding - Stone, Tile

PVC wall panel: Top 20 Must-buy designs for modern interiors

Polyvinyl Chloride, commonly known as PVC, is a versatile plastic polymer used in construction for pipes, siding window and door profiles, and wall panels. Furthermore, …

red fly ash bricks type exposed wall in a hall in standard dimensions and price

Selecting bricks: Types, standard dimensions & prices in India

When it comes to construction, bricks have gained an edge over other building materials like wood. Bricks are a type of block used in the …

Graceful Christmas decoration ideas and decor items for your tree and home
Interior Design

Christmas decorations: 19+ decor ideas to amplify the festive vibes

Christmas is around the corner. Hence, there is no better way to get into the season’s spirit than by gathering all the best decor ideas …

stunning wall decoration with pictures and bulbs on a green wall ideas for wall decoration in living room
Interior DesignWall Coverings (Paints)

63+ Ideas for wall decoration: Upgrade from dull to dazzling walls

Empty walls are nothing but plain canvases for your creative imagination. There are a lot of ideas out there for wall decoration that can elevate …

epoxy resin
Construction Chemical Products

Epoxy Resin – And we thought we knew everything about it!

Epoxy resin is a uniquely versatile composite material used in the construction industry. Also, the epoxy resin contributes to the manufacture of epoxy paint, epoxy …

bohemian living room with macrame wall hanging
Interior Design

33+ Head-turning wall hangings for modern homes (Shop here!)

Any space can be defined properly with the addition of attractive artworks and wall hangings. All homes – small apartments or big mansions are incomplete …

large living room, beautiful living room, carpet placed in the centre, sectional sofas, planter, plants, plant, chair
Flooring SolutionsInterior Design

Rugs: A quick buyer’s guide with 25+ modern styling ideas (Shop now!)

In India, most households and offices use rugs to beautify their interiors. A rug holds the furniture in place and serves as the focal point …

diwali decor ideas
Interior Design

Diwali decor ideas: Glam up your home this festive season!

Diwali celebrates new beginnings and change. The festival of light brings an array of colourful decorations, a warm atmosphere, delicious food and lots of joy. …

modern home decor idea for a dark themed living room with black accent wall, blue sofa, black centre table, colourful throw cushions
Interior Design

49+ home decor ideas for a trendy & timeless design update

Home decor has gained popularity in the last few decades. With the onset of social media, people have started posting their lives online. Therefore, the …

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