Construction Chemical Products

Construction Chemical Products

gray dry cement
Construction Chemical Products

Top cement companies in India | Cement brands in India

Cement is primarily used as a binder in concrete, which is a fundamental building ingredient for construction purposes. Therefore, it is an important component of …

Construction Chemical Products

Grouting for buildings: All you need to know! (+demo videos)

Why does it happen that newly constructed buildings develop problems of seepage, loose joints, or cracks over time? This happens usually because of the lack …

waterproofing of building
Construction Chemical Products

Waterproofing of buildings: Material types & applications (+Prices)

You’ve built a beautiful building using the best material. Even the interiors look exquisite and unique. But after a few months, you get to know …

adhesives and sealants
Construction Chemical Products

Adhesives or Sealants: How to choose the right product for a specific job? (+Demo videos)

The difference between sealants and adhesives remains quite ambiguous. Often professionals find themselves in situations where they can’t decide which product to choose for a …

epoxy resin
Construction Chemical Products

Epoxy Resin – And we thought we knew everything about it!

Epoxy resin is a uniquely versatile composite material used in the construction industry. Also, the epoxy resin contributes to the manufacture of epoxy paint, epoxy …

Mr.Munir Suri, Senior Vice-President, Hippo Stores
Architectural, Furniture, Kitchen Fittings & HardwareBathroom Fittings, Accessories & FurnitureCeiling Solutions

Hippo Stores aims to maximise its share of the entire building materials market: Mr. Munir Suri

Hippo Stores – a 1st of its kind in India, an organized wholesaler of building materials has been making its presence felt in the largest …

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