Epoxy Resin – And we thought we knew everything about it!

epoxy resin
epoxy resin

Epoxy resin is a uniquely versatile composite material used in the construction industry. Also, the epoxy resin contributes to the manufacture of epoxy paint, epoxy for table and floor, epoxy grout, epoxy adhesives, primers, plastics, and sealants. It is used in various construction and structural applications. Thus, epoxy’s use in these applications is often compared with conventional materials. Also, the price of epoxy resin varies according to its concentration & brand type.

The excellent bonding capacity of epoxies makes them ideal for multiple uses. Also, it comes with several amazing properties and advantages. It can be used with several types of surfaces and materials. So, all of this gives epoxy an upper hand when it comes to construction chemicals.

But, the broad application areas and features of epoxy make it all the more important to understand its basics and details.



What is epoxy resin?

Epoxy resin
Liquid Epoxy Resin

Image Source: Caplinq


Epoxy is a polymer that contains large molecules with repetitive subunits. Also, this repeating subunit molecular structure of epoxy resin offers it great elasticity, durability, and toughness.

Epoxy resin is a reactive prepolymer and polymer that contains epoxide groups. These resins react either with themselves or with a variety of co-reactants such as amines, phenols, and thiols in the presence of catalysts.

It is used in a wide range of industrial applications such as metal coating, floor coatings, construction chemical mixtures, countertops and tables, aircraft, etc. It outperforms other types of resin in terms of mechanical qualities, as well as heat and chemical resistance.


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Properties of epoxy resin

The epoxy resin comes with several properties:

  1. Epoxy resin has high adhesion bond. So, it sticks to almost all building materials.
  2. It comes with a little possibility of shrinkage.
  3. Also, epoxy resin has gap filling properties. So, it is an excellent construction chemical to fill gaps. This is why epoxy flooring has gained immense popularity lately.
  4. Its thermosetting property doesn’t allow it to melt in any temperature conditions after setting.
  5. Also, weather and chemical resistance offers epoxy resin durability.
  6. It is also ideal for underwater construction.


Advantages of epoxy resin

  1. Durability: Epoxy resin’s chemical structure gives it a lot of stability and durability.
  2. Strength: The strong adhesive bond and waterproofing feature offers great strength to it.
  3. Quick to apply: Whether it is epoxy flooring or epoxy paints, the application remains quick and easy.
  4. Versatility: Epoxy binds to numerous materials with the same ease. So, it makes for a compatible construction chemical.


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What are the applications of epoxy resin?

Epoxy resin with high adhesion and durability makes for an excellent construction chemical for building repairs. So, let us understand the major applications of epoxy resin:


Epoxy flooring


epoxy resin flooring
Different types of Epoxy Floorings.

Image Source: exterior performance coatings


The epoxy floor paint and epoxy flooring are two different types of epoxy flooring treatments.

Epoxy flooring has at least a 2mm thick layer of epoxy resin that offers a smooth, glossy surface. Also, the epoxy flooring material comes in many epoxy colours.

Epoxy flooring makes the flooring look decorative along with being highly durable. Also, epoxy floorings such as terrazzo epoxy flooring, chip epoxy flooring, and epoxy coloured aggregate flooring come in several epoxy flooring colours and designer patterns.

You can achieve these patterns by using contrasting vinyl chips or quartz to the top epoxy flooring layer.

On the other hand, epoxy floor coating has a very thin protective layer of epoxy.

Also, the epoxy resin also makes the floor anti-skid. So, the epoxy flooring materials can be used in bathrooms as well.


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Advantages of epoxy flooring:

  1. Epoxy flooring paint has a shiny, high-gloss texture. So, the interiors brighten up significantly.
  2. The durable epoxy flooring material withstands heavy & rapid traffic.
  3. Also, the application of epoxy flooring does not need any additional adhesives or equipment.
  4. Maintaining and cleaning epoxy flooring remains easy.
  5. Also, epoxy paint for floors lasts very long without chipping or cracking.


Watch this video to understand how to apply epoxy flooring over old concrete flooring:


Epoxy 3D flooring

Epoxy 3D Flooring
Bedroom Epoxy 3D Flooring

Image Source: aicoat


Another emerging flooring trend is epoxy 3D flooring. So, many malls, apartments, hotels, and even residential buildings use epoxy 3D flooring to enhance the creative element of the space.

This latest fad in the decorative flooring world involves precise installation.

So, a layer of self-levelling epoxy primer is laid down followed by the desired epoxy flooring image.

Also, it is treated with two-component epoxy resin to give the perfect depth for the epoxy 3D flooring. Finally, the epoxy 3D flooring gets a layer of protective varnish.

Also, the epoxy floor cost in India depends upon the texture, design, colour and other details. So, the 3D epoxy floor cost in India ranges from Rs. 60- Rs. 600/ square feet.


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Watch this video to see the Top 51 epoxy 3D flooring designs:


Epoxy paint

epoxy paint
Bathroom waterproof epoxy paint

Image Source: Countertopepoxy


Epoxy paint is the most durable paint for floors and walls. It adds an extra shine to the surface.

Also, initially, the epoxy paint was used for industrial purposes only. In fact, epoxy paint is epoxy added in latex acrylic paint.


So, this epoxy paint offers the toughness, and durability that you can never find in simple acrylic paint. Also, epoxy paint has chemical and corrosion-resistant properties.


Advantages of epoxy paint:

  1. Epoxy paint offers resistance against chemicals, water, heat, shock, and corrosion.
  2. Paint on epoxy makes it long-lasting as the epoxy stays in place. Also, it withstands heavy traffic. So, epoxy flooring paint remains a perfect flooring choice.
  3. Epoxy paint offers protection against cracking, stains, wear and tear.
  4. The dust-resistant epoxy paint is easy to maintain.
  5. Epoxy resin can be used on all surfaces such as epoxy paint for metals, etc.


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Difference between epoxy painting and epoxy coating                             

Professionals also get confused between epoxy paint and epoxy coating. But, both are quite different and come with different benefits:

Sr. No. Epoxy painting Epoxy coating
1. It is a simple painting. (epoxy primer + epoxy paint) It needs two elements to prepare: epoxy resin and hardener.
2. Ideal for improving the look of the epoxy flooring. Best for floors with the risk of chemical spillage and heavy traffic.
3. Epoxy painting is more durable than normal acrylic paint. But, it cannot withstand chemicals, abrasions, and stains. It can withstand all kinds of stains and abrasions.
4. Cheaper More expensive.
5. Quick application. Slightly complex application.

The epoxy resin paint price range varies from Rs. 150 to Rs. 3000.


Watch this video to understand how to install epoxy on a vertical wall.


Epoxy grout

bathroom and tub
White Epoxy paint for tiles

Image Source: fireclay tile


The epoxy grout is used for multiple purposes. So, epoxy grouting can adhere to a wide range of materials such as plastic, metals, ceramics, rubber, etc.


Advantages of epoxy grout for tiles:

  1. Tile epoxy grout offers a stain-free, easy to clean look.
  2. Epoxy grouting for tiles is chemical-resistant, non-toxic, and dirt-resistant.
  3. Tile with epoxy grout does not crack. So, the gaps become impermeable after epoxy grouting.
  4. You do not need an additional sealer once you’ve used epoxy grout for tiles.
  5. The epoxy colour of the epoxy grout for tiles comes in various options. Also, it does not lose its shine or discolour overtime.


Epoxy grout for tiles makes for an ideal grouting solution. So, tile with epoxy grout is better than cement for various reasons:

Sr. No. Epoxy grouting for tiles Cement for tiles
1. Tiles epoxy grouts do not shrink, crumble, and crack. Shrinks over time.
2. Epoxy grouting for tiles offers strength for high traffic. Not ideal for dense traffic conditions.
3. Highly resistant grouting material. But, highly porous cement does not give any resistance against chemicals and liquids.
4. Easy to maintain Difficult to clean/ remove stains
5. Epoxy colours come in a wide variety. Moreover, epoxy grout for tiles does not discolour. Additional painting is required for colour. It discolours overtime.


Watch this video to understand the difference between epoxy grout for tiles and cement:


Epoxy grouting price:

Sr. No. Brand and product Epoxy grouting price per kg
1. Asian Paints epoxy SmartCare Tile Grout Rs. 773/kg
2. Roff Pidilite Rainbow Tile Epoxy Grout Rs. 1130/kg
3. Dr Fixit Epoxy Bonding Agent Rs. 794/kg
4. MYK Laticrete Epoxy Grout Rs. 750/kg
5. BASF Master Flow 410 Epoxy Resin Grout Rs. 100 kg


Epoxy tabletop


wood tabletop
A designer table with epoxy resin

Image Source: bodyartstyle


The epoxy tables give an extremely luxurious and unique look to the interiors. Also, this retrofit construction chemical-epoxy resin can be applied to existing tabletops and countertops as well.

You can use epoxy tabletop resin to restore worn-out countertops in kitchens and bathrooms.

Also, you can use epoxy for tables over the following materials:

  1. Laminate
  2. Formica
  3. Ceramic
  4. Concrete
  5. Wood
  6. Metal

Marbles and granite countertops have their own beauty. So, most people do not like to cover them with this construction chemical. But, epoxy for tables can be used with these materials as well.


Advantages of the epoxy tabletop:

  1. Durable finish.
  2. High-gloss epoxy tables look.
  3. Chemical, heat, and water-resistant.
  4. Endless designing possibilities.
  5. Non-toxic.
  6. Easy to maintain


Watch this video to find out how epoxy table top resin is applied:


Epoxy waterproofing

Waterproofing of roof
Installation of Waterproof Epoxy on Roof.

Image Source: Nbm&Cw


The adhesive strength of epoxy offers excellent waterproofing to this construction chemical. Also, the epoxy paint contains a waterproofing feature. So, you get a chemical-resistant finish that can easily last for up to 10 years even in pools and bathroom floors, bathtubs, etc.


Epoxy resin for wood

wood with waterproofing treatment
Blue epoxy for wood

Image Source: Lazy Guy DIY


Wood epoxy is just like regular epoxy with a minor difference in features for woodworking. So, it must remain bubble-free, moisture-resistant, and thin. Thus, this epoxy resin for wood makes excellent use in furniture such as tabletop and more.

Also, epoxy also waterproofs and seals the wood. You can give it a transparent, metallic, or opaque epoxy colour.


Watch this video to understand how to apply epoxy on wood


Epoxy resin price in India

Sr. no. Brands and Products Epoxy Resin Price
1. Hakson’s epoxy resin and hardener Rs. 949/1.5 kg
2. Loctite Tough X epoxy resin and hardener Rs. 1060/ 1.8 kg
3. Araldite Epoxy resin and hardener price Rs. 2600/1.8 kg
4. Fosroc Nitocote ET140 Epoxy resin Rs. 699/ container
5. Sika Epoxy Resin Rs. 525/kg


Watch this video to understand the application of Sika Epoxy on the floor:


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Haksons Resin & Hardener – High Gloss Epoxy Resin Clear Coat

Haksons Resin & Hardener - High Gloss Epoxy Resin Clear Coat

Lapox Epoxy Resin Adhesives

Lapox Epoxy Resin Adhesives.

B U Y  H E R E

MYK Laticrete LATAPOXY® Dazzle Grout

 LATAPOXY® Dazzle Grout


Ecopoxy UVPoxy



Araldite Standard Epoxy Adhesive




Epoxy resin comes with several benefits and an affordable price range. Also, this synthetic construction chemical is used in the manufacture of substances such as paints, coatings, and other materials. Moreover, the numerous advantageous properties of this chemical such as durability, resistance against chemicals, water, corrosion, dirt, etc. make it ideal for building and construction.

So, the applications of epoxy on paints, flooring, grouting, and countertops make them long-lasting and durable.

Also, the professionals can choose this versatile construction chemical for the right job with information about the specifications, advantages, applications, and prices of the construction chemical.

All this would benefit both the professionals and the clients and help them get high-performing, durable results.


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