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appliances transform the modular kitchen, platform design, and by extension the entire house into a fancier, more functional, and more convenient version of itself. Also, there have always been great innovations in this sector but they have increased exponentially over the past few decades. So, brands such as Bosch, LG, etc. have transformed the game of smart in built appliances. This article offers an exclusive list of smart appliances for the kitchen.

Today, the has expanded into dining rooms and has become more like a common area of the house. It has become essential to upgrade the aesthetics and functionality of the cooking area with the latest innovative smart appliances. Also, the coronavirus pandemic has further changed the dynamics of life. It has taught us the importance of a functional home. So, to make your effectively functional, you need to have a smart with smart appliances.

Modular kitchens have always been in trend for their spaciousness and class. Moreover, there are several appliances that make cooking easy, quick, and interesting. Also, these appliances are commonly used in all kinds of kitchens and add to their look and utility. So, some of the best Indian appliances brands offer competitive ranges of these products.



Common Appliances List for


Gas Hobs

Gas hobs allow open flame cooking which is convenient. Moreover, their attractive designs and intelligent features such as quickstart and other electronic controls make cooking safer and enhanced. Also, gas hobs come in different variants with multiple flame burners. Bosch, Miele, Siemens, and Hafele are some popular brands that manufacture smart gas hobs and other ideal appliances from the list in India for both big and small house modular kitchens.



Kitchen chimneys are for modular kitchens. They keep the air pure and fresh. Moreover, elegant chimneys make your look beautiful. Also, chimneys purify the air and trap minor particles such as spices and oil to prevent the and from blackening. Faber, Kaff, Bosch, Elica, Prestige, etc. are some famous chimney brands.



Another important appliance for a fully functional unit is the dishwasher. It comes in various types and features. A dishwasher is an ideal product for washing dishes and utensils. Also, intelligent dishwashers reduce water and energy consumption to a great extent and offer smart dishwashing. Bosch, Miele, Elica, Hafele are some popular dishwasher brands.



Built-in ovens and freestanding ovens are the most sought-after ideal appliances from the list. Moreover, the latest ovens come with smart to make baking more convenient and quicker. Also, a highly functional oven is extremely important for a commercial kitchen as that of a bakery or restaurant. So, Bosch, Elica, Kaff, Fabes, Hafele, and so on offer wonderful ovens with smart features and variations.


What are Smart Appliances?

With the changing and evolving times, it is important that our appliances get smarter and more intelligent too. Thus, designers have come up with innovative smart appliances with the latest technologies and hi-tech features for smart cooking areas.

Smart appliances are nothing but your normal appliances from the listlaced with the latest technologies and intelligent features. Also, a smart appliance makes cooking easier and delightful by using innovative and intelligent features such as Artificial Intelligence, Wi-Fi connectivity, voice control, scanners, etc. Moreover, smart appliances understand your preferences and communicate with each other to transform your cooking experience and take it to next level. So, you can multi-task  – watch videos, cook multiple dishes, talk to friends, and so much more – without any stress and putting in any extra effort.


List of  Smart Appliances (& Brands)

Buildingandinteriors.com presents to you handpicked list of smart appliances that will just blow your mind.


Smart Appliances #1 – Samsung Smart Fridge

"Samsung kitchen appliances
Samsung smart refrigerator


Samsung’s latest Smart Fridge is Wi-Fi enabled. It comes with an LCD screen. Also, you can watch TV, browse videos, and even answer or make calls through your refrigerator. In addition to that, its unique physical attributes such as counter-height drawers, French doors, and stainless body make it strong and durable. Moreover, Samsung also makes a wide range of ideal appliances.



Smart Appliances #2 – GE Next Gen Kitchen Hub

GE NextGen Kitchen Hub - Smart Kitchen Appliances - Lets you watch movies, videos while cooking
GE NextGen Hub lets you watch movies and recipe videos while cooking.


The GE NextGen Hub offers a tech-savvy cooking experience. The Artificial Intelligence of this hood makes it one of the most innovative smart appliances. Moreover, it comes with cameras to record, view, and share your cooking recipes. You can also watch recipes and videos. Furthermore, the AI helps detect the doneness of food, temperature regulation, and much more. Also, the Hub comes with a 27-inch smart touch screen for the platform and an in-oven camera as well. This is a perfect product for parallel platform designs.



Smart Appliances #3 – Signature Kitchen Suite

Signature Kitchen Suite is meant for latest cooking techniques for kitchen platform design
Signature Suite is one of the best smart appliances for latest cooking techniques.


The Signature Suite is the perfect smart appliance for the cooking technique called Sous Vide. Also, it requires slow-cooking in controlled heat and temperature to bring the perfect doneness to the food. This product is the first built-in Sous Vide range. Moreover, the Suite comes with LCD screens, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity for the platform design. So, you can easily connect it to your smartphone and monitor your food from afar. This Suite goes best with luxury modular kitchen and parallel platform designs.


Smart Appliances #4 – LG InstaViewThinQ Range

LG ThinQ range has the best smart refrigerator, oven, etc
LG ThinQ range has the best and ideal smart appliances for smart kitchens.


LG’s ThinQ range uses AI which makes communication between appliances possible. LG smart fridge has been in the game for a while but this new AI addition adds to the innovation. So, if you have an LG InstaViewThinQ refrigerator and an LG InstaViewThinQ dishwasher, the fridge will be able to inform the dishwasher that a huge load is on the way. Amazon Alexa reads out the recipes and lets you add items to your shopping list. Also, touch sensors, LCD screens, and running webOS are the additional features that make the range extremely intelligent. LG is undoubtedly one of the leading Indian appliances brands.


Smart Appliances #5 – The U by Moen Smart Faucet

The U by Moen is a smart faucet for luxury kitchen designs
The U by Moen is a smart faucet for luxury designs.


It is a smart appliance that works on sensor and voice control for a fabulous platform design. Also, the product is the winner of the 2020 KBIS Smart Home award. Its voice control feature allows you to regulate the flow and temperature of the water using voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Moreover, the Wave Sensor lets you turn on and off the faucet with a simple hand movement. You can also adjust the flow and temperature of the water manually.



Smart Appliances #6 – Amazon Smart Oven

"Amazon oven
Amazong smart oven


This smart oven eliminates the need for any other countertop smart appliance such as a microwave or OTG. It is multifunctional. It comes with Alexa and a free third-generation Echo Dot. Also, the oven comes with scan-to-cook features. It is highly energy-efficient and has many smart features. Moreover, you can scan the Amazon packaging of Amazon’s food range and the oven will tell you how to cook it.


Smart Appliances #7 – Beko Mixed Gas Hob

Beko mixed gas hob is one of the smart kitchen appliances that works on gas and electricity for platform design.
Beko mixed gas hob appliance works on gas and electricity for simpler cooking solutions.


This duel power gas hob, Beko Mixed Gas Hob works both on gas and electricity. It has 4 hobs, 3 of which are gas hobs, and 1 works on electricity. Also, another unique feature of this gas hob is that it detects the release of gas and cuts off the supply. This safety feature makes it an ideal in-built appliance. So, the burners consume very little gas and cook much faster than a traditional burner.


Smart Appliances #8 – Miele G 7000 Dishwasher

"Miele dishwasher placed securely under the kitchen platform design
Miele dishwasher placed securely under the platform


This exceptionally smart dishwasher by Miele has redefined the dishwasher unit entirely. Also, the unique AutoDos system laced with PowerDisk dispenses the right amount of detergent for perfect cleaning. You have full control of the appliance from your smartphone. Moreover, the 3D-MultiFlex trays provide incredible space and flexibility. So, the M Touch Display gives easy and quick control.


Smart Appliances #9 – Hafele Spazio

Hafelespazio cooker hood purifies the air and has USB ports.
Hafelespazio cooker hood purifies the air and has USB ports.


The product is a revolutionary cooker hood. This suspended hood is equipped with USB ports and electrical sockets. Also, the smart kitchen appliance comes with Circle Tech that filters and purifies the air without affecting the internal temperature. Moreover, the Carbon Zeo filter uses activated charcoal and zeolite to reduce odour and absorb steam produced by cooking.


Smart Appliances #10 – Bosch PAI Projector

Bosch PAI Projector is a perfect appliance for luxury modular kitchen platform design .
Bosch PAI Projector is an ideal appliance for luxury modular kitchen.


This ground-breaking Bosch in-built Appliance is mounted over the counter. It transforms the entire worktop into a touchscreen. This projection and interaction smart in-built appliance integrate digital media into our daily life. Also, PAI is a smart projector that can be -mounted or fixed underneath the kitchen cabinet. It projects a fully-fledged GUI on the worktop with 3D sensors and multi-functionality. Moreover, you can connect your ideal in-built appliances with the smart projector and learn new cooking recipes simultaneously.




Smart Appliances #11 – Bosch Mykie, Personal Kitchen Assistant

Bosch Mykie uses voice-recognition and connects with all Bosch smart kitchen appliances
Bosch Mykie uses voice-recognition and connects with all Bosch appliances


Mykie is a unique product from Bosch’s Connect range. The digital robot Mykie, short for ‘My Elf’ uses voice control feature to communicate. Also, it connects and controls all other Bosch smart appliances such as ovens and dishwashers. It also projects videos on the kitchen and makes it a perfect smart kitchen.


Smart Appliances #12 – Simplehuman Voice Activated Trash Can

Simplehuman trash can is a voice-activated product
Simplehuman trash can is a voice-activated smart product


This voice sensor trash can is the best appliance for hygienic waste disposal. The hi-tech can comes with three microphones for voice recognition accuracy. You can command the can to open and close. Also, the fingerprint-proof coating of the trash can is infused with Agion anti-microbial agent, which inhibits the growth of microorganisms.


Smart Appliances #13 – AEG Induction ComboHob

AEG combo hob is an ideal smart induction hob for kitchen platform design
AEG combo hob is an ideal smart induction hob for modular kitchens.


The ComboHob Bridge is a smart induction hob in built appliance that comes with an extraction fan. This appliance eliminates the need for overhead hoods. Also, the touch sensors allow you to manage the cooking zones, temperature, extraction options. The extraction grid is removable.




These smart in built appliances are ideal for a luxury modular and convert them into a smart modular kitchen. The blend of and appliances is the future of smart kitchens in India. Moreover, these ideal smart appliances make cooking more exciting and enjoyable. Also, these innovations remain a blessing for people who have a knack for both cooking and technology. Also, the fast-moving and the advancing world is all about time management. So, with these smart appliances, you can save a lot of time and effort in your luxury modular effectively.


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