Clage online water heaters (from Blutherm): Redefining hot-water technology

Clage E-comfort energy efficiency instant water heater DBX available online
Clage E-comfort energy efficiency instant water heater DBX available online

Water heaters are a must-have for every home. Today’s water heaters come with many features, such as online connectivity, energy efficiency, and more, for an enhanced experience. Besides, most electronic tankless water heaters adhere to the latest sustainability standards to contribute to a healthier environment. All of this popularizes the hot-water technology market in India. It is anticipated that the market expansion will be pushed by the ongoing industry competition as well as the growing attention that different market participants are paying to product aesthetics and design.

In this article, we introduce a breakthrough range of Clage water heaters (from Blutherm). Read along to know how to buy the most appropriate geysers for your home. Also, buy a unique Clage online water heater from the recommendations curated for you!



Changing market trends in India

The demand for water heaters has witnessed a significant rise in the past few years, making them one of the fastest-growing home appliances. Owing to the adoption of personal decentralized water heaters, the product has become a major market contributor.

The growing demand for hot water in residential areas for multiple purposes, coupled with rapid urbanization and a shift towards comfort, is determining this market growth. Moreover, the increasing awareness about the benefits of smart water heaters and online availability is positively influencing the Indian industry. By the year 2028, the Indian water heater market is expected to reach USD 422.78 million.


Things to consider while buying an electronic instantaneous tankless water heater

With the introduction of different kinds of water heaters in the market, choosing the right one for your needs might seem like a challenge. We have electric storage water heaters, solar water heaters, heat pumps, hydraulic tankless water heaters, and electronic tankless water heaters to choose from.

Electronic instantaneous tankless water heaters are the most energy-efficient water heaters in today’s market. However, there are some things to consider before opting for electronic instantaneous tankless water heaters. Hence, we have created a checklist to see if and which tankless water heater can be selected.


Flow rates of bathroom fittings

The electronic tankless water heaters are on-demand hot water systems. Therefore, the number of users, or occupants in a home or building, does not have any impact on choosing the model. Instead, the choice of an electronic tankless water heater should be based on the flow rates of the bathroom fittings, such as taps, showerheads, rain showers, bathtubs, body jets, and health faucets. These fittings have specific flow rates that dictate the amount of water that can flow through them per minute, measured in liters per minute (LPM).

To ensure that an electronic tankless water heater can provide sufficient hot water to meet the demand of these bathroom fittings, the flow rate of the electronic tankless water heater must satisfy the flow rate of any one fixture with the maximum flow rate.


Energy rating

Water heaters regulate a significant part of the electricity bill. So, choosing a 5-star rated online geyser will prove beneficial in the long run. Since electronic tankless water heaters are not manufactured in India, you need to follow the European energy rating class for the highest energy efficiency.

European energy rating standards provide a consistent method of measuring the energy efficiency of appliances such as electronic tankless water heaters. To ensure that an electronic tankless water heater meets the energy efficiency requirements in India, it should be rated Class A or higher according to European energy rating standards. This will ensure a corresponding energy efficiency equivalent to or higher than 5 stars as per Indian regulations.

By selecting an electronic tankless water heater with a high energy efficiency rating, you can save energy and reduce your energy costs over time. This can also have environmental benefits by reducing your carbon footprint and conserving natural resources.


Electrical infrastructure of the dwelling

A robust electrical infrastructure is required to support the operation of an online electronic tankless water heater. Unlike traditional water heaters, which heat and store a set amount of water, tankless water heaters use electricity to heat water on demand as it flows through the unit. This means they require a reliable and sufficient electrical supply to operate effectively and safely.

Electronic tankless water heaters come in both single-phase and three-phase versions, which refers to the number of alternating current (AC) electrical phases used to power the unit.

Different models of electronic tankless water heaters also require different wire thicknesses and safety MCBs, which are designed to protect the unit and prevent electrical overload. The wire thickness required can range from 2.5 sq. mm to 10 sq. mm, depending on the unit’s power requirements, while safety MCBs can range from 20-50 amps.


Technical features 

Some important features one must look for before finalizing an electronic instantaneous tankless water heater are listed below:

  1. Buy a tankless water heater with a bare wire heating system IES® for optimum heat exchange and energy efficiency.
  2. Ensure that the system is electronically controlled with maximum variation in power output for the highest comfort and minimum energy usage.
  3. Use tankless water heaters with a safety protection class of IP 25.



It is extremely important to check the warranty before purchasing a water heater. Generally, different parts of a geyser have different warranty periods. So, understand all the terms and conditions carefully before buying one.


Clage water heaters


Clage online water heater
Always stay one step ahead with Clage online water heaters


Clage is a German company that manufactures top-quality hot-water appliances. The brand offers a wide range of electronic tankless water heaters and is always at the forefront of new breakthroughs in the technology of improving comfort and energy efficiency in this field. The energy-efficient hot-water products have a compact design and use clever technology to enable automation and offer decentralized hot-water supply at all times. All products manufactured by Clage are 100% made in Germany.


Unique features of Clage water heaters

In addition to the use of German quality standards, the following features make Clage water heaters stand apart:



These heaters are energy efficient. As a result, they not only contribute positively to the environment but also cut down the electricity bills. All Clage electronic tankless water heaters adhere to energy efficiency class A as per European standards.



Many Clage tankless water heaters models come with smart features that offer online connectivity to multiple devices. With the help of remote control and mobile applications, you can easily control the heater’s settings from afar.


Robust design

The unique design and strong body of the water heater allow it to complement every bathroom or kitchen setting.



Clage water heaters not only save electricity but also offer water efficiency. These geysers are suitable for water-saving taps due to particularly low switch-on flow rates, thanks to the innovative water flow technology.


Smart and clever technology

Clage tankless water heaters work on the basis of Twin Temperature control TTC®, which includes the involvement of multiple sensors coordinating with each other to maintain precise temperature with minimum energy consumption.

Some models also come with SERVOTRONIC motors which enable dynamic flow control. These models maintain the exact temperature set, making all ordinary bathroom fixtures thermostatic.

In addition, some models of Clage are solar-compatible. This feature allows the water to first get heated by solar power, and the electronic tankless water heater will only raise the temperature if the solar heating falls short of attaining the required temperature. As a result, maximum levels of energy efficiency are achieved.

Varied tankless water heater models have the features of setting temperatures and connecting to mobile devices online over Bluetooth or WLAN. Furthermore, all Clage electronic tankless water heaters come equipped with industry-class leading robust air bubble detection as well as pressure shut-off features.


Why buy Clage online water heaters from Blutherm?

Blutherm collaborates and partners with the world’s leading brands that specialize in Water Heating, Ventilation, and Water Purification and introduces their exclusive sustainable product ranges in India. Brands such as Clage, which contribute to environmental consciousness, are brought to Indian homes by Blutherm.


Our top Clage online water heater recommendations (Buy here!)


E-compact instant water heater CEX

This electronically controlled instant water heater has a compact design so that it can be easily installed in small spaces.


E-compact electronic instant water heater CEX

B U Y  H E R E 


E-comfort instant water heater DSX Touch

This high-quality, efficient water heater integrates Bluetooth and WLAN functions with remote control or smartphone, tablet, or Alexa to simplify usage.


E-comfort geyser DSX Touch

B U Y  H E R E 


E-comfort instant water heater DCX Next

The E-comfort DCX Next electronic instant water heater is simple to use. You can choose one of the five standard hot water temperatures using the sensor button.


Clage DCX-Next energy-saving tankless instant electronic water heater for your bathroom and kitchen

B U Y  H E R E 


E-comfort instant water heater DBX

The DBX Basitronic model from Clage is economically light on the pocket without compromising on essential features contributing to energy efficiency and comfort. The basic unit of their series of electronic instant water heaters comes without any user controls. That’s why the DBX is surprisingly inexpensive.


Clage E-comfort energy efficiency electronic tankless instant water heater DBX

B U Y  H E R E 


E-mini instant water heater MCX

This small instantaneous water heater offers the best functionality and flawless design. If you want a geyser that fits discreetly into a washbasin, the MCX model is the one for you.


Clage e mini energy efficiency geyser below washbasin

B U Y  H E R E 


Price list of Clage water heaters available online – An overview*

Model Price (MRP)
DBX 18 47000
DBX 21 49000
DBX 24 51000
DBX 27 55000
DCX Next 60000
DSX Touch 95000
CEX 11/13 45000
CEX 7/9 36000
MCX 33000
MBH 21000

*The price list is indicative, and the prices mentioned are as of 23rd March 2023.



Today, it is impossible to run a household without hot water. So, the demand for water heaters is on the rise. Modern geysers are smart, easy to use, power and water efficient, and sustainable. As a result, they not only provide hot water but also cater to major lifestyle improvements.

A tankless water heater is ideal for today’s scenario as it provides on-demand hot water, which saves energy, reduces water waste, and takes up less space compared to traditional storage tank water heaters. It is also more environmentally friendly and can provide hot water continuously, making it suitable for large households or commercial settings.

A sound knowledge of the determining factors while buying a geyser, such as the unit’s flow rate, energy efficiency, power source, rating, technology, and automation, greatly benefits the users in the long run.

Clage water heaters (from Blutherm) come in a wide range of models with unique features. The detailed selection guide and the above-mentioned rate list make it easier for the readers to choose and buy the right heater for their bathrooms, washbasins, and kitchens.

So, if you are looking for the perfect tankless water heater for your home, explore the stunning range of Clage products made to suit your individual needs!

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