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Mr. Vishal Khandelwal, Khandelwal Multitrade India, Stiebel Eltron sanitaryware and bathroom fitting dealers in Gurgaon
Mr. Vishal Khandelwal, Khandelwal Multitrade India, Stiebel Eltron sanitaryware and bathroom fitting dealers in Gurgaon

In the post-pandemic era, sustainability has risen to the top of this urbanised world’s priority list. The sanitaryware and bathroom fitting industry is now moving towards this trend. Sustainable products are being increasingly adopted. So, in our latest edition of Retailer Talk with BuildingandInteriors, we had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Vishal Khandelwal of Khandelwal Multitrade India, Gurgaon. He is one of the leading sanitaryware, bathroom fittings, and heating solutions dealers in Gurgaon and one of the most prominent Stiebel Eltron dealers in the region.

In this conversation, Mr. Vishal Khandelwal helps us to understand the evolving market for sanitaryware and bathroom fittings. Moreover, he talks about the demand for new heating solutions and shares his thoughts on sustainability. 


Mr. Vishal Khandelwal, Khandelwal Multitrade India, Stiebel Eltron sanitaryware and bathroom fitting dealers in Gurgaon
Mr. Vishal Khandelwal of Khandelwal Multitrade India – One of the leading sanitaryware and bathroom fittings dealers in Gurgaon and a prominent Stiebel Eltron dealer


Establishment and journey of Khandelwal Multitrade India as sanitaryware & bathroom fittings dealers in Gurgaon

Khandelwal Multitrade India was founded in 2008 as a result of a visionary entrepreneurial spirit and to provide customers with the first all-encompassing bathroom solution under one roof. We have always offered a richer “brand experience” in terms of “touch-and-feel,” comprehensive information, design ideas, great shopping ambience, and overall customer satisfaction. 

With vast experience in the steel and cement industry as well as the timber and firewood market, we dived into the sanitaryware and bathroom fitting division. Fortunately, we succeeded, which led us to launch our showroom and officially enter this market. 

The company’s target market includes architects, builders, interior designers, and individual and institutional customers. Khandelwal Multitrade India offers a world of choices in terms of comfort, convenience, and elegance. Showcasing state-of-the-art bath fittings, sanitaryware, heating solutions, contemporary wall & floor tiles, sensor taps, coordinated accessories, and lots more, Khandelwal Multitrade India is a leading business in the NCR region. 


Typical clientele 

Since we are dealers for high-end HVAC, sanitaryware, and bathroom fittings in Gurgaon, we deal in both – project as well as retail sales. However, our major chunk is retail sales. Since 1972 we have been in the construction industry and are pioneers in cement and steel trading in South Delhi. So, our retail network is huge in Gurgaon. Khandelwal Multitrade India has such an extensive retail network that anybody who works in this industry is familiar with us.  

We also have clients who need high-end brands for their projects. These clients are either architects or interior designers. They usually contact us at the initial stage of their project as sanitaryware selection needs to be done at the beginning. 


Brand & products portfolio 

As of now, we are dealing only with international brands. In our initial days, we used to have a few Indian brands. However, from 2014 onwards, we only deal with international brands.  

In the bathroom fittings category, we are dealing in the German brand Grohe, Italian brand Fima Carlo Frattini, Stiebel Eltron, American Standard, Vitra, Delta, Brizo, and others. 

Additionally, we have various tile brands, which are primarily India-based.  


And the selection criteria… 

For me, the quality that the brand delivers really matters. The customer prefers quality over quantity. If they are getting high-end quality, they are willing to spend more. When buying bath fittings, sanitaryware, or appliances, customers are looking for something unique and technologically advanced. Thus, we have multiple brands which give them variety in the product category. 

Our client-driven approach has prioritised quality, which contributes significantly to maintaining the caliber of our range. Also, to make sure our clients get the best, we have created a quality management policy in our firm. Our skilled quality controllers keep an eye on the quality aspect using a variety of quality metrics. 

Additionally, I always research the brands’ portfolio, brand value, and whether it’s committed to giving proper service and quality to the customers. Therefore, I always take care of the quality and design requirements of my clients. If the criteria are met, only then will I choose to sell a specific brand or product; otherwise, I won’t. 


Evolution of sanitaryware and bath fittings market in Gurgaon 


sanitary ware and bathroom fitting displayed at Khandelwal Multitrade India, Gurgaon
Product display at Khandelwal Multitrade India – Leading sanitaryware dealers in Gurgaon


Over the past decade, the demand for sanitaryware and bath fittings has witnessed a significant surge in Gurgaon, owing to rapid urbanisation and growing awareness about hygiene and sanitation. As a result, the market has become highly competitive, with numerous players entering the fray. 


Retailers in Gurgaon have noticed a gradual shift in consumer preferences, with a growing inclination towards high-quality, durable, and aesthetically appealing products. In addition, customers are increasingly seeking energy-efficient and water-saving solutions, as well as smart and automated fixtures that offer greater convenience and comfort. They are conscious of intricate details, such as finishes or style. The bathroom is no longer just an extension of your master bedroom. People are giving much more time, energy, and value to making the bathrooms look and feel opulent.   

Awareness has played a vital role in this evolution. In the year 2010, people were not aware of international brands, changing trends, and technologies. Now, the customers enter the store with their research done, thanks to the information available in the digital space. In the past 5 years, I have observed a significant improvement in the knowledge level of the customer. This has made our job relatively easier.

So, to cater to these evolving demands, brands have been investing heavily in research and development, introducing innovative designs and technologies, and expanding their product portfolios.    

Overall, the sanitaryware and bath fittings market in Gurgaon is expected to continue growing in the coming years, driven by factors such as rising urbanisation, increasing consumer awareness, and the introduction of new and innovative products. 


Challenges in the sustainable heating solutions market 

The heating solutions market is constantly growing. Due to the advancement in technology and unpredictable climate change, heating and ventilation solutions are also adopted frequently by consumers. This is driving affordability and demand respectively in the market. With this increasing demand, there’s an increase in supply as well as purchasing power. 

When we talk about the sustainable solutions market, the lack of knowledge of the customer is one of the challenges. Sustainability is not yet the main concern of the buyers. No doubt, the knowledge level is improving but there’s a long way to go.  

Another challenging factor is cost. We all know that due to expensive raw materials, sustainable products cost more than conventional products. This affects the homeowner’s decision to choose sustainable solutions. However, brands like Stiebel Eltron are excelling in this direction and offering products with an optimum price-performance ratio. 


Environmental sustainability & Stiebel Eltron’s contribution

Environmental sustainability involves adopting practices and technologies that minimise the impact on the environment and reduce carbon emissions and other pollutants. This concept is becoming increasingly important as more and more customers are seeking eco-friendly products and solutions. Brands, like Stiebel Eltron, that prioritise sustainability can differentiate themselves from competitors, build brand loyalty, and attract environmentally conscious customers.  

In the case of Stiebel Eltron, their focus on sustainable technology and energy-efficient solutions can be a major selling point.

Mr. Vishal Khandelwal, says, “I personally believe that if we do not shift towards environmentally sustainable products, we will leave a negative legacy for future generations”.  


Mr. Vishal Khandelwal’s association with Stiebel Eltron


sustainable Stiebel Eltron products, heating and ventilation solutions
Sustainable heating and ventilation solutions display at Khandelwal Multitrade India – Top Stiebel Eltron dealers in Gurgaon


We highly appreciate Stiebel Eltron’s focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. The brand is known for offering a range of high-quality products that are designed to meet the needs of different customers, including residential and commercial customers. Stiebel Eltron offers excellent customer service and technical support, which is very valuable for us as their proud dealers in Gurgaon.


Retail philosophy of Mr. Vishal Khandelwal to grow as sanitaryware & bathroom fittings dealers in Gurgaon

In my opinion, customer satisfaction is the biggest success factor. As sanitaryware and bathroom fitting dealers in Gurgaon, we ensure the following to achieve this: 

  1. Quality products: One of the top success factors in sanitaryware and bath fitting retailing is providing quality products and services. We offer products that are durable, high-performing, and meet customer needs and expectations. We work with brands that provide excellent customer service, including product knowledge, timely delivery, and efficient after-sales service.
  2. Strong brand portfolio: A diverse portfolio can differentiate a retailer from competitors and attract loyal customers.

Other success factors could include innovative product designs, strategic partnerships and collaborations, etc. Overall, success in sanitaryware and bath fitting retailing requires a customer-centric approach, where the focus is on providing quality products and services that meet customer needs and expectations.  


To get in touch with Mr. Vishal Khandelwal of Khandelwal Multitrade India for premium sanitaryware and bathroom fittings in Gurgaon, contact below:

  • Phone: +91 9810524447
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