Canadian Wood hosted a seminar on ‘Creative Wood Projects’ in Ludhiana

Canadian wood seminar on creative wood projects, Industry experts
Canadian wood seminar on creative wood projects, Industry experts

Canadian Wood is a popular trade name for Forestry Innovation Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. (FII India). It’s a crown corporation of British Columbia, Canada’s westernmost province. It was established in 2013 to promote Canadian Wood projects in international markets. FII India generates awareness about the wide variety of timber products from B.C. Canada by spreading the information through technical support. This helped Canadian Wood establish itself as a global supplier of quality, environmentally responsible wood products sourced from sustainably managed forests. A recent seminar on wood creativity, “Creative Projects with Canadian Wood,” is one example of such awareness projects undertaken by the organisation.


About “Creative Projects with Canadian Wood” – Seminar on sustainable wood creativity 


Canadian wood seminar on creative wood projects, Industry experts
Industry experts at the seminar in Ludhiana, “Creative Projects with Canadian Wood”


An insightful seminar on “Creative Projects with Canadian Wood” was held on 28th March 2023 at Radisson Blu Hotel MBD, Ludhiana. Forestry Innovation Consulting India Pvt Ltd (FII India) hosted this enlightening seminar. 

The seminar focused on the range of creativity offered by Canadian Wood with its eco-friendly wood sourced from its sustainably managed as well as certified British Columbian forests. Apart from being suitable for various applications, sustainable wood can be used to create seemingly infinite creations and possibilities of designs. 

Since the seminar witnessed a huge count of attendees from the industry, including OEMs, contractors, architects, interior designers, PMCs, builders & developers. It successfully accomplished the goal of educating partners on Canadian Wood’s global advancements. Mr. Rambeer Yadav, Asst. Director of Business Development, Canadian Wood, expertly moderated the seminar. 

At the seminar, eminent speakers shared insightful opinions on the aesthetics as well as creativity associated with sustainable wood. Apart from this, they shared their experiences of working with Canadian Wood associated projects. Moreover, they discussed how it will help accelerate the trend of sustainability and reduce the impact of environmental damage. The following notable speakers were on the list: 

  • Dr. Jimmy Thomas – Asst. Director of Technical Services at Canadian Wood. 
  • Ar. Sanjay Goel – Chairman of the IIA Punjab Chapter and the Principal Architect at Designex Architects in Ludhiana. 
  • Ar. Bimaldeep Singh – Principal Architect at Evolution Architects in Ludhiana. 


attendees from the industry witnessing the seminar, Canadian wood creative project
A large number of architects as well as interior designers from the industry witnessed the seminar


Dr. Jimmy Thomas – Asst. Director of Technical Services, Canadian Wood, at Creative Wood Projects seminar says – 

“Wood is the only natural and sustainable material and is nature’s gift to humankind. Wood has biophilic benefits that make it conducive to human health and well-being. It absorbs unwanted carbon dioxide while growing, and hence it is good for carbon mitigation and is the solution for global warming. When timber is sourced from sustainably managed sources, it helps us achieve this goal. Through seminars and programs, Canadian Wood is doing a great job to create awareness among the target audience.” 


Ar. Sanjay Goel – Chairman, IIA Punjab Chapter & Principal Architect, Designex Architects, says – 

“Canadian Wood has been integral in enhancing creativity in the wood application, and the quality of the end products is remarkable. These wood species are neat, strong, green, and attractive irrespective of their application in furniture, wall, ceiling, doors, etc. I have been associated with the brand for 4-5 years and recommended the same to my clients. The qualities of Canadian Wood are so impressive that our clients are very content with the results. The wood industry in India is growing with new architects and interior designers. With ecological qualitative and design benefits, wood has become the permanent friend of architects.” 


Ar. Bimaldeep Singh – Principal Architect, Evolution Architects, at the Creative Wood Projects seminar says –

“The texture, and colour of Canadian Wood are impeccable. The weight is suitably less, and it is human nature to go in for something i.e., new and lightweight. The brand was introduced to us in 2015, and we learned a lot!  The traditional wood industry is majorly run by carpenters! The challenge is that we don’t have the expertise right now. We need to bring down the cost and use updated technology to do mass production. Additionally, the wood industry in India has huge potential. If we provide local manufacturers with the latest technology to promote the process and bring the cost low, then the potential is immense.” 


FII India heavily promotes five wood species from Canada’s B.C. forests. Moreover, it is advised to use each of these species for different wood projects. It includes Douglas, western hemlock, western red cedar, yellow cedar and spruce-pine-fir (SPF). A reliable network of 40+ stockists provides these species in 20+ cities across India. 


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