20 Exquisite small space staircase design ideas for your home

small space staircase design ideas, simple stair design, small space stair design
small space staircase design ideas, simple stair design, small space stair design

The time when staircases were only useful structural features is long gone. They now serve as focal points and demonstrate the power of smart design. This collection of small space staircase designs demonstrates the limitless possibilities for transforming compact spaces into architectural marvels, from space-saving stair ideas like spiral staircase design that swirls gracefully upward to floating stairs that seem to defy gravity. Ingenious concepts like concealed storage beneath each step, transparent materials that give the appearance of weightlessness, and clean, minimalist designs that perfectly fit into contemporary spaces are just a few of the creative ideas you’ll come across. 

So, welcome to a world of creative architecture and exquisite design! This article explores amazing ideas for designing stunning small space staircases. Regardless of whether you have a small area or want to add a touch of elegance to your house, these innovative small space stair ideas will amaze and inspire you.

Get ready to be inspired by the clever design’s ability to transform.




15 Amazing ideas for a small space staircase

Whether you’re looking to maximize space in an apartment, add a splash of colour to a commercial space, or simply add a touch of artistry to your home, these small space stair ideas provide endless inspiration. So grab a seat and follow along as we explore the world of small yet striking staircase designs that will astound you with what you can accomplish in a small amount of space.


Small space staircase design idea #1 – Curved stairs


curved wooden staircase with elegant railing gracefully ascending, small space staircase design
Curved stairs with elegant design and wrought iron railing

Image Source: Luxury Stairs


A curved staircase is a great way to add a touch of style and sophistication to your house. With their sleek lines and smooth movement, these stairs make a statement and take up the least space possible.


Small space staircase design idea #2 – Floating stairs


floating stairs, wooden, modern floating stairs with sleek design, small space staircase design ideas
Modern floating stairs showcasing sleek design and minimalist aesthetic

Image Source: Rachel Claire on Pexels


Cantilevered staircases, also referred to as floating stairs, are modern and aesthetically pleasing staircases that give the impression of being suspended in the air.


Small space staircase design idea #3 – L-shaped stairs


L-shaped stairs made of light brown hardwood, evenly spaced, small space staircase design
The sweeping allure of L-shaped stairs

Image Source: Pinterest


L-shaped stairs highlight a 90-degree turn, giving a productive and space-saving arrangement. They have a design that is both functional and attractive, making them suitable for offices and homes with small space stair ideas while still maintaining style and functionality.


Small space staircase design idea #4 – U-shaped stairs


U-shaped stairs providing a seamless flow with its graceful design, stair design for small space
Graceful ascension: Ushering elegance in every step

  Image Source: Max Rahubovskiy on Pexels


U-shaped stairs offer an outwardly striking and space-effective plan. They provide a graceful and flowing structure with two flights of stairs connected by a landing in the middle, adding elegance and functionality to any space.


Small space staircase design idea #5 – Straight stairs


Straight stairs with durable construction and smooth surfaces, providing reliable access between different levels
Ascending simplicity: Straight stairs leading the way

Image Source: Max Rahubovskiy on Pexels


For small spaces, straight stairs are a traditional and practical option. They have a clean and timeless design that makes the most of the available space.


Small space staircase design idea #6 – Spiral stairs


An elegant spiral staircase with metal railings and marble footsteps
Ascending into infinite beauty: Embracing the spiral stairs

Image Source: Waldemar on Pexels


Well-proportioned and appealing, meandering staircases provide an alluring focal point for any area. With their exquisite twists and bends, these little patterns increase verticality while enhancing your surroundings with a touch of sophistication and charm.


Small space staircase design idea #7 – Stairs with painted railings


Stairs with red painted railings, modern small space stair design ideas
Vibrant ascent: Scaling new heights with bold red railings

Image Source: Mike Bird on Pexels


Each step of the gracefully ascending elegant staircase reveals a voyage. An enchanted blend of functionality and creative expression results from a painted railing’s brilliant colour strokes, which direct hands and hearts along the route.


Small space staircase design idea #8 – Helicoidal stairs


An architectural feature showcasing helicoidal stairs spiraling upwards in white small space area
Spiraling elegance in motion

Image Source: Max Rahubovskiy on Pexels


Helicoidal stairs are architectural wonders with a beautiful continuous spiral layout. They create a seamless transition between levels as they gracefully curve upward. Helicoidal stairs draw the eye with their streamlined design and effective use of space while allowing functional access to various floors compellingly.


Small space staircase design idea #9 – Retractable loft stairs


Retractable loft stairs, compact metal staircase with green background
Space-saving solution: Retractable loft stairs elevate accessibility and style

Image Source: Planet of hotels


Access to higher floors is made simple with retractable loft stairs that occupy less space. These steps have a modern appearance and quickly expand and retract to maximize floor space. They offer convenience without sacrificing aesthetics or practicality, are strong, safe, and ideal for lofts or small flats.


Small space staircase design idea #10 – Ladder stairs


Sturdy wooden ladder stairs leading to a loft area
Reaching new heights step by step

Image Source: Lazada


Ladder stairs are a compact and adaptable staircase design that combines the stability and security of stairs with the usability of a ladder. Ladder stairs are a practical and effective solution to maximize floor space, while providing access to upper floors, making them ideal for small areas, lofts, or attics.


Small space staircase design idea #11 – Open stairs 


An open staircase with sleek wooden steps, perfect for small space area
Unveiling the pathway: Open stairs that inspire exploration

Image Source: Jonathan Borba on Pexels


In architecture, open stairs are an architectural element where the steps are not covered by walls or risers, allowing for view and airflow. They promote a contemporary and roomy impression in residential or commercial structures by enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a space and opening it up.



Small space staircase design idea #12 – Industrial stairs


Durable metal steps, metal industrial stairs for small space living area
Elevating accessibility: Industrial stairs for seamless workflows

Image Source: Atlas Lane


Industrial stair systems are strong, long-lasting staircases made for heavy-duty use in industrial settings. With handrails, anti-slip surfaces, and strong materials like steel or aluminum, they put a priority on stability and safety.


Small space staircase design idea #13 – Stairs without railing


Stairs without railings featuring a series of steps ascending vertically, stairs are made of solid material and lack any supportive handrails on either side
Steps to new heights: Unraveling the path

Image Source: Amelia Hallsworth on Pexels


The minimalist aesthetic of stairs without railings emphasizes clear lines and unhindered vistas. Although they give off a vibe of openness and spaciousness, users must rely solely on balance and cautious navigation when ascending or descending, therefore caution is urged.


Small space staircase design idea #14 – Helical stairs


Helical stairs spiraling upwards, adding elegance and flow to the space in the white and beige background, small space stair ideas
Unfolding the pathway

Image Source: Tyra Xu on Pexels


Helical stairs, also known as spiral stairs, feature a graceful, curved design that adds a touch of elegance and functionality to any space. Their compact footprint and eye-catching spiral structure make them a popular choice for both residential and commercial settings.


Small space staircase design idea #15 – Staircase with storage


Stairs with built-in storage compartments, providing efficient space utilization and organization, staircase design ideas
Unlocking hidden spaces

Image Source: Curtis Adams on Pexels


The storage-equipped staircase is a brilliant space-saving design that combines aesthetics and utility. Its steps double as cubbies or drawers, offering plenty of space for storing household items, shoes, or books. This creative layout maximizes living space, keeps possessions organized, and adds a lovely touch to any interior design.


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Different types of materials used for staircases


Stair design idea #16 – Concrete Stairs


Concrete stairs with white background, perfect for small space area
Concrete stairs exude strength and style

Image Source: JorgeArturo Andrade on Pexels


Sturdy and long-lasting, concrete stairs are a regular sight in both indoor and outdoor environments. They offer dependable, secure access between various levels. Concrete stairs are a useful option for small space stair ideas, for both residential and business settings because of their sturdy design and non-slip surface, which provide stability and longevity.


Stair design idea #17 – Wooden stairs 


wooden stairs leading upward, wooden steps with white metal railings, simple staircase design
Stepping into elevation

Image Source: Tahir Osman on Pexels


A classic architectural element that combines warmth and beauty are wooden staircases. They are made from organic materials, ooze rustic appeal, and offer a strong base. Their distinctive grain patterns and luxurious textures give any room personality, and their longevity guarantees both long-lasting functionality and a connection to nature.


Stair design idea #18 – Stone stairs


A set of weathered stone stairs leading upward, vintage stairs, best suited for small space, small space stair ideas
Stepping into the realm of higher ground

Image Source: Maria Orlova on Pexels


Sturdy and enduring stone stairs rise in lovely harmony. Every stride carries the weight of many footsteps that have aged with time. They are made of old rock carvings that represent power and endurance and invite ascent to greater heights while narrating stories of perseverance and history.


Stair design idea #19 – Metal stairs 


metal stairs leading upwards, black painted metal stairs, spiral shaped in living area, small space stair ideas
Escalating into architectural elegance        

Image Source: Inga Seliverstova on Pexels


Metal stairs are strong, adaptable, and preferred in a variety of contexts. They offer dependable support for vertical movement since they are made of durable materials like steel or aluminum. Metal stairs have a sleek, contemporary look and are a strong, stable, and long-lasting option for both indoor and outdoor settings.


Stair design idea #20 – Glass & Acrylic stairs 


glass and acrylic stairs with wooden background, perfect for modern household, small space staircase, small space stair ideas
Transcending perspectives: embracing the vertical journey        

Image Source: Scott Webb on Pexels


Stairs made of glass and acrylic add a sophisticated and modern appeal to any area. Their transparent construction fosters a sense of openness and allows light to pass through, improving the atmosphere in general. These steps provide durability and a stunning focal point while blending perfectly with contemporary decor.


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Watch this video: 20 Creative stairs design for small space (3 mins 51 secs)



Things to consider when choosing small space stair design ideas

  • Space availability: To choose the space size and configuration, carefully measure the available space. Consider the footprint (horizontal space area) and the available height. 
  • Safety: Safety should be the top priority. Make sure that the chosen design provides stable and secure footing. To make sure that the stairs are comfortable to use and lower the risks of accidents, take into account the tread width, rise height, and depth.
  • Style and aesthetics: Small space stairs can be both useful and beautiful. Choose a design that complements the architectural style of your house. Explore many choices and settle on one that fits your preferences and the general design motif.
  • Budget: Make sure you let the designer know what you require to expend. This aids them in developing the ideal small space staircase design based on your preferred budget. 
  • Type of residence: When choosing a small space staircase, consider the type of residence you have. Opt for compact spiral or floating staircases in apartments or tiny homes, while traditional or modular designs may be suitable for houses or larger living spaces.




How do I choose the right size and dimensions for my staircase?

Choosing the right size and dimension for your staircase involves considering factors such as available space, building codes, and user comfort. It’s important to consult local regulations or work with a professional if needed to ensure that the dimensions meet the safety standards as well. 


How can I make my staircase more visually appealing?

To make your staircase more visually appealing, consider adding a fresh coat of paint or incorporating decorative tiles or beautiful carpet runners. You can also install handrails and add artwork or wall decals, using proper lighting to highlight the space. 


What should be the minimum space for a staircase?

The minimum space for a staircase depends on local building codes and regulations, but typically it should have a width of 36 inches (91 centimeters) at least to ensure safe passage and comfortable movement.


Are floating stairs suitable for small spaces?

Yes, floating stairs can be suitable for small spaces due to their sleek design and open structure, which minimizes visual clutter and maximizes the sense of space.


Do U-shaped stairs save space?

Yes, U-shaped stairs save space by efficiently utilizing the available space as they change direction and occupy less horizontal space compared to straight stairs.



The world of small-space staircase design has truly transformed the way we approach limited square footage. Through creative design ideas and innovative materials, stunning solutions can be crafted that can maximize functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Whether you’re working with limited square footage in a small house, apartment, or loft, various design ideas and materials are available to suit your needs. Design options ranging from floating stairs to helicoid to staircases with storage add versatility to seamlessly blend into any interior style. Alternatively, these staircases offer a modern and minimalist look, creating an illusion of lightness and openness. When it comes to materials, options range from traditional wood to sleek metal or glass. Wood exudes warmth and can be crafted in various finishes and styles. Metal staircases provide a contemporary and industrial feel, while glass allows for transparency and an airy atmosphere. 

Ultimately, the choice of design and materials should align with your style, space available, safety, budget, and the overall ambience you wish to create. Small space stair design ideas can be both functional and visually stunning, enhancing the beauty and functionality of your compact living area. 

If you’re looking to optimize space in your home, consider implementing one of the above-mentioned remarkable small space stair design ideas. Using one of our design ideas, you can bring your vision to life and create a staircase that serves its purpose and becomes a stunning centerpiece in your space. 


*The featured image used in this article is from iStairs

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