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Canadian Wood was established in 2013. It is a global supplier of quality and environmentally responsible wood products. They have mentioned different wood species that are used for various applications.

About the Product

Yellow cedar wood is very unique as it takes 200 years to reach the marketable size. Also, a rare and beautiful tree that is strong and solid. This is used for furniture and sometimes even used in temples and shrines.

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Product Description

Yellow Cedar, a lumber wood is fine-textured and straight-grained, its natural extractives make it a durable and decay-resistant wood, available at the best price in India. Because of its various natural characteristics, it is widely used for shingles, poles, marine pilings, oars and paddles, decorative panelling, mouldings, and cabinet work. The structural grades of this species are commonly used for exterior applications such as bridges, decking, stairs, and landscaping.

The wood is an extremely durable wood with great longevity. Because of its texture, it is easy to make carvings. In India, this type of wood is quite famous for manufacturing door frames because of its excellent features.


Features of yellow cedar wood

  • Exceptional working properties
  • Perfect wood for carving
  • Turns, planes and shapes well
  • Good glueing properties
  • Good nail and screw holding ability
  • Takes good finish
  • Natural termite and decay resistance

Applications- Furniture, Doors, Door Frames, Windows, Wood Interiors, Outdoors, Structural, Other.


Canadian durable yellow cedar lumber wood at the best price in India.

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Finishes of yellow cedar Normal, Brushed Light brown (Dead matte), Natural PU (Gloss), Teak PU (Gloss)


Physical properties of lumber wood

  • Stiffness / MOE (MPa)- Air Dry 10200
  • Strength / MOR (MPa)- Air Dry 80
  • Density (KG/M3)- Air Dry 431
  • Compression Parallel (Mpa)- Air Dry 45.9
  • Shear (Mpa)- Air Dry 9.21
  • Shrinkage (air dried-12%)- Tangential/radial ratio 1.6

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Brand Info

Canadian Wood

Forestry Innovation Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. (FII India) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Forestry Innovation Investment (FII) Canada, a crown agency of British Columbia’s (B.C.) government. Natural Resources Canada, the Canadian federal government, is also a supporter of the office (NRCan). Thus, Canadian Wood, a brand of FII India, was launched in 2013 to promote British Columbia, Canada as a global provider of high-quality, ecologically friendly wood products sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Also, under the Canadian Wood brand, the FII India team raises awareness of B.C. wood products through seminars, exhibitions, networking events, and media outlets. Additionally, its wood experts help top manufacturers, builders/developers, architects, and interior designers choose the proper species and grades of Canadian wood for their projects. Moreover, the business development team at FII India assists Indian wood importers by discovering and linking them with B.C. lumber producers in order to ensure a consistent supply of species.


canadian wood species
Canadian Wood species


The Company In India

To further the objectives of promoting sustainable wood in India, Canadian Wood was established in 2013 to promote B.C., Canada as a global supplier of quality, environmentally-responsible wood products from sustainably managed forests. As a result, its team of wood experts assists leading manufacturers, builders/developers, architects, and interior designers in identifying the right species and appropriate grades of its wood for their projects. In addition, FII India’s business development team supports Indian wood importers by identifying and connecting them with the B.C. lumber companies for a steady supply of its wood species.


Types of Products- Canadian Wood

Broadly speaking, the following are the wood species available:


Lumber grades and sizes

Canadian wood species remain rated according to their intended end-use for a particular application.


Market for appearances

The durability, texture, colour, and amount of clear lumber are all essential factors in the appearance market.


Market structure of Canadian Wood species

Lumber grades are applied to each piece of lumber manufactured for the structural market. Also, this ensures that the buyer receives a product that remains consistently evaluated to a standard.


Grading system

The size, location of defects, and usefulness of the piece of lumber are all factors in determining the grade. Also, the purpose of the grading system is to ensure that timber products meet certain criteria and performance standards.


Structural lumber moisture content

Structural lumber remains available in precisely defined sizes and dries to an average moisture content of 19 percent.


Non-structural lumber moisture content in Canadian Wood species

Lumber for non-structural applications, such as doors, furniture, millwork, and so on, remains dried to a reduced moisture content (avg. 10-14 percent). Also, depending on the needs of the customer, it is also available unseasoned.



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