Geysers are the most common household appliance seen in every home. They are used to heat the water within a short period of time and also store it for a longer period of time. The gas geyser compared with other water heating appliances like heating rods, water heater coils et cetera use less energy.  Geysers like gas geysers, water geysers, geyser electric come in different brands and varying prices. This article will give you information about the geyser brands, geyser prices and their types.

Keep yourself warm by using the water heaters as the winter has approached. There are a variety of geysers these days and choosing the right one may appear difficult. So we are here to ease your confusion.

Geysers of different types like gas geyser, water geyser, electric geyser are prevalent. the geyser prices are also reasonable at reputed brands.
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Types of Geysers

Gas geyser

It uses LPG to heat water and an LPG connection to operate. Gas geyser heat water in a fraction of time and the operating cost is less.

Instant geysers

These geysers do not hold the water for a long time and provide hot water in a few minutes. They are small and compact. It is suitable for homes with a small family and uses a little amount of water.  The ideal capacity of an instant geyser is 3 litres. And geyser price is low compared to conventional water heaters.

Geyser electric

As the name implies they need electric energy to operate. This type is more prevalent among households and heats the water at a higher temperature. They are very easy to operate and are safer. Has automatic shut down function to reduce power consumption. The price of an electric geyser is slightly more than a gas geyser.

Solar geysers

Natural sunlight is used to heat the water. They need some extra amount of work for installation because choosing a place where sunlight’s reach is maximum becomes important. Solar water heaters swiftly heat water and on the other hand, has the risk of overheating.

Bathroom geyser

It is sometimes called an instant geyser. They heat the water instantly within no time. They are connected to bathroom taps and does not retain water. The geyser heats the water with electricity or gas and is delivered directly through taps.

Portable geysers

Small and compact and readily transported anywhere. They used power to heat water and the capacity is 1-3 litres. The advantage of using this is it saves your time and energy.


Geyser brands in India

  1. Crompton
  2. Havells
  3. Polycab
  4. Usha
  5. Orient
  6. Racold
  7. Jaquar
  8. AO Smith
  9. Stiebel Eltron


The article has shown you how important is geysers or water heaters. Geyser prices are reasonable in the above-mentioned brands. So to buy them, contact us!


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