Clage E-comfort electric tankless water heater DFX Next (from Blutherm)

Clage DFX water heater
Clage DFX next water heater

Blutherm, a stalwart in the realm of innovation, has been introducing renowned global brands to the Indian market. This illustrious company has garnered acclaim for its stellar range of water heaters, Fresh Air Ventilation, Water Filters/Purifiers, and sustainable energy solutions solidifying its position as India’s foremost purveyor of eco-conscious products. Among its extraordinary offerings is the Clage E-comfort instant water heater DFX Next.

About the Product

The DFX Next E-comfort instant water heater presents a fully electronically controlled solution, offering instantaneous hot water with the added convenience of an e-paper display remote control. With this water heater, experience an efficient and hassle-free water supply to multiple tap outlets, all at your fingertips.

Product Description

The DFX Next E-comfort instant electric tankless water heater offers an optimal solution, combining technical excellence with convenience. Equipped with the new FX Next Bluetooth remote control, the water heater surpasses comfort expectations even in discreet installations. With modern technology, durable materials, and a compact design, this water heater ensures high quality and resource efficiency.

The FX Next remote control enables intuitive operation, while the integrated Bluetooth and WLAN function allows for smartphone, tablet, or voice control. The “Smart Control” app simplifies commissioning and maintenance and provides quick access to consumption values for multiple users. Experience contemporary operating convenience at its finest!

Clage DFX next water heater
Clage DFX Next water heater for your bathroom and kitchen


Product specifications

  • The set includes a fully electronically controlled instantaneous compact water heater and FX Next remote control.
  • Provides convenient and economical hot water supply to one or more draw-off points.
  • Temperature settings and individual temperature profiles can be defined.
  • Consumption values can be viewed through the e-paper remote control or smartphone.
  • TWIN TEMPERATURE Control TTC® and dynamic flow rate control SERVOTRONIC® ensure temperature accuracy between 20°C and 60°C.
  • Temperature can be set in 0.5-degree increments within the comfort range of 35°C to 43°C.
  • Bare wire heating system IES® increases service life, reduces calcification, and is easy to maintain.
  • Thermal treatment function at 70°C for improved hygiene.
  • Innovative heating channel arrangement makes the system highly air-resistant.
  • Multiple Power System MPS® allows for installation with maximum power consumption options of 18, 21, 24, or 27 kW.
  • Suitable for water-saving fittings with a low switch-on water quantity of 1.5 l/min due to innovative water flow technology.
  • Easy installation with free installation space and variable connection options.
  • Integrated WLAN and Bluetooth® function enables connection with voice control systems like Alexa, smartphones, and tablets.
  • The electronic safety system includes air bubble detection, temperature and pressure shut-off, and water stop function.
  • Flexible surface-mounted and flush-mounted power connection options at the top and bottom of the device.
  • Application areas: Handwash basin, shower, bath tub as well as kitchen sink.
  • Dimensions (height × width × depth): 46.8 × 23.9 × 9.6 cm.
  • Weight filled with water [kg]: Approx. 4.5
  • Energy efficiency class: A


Features of Clage E-comfort electric tankless water heater DFX Next

  • Smart Control-ready: Designed to integrate with modern smart home systems and voice assistants seamlessly, the Clage DFX Next water heater offers smart control capabilities.
  • Bluetooth remote control included: The instant water heater comes with a convenient Bluetooth remote control, enabling users to adjust temperature settings and control the unit from a distance.
  • Integrated Wi-Fi function: The DFX Next water heater, equipped with an integrated Wi-Fi function, allows for seamless connectivity to home networks. As a result, users can remotely monitor, control, and access advanced features via smartphones or tablets.
  • Solar-compatible, suitable for reheating: The DFX Next water heater is compatible with solar energy systems, making it an environmentally-friendly choice. It can also be used for reheating water from alternative heating sources, further enhancing energy efficiency.


So, contact us now to buy Clage’s E-comfort instant electric tankless water heater DFX Next to conserve energy in all your upcoming projects!


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Brand Info


Blutherm is an Indian brand, established in 1998 with the vision of introducing energy-efficient and sustainable products in the Indian market. The brand specializes in a range of environmentally conscious products, including water heaters, air purifiers, and other green solutions. It enjoys exclusive partnerships and collaboration with the best brands in the world- Clage, Claro, Helios, Vortice, and Rinnai. 

Through these partnerships, Blutherm brings a wide range of products including storage water heaters, instant water heaters, and solar water heaters. All the products are designed to be energy-efficient and eco-friendly, with features such as temperature control and low energy consumption. The company has a strong presence in the Indian market.

Blutherm has partnerships with several companies, including Clage, Helios, Vortice, Claro, and Rinnai, to provide customers with high-quality Water Heating, Ventilation, and Water Purification products.

Through its collaboration with these companies, Blutherm offers a wide range of energy-efficient and sustainable heating solutions that cater to the specific needs of residential and commercial properties.


Brand Partnerships

blutherm partnership brands - Clage, Claro, Helios, Vortice, and Rinnai. 


Clage from Blutherm 

It is a German company that manufactures a range of energy-efficient and innovative water heating solutions. 


Products offered by Clage

  • Instant water heaters 
  • Storage water heaters 
  • Electric water heaters 
  • Point-of-use water heaters
  • Heat pumps


Helios from Blutherm

Helios is a German company that produces a range of ventilation systems and air purifiers for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.


Products offered by Helios

  • Residential ventilation systems 
  • Commercial and industrial ventilation systems 
  • Air purifiers 
  • Accessories and components 


Vortice from Blutherm

 It is an Italian company that produces a range of ventilation systems, fans, and air purifiers for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. 


Products offered by Vortice

  • Residential ventilation systems 
  • Commercial and industrial ventilation systems  
  • Bathroom and kitchen fans
  • Air purifiers
  • Hand dryers 


Claro Swiss from Blutherm

It is a Swiss company that specializes in the production of water filtration and purification systems. 


Products offered by Claro Swiss

  • Under-sink water filters
  • Shower filters
  • Replacement filter cartridges


Rinnai from Blutherm

 It is a Japanese company that specializes in the production of a wide range of home heating and hot water solutions. 


Products offered by Rinnai

  • Tankless water heaters 
  • Condensing boilers
  • Direct vent wall furnaces
  • Portable heaters 
  • Air conditioning systems 
  • Kitchen appliances


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