KAFF Mazzini Series: Premium built-in kitchen appliances for culinary mastery

premium kitchen appliances by KAFF, Mazzini series
premium kitchen appliances by KAFF, Mazzini series

In the world of culinary delights, the kitchen transcends its utilitarian role; it’s an emotion. Within its walls, more than meals are prepared – it’s where cherished memories are crafted, timeless traditions are passed down through generations, and the very essence of flavours is brought to life. With a deep understanding of this profound significance, KAFF has masterfully fused cutting-edge technology and unparalleled convenience within its Mazzini Series. The Series by KAFF comprises several premium built-in kitchen appliances, such as ovens, wine cooler, and dish warmer drawer. These appliances are meticulously crafted to not just cook food, but to elevate your culinary journey to unprecedented heights, ensuring that every moment in the kitchen is an unforgettable experience.



Perfect blend of art and technology – Premium built-in kitchen appliances from the Mazzini Series

The Mazzini Series by KAFF boasts an impressive lineup of top-quality oven, steam oven, and a built-in wine cooler. These appliances are designed to not only enhance your kitchen but also elevate your culinary experience to new heights. These appliances are at the forefront of technology and feature a stylish Titanium finish that not only sets them apart in terms of aesthetics but also ensures long-lasting durability. Now, let’s delve deeper into the world of built-in ovens and other remarkable products within this series.


MZ ST6 TN – Built-in oven from the Mazzini Series

The culinary landscape has been forever transformed by this remarkable built-in oven. Meet the MZ ST6 TN, a 60 cm electric combi steam oven crafted for the perfect blend of convenience and elegance. Designed to seamlessly integrate into your kitchen, it harmonises with cabinet inner dimensions measuring 564mm x 580mm x 455mm (W x D x H), ensuring both functionality and style in one sleek package. Moreover, the MZ ST6 TN built-in oven, one of the premium kitchen appliances by KAFF will elevate your culinary experience.


Key features

  1. Cutting-edge technology: This oven has a stunning glass front with a Titanium Finish Fascia, giving it a modern design. Its 2-layer glass door and stylish black stainless-steel handle not only improve its looks but also make it more durable.
  2. Effortless cooking control: The touch panel makes it easy to use with various cooking functions. Moreover, it has a 36-litre cavity that offers plenty of cooking space.
  3. Rapid heat and intelligent alerts: This function decreases the preheating time, enabling you to start cooking more quickly. END OF COOKING TIME Feature to set a mode to start later in the day and shut off when the cooking is complete.
  4. Safety: The child lock feature guarantees kitchen safety and prevents unintentional adjustments to your cooking settings.
  5. Versatile cooking options: You can explore various cooking techniques with multifunction such as Circular Heating Element + Fan, Full Grill, Full Grill + Fan, Steam, Steam + Grill + Fan, Steam + Circular Heating + Fan, and Defrost. Additionally, there’s an oven light that allows you to keep an eye on your dishes as they cook.


Built-in oven, premium kitchen appliances


B U Y  H E R E 


MZ WN6 TN – Built-in wine cooler from the Mazzini Series

Indulge in the world of fine wines with the MZ WN6 TN built-in wine cooler, a stellar creation from KAFF’s illustrious Mazzini Series. This built-in wine cooler is one of the premium kitchen appliances from KAFF’s Mazzini Series. Additionally, this elegant appliance is designed to accommodate a generous collection of up to 24 bottles, making it a connoisseur’s dream.

Beyond its ample capacity, this wine cooler is a paragon of advanced technology and practicality, ensuring your cherished vintages are preserved in optimal conditions. But it’s not just a utilitarian appliance; it’s a symbol of sophistication and a vital addition to your kitchen or wine cellar. With the MZ WN6 TN, you’re not just storing wine; you’re nurturing a passion for the art of wine appreciation.


Key features

  1. Black glass with Titanium Finish Fascia: The wine cooler features an eye-catching black glass with a Titanium Finish Fascia. This brings an element of sophistication to your wine storage space. It’s more than just a cooler; it makes a style statement.
  2. Easy access: The drop-down door design provides convenient access to your cherished wine collection, allowing you to easily pick your favourite bottle.
  3. Stylish interior: The wine cooler has an elegant interior illuminated with a calming blue light, enhancing the ambience that complements your wine selection.
  4. Two-layer glass door: The double-layered glass door not only enhances the cooler’s appearance but also provides excellent insulation. This preserves your wines at their ideal temperature.
  5. Three slide-out wooden shelves: You can efficiently arrange and manage your wine collection with the help of three sliding wooden shelves. So, it provides a high level of convenience and adds a touch of elegance to the wine cooler’s overall design.
  6. UV protection: The inner glass of the wine cooler is equipped with UV protection. Therefore, it ensures that your wine’s quality remains intact by shielding it from the harmful effects of UV rays. This protective feature helps preserve the flavour and quality of your wine collection, ensuring that every bottle maintains its optimal taste and aroma.
  7. Climate type: The wine cooler functions efficiently even in subtropical climates, ensuring that your wines stay perfectly chilled regardless of the external temperature. This capability guarantees that your wine collection is maintained at the ideal temperature for serving and enjoyment.


Premium built-in wine cooler from Mazzini series, kitchen appliances

B U Y  H E R E 


MZ WD6 TN – Built-in dish warmer drawer from the Mazzini Series

Elevate your dining experience to a new level of sophistication with the addition of the MZ WD6 TN built-in dish warmer drawer from KAFF’s exquisite Mazzini Series. This premium appliance not only adds a touch of style to your kitchen but also serves a highly functional purpose.

With the MZ WD6 TN, your culinary creations will always be presented at their peak, maintaining the perfect serving temperature. So, say goodbye to cold dishes or rushed preparations – this drawer ensures that you can savour your meals with absolute perfection.



Key features

  1. Titanium Finish Fascia: The dish warmer boasts an elegant titanium finish fascia, adding a touch of sophistication to your kitchen decor.
  2. Heating fan: This dish warmer comes with efficient fan heating technology that ensures even and effective heating of your dishes.
  3. Heat exchanger: It offers an adjustable temperature range for the burner, allowing you to set it anywhere between 30°C and 70°C as per your preference.


built-in dish warmer drawer

B U Y  H E R E 


Price list of KAFF Mazzini series premium built-in kitchen appliances – An overview


Model Price (MRP)
MZ ST6 TN- Built-in Oven 116,990
MZ WN6 TN- Built-in Wine Cooler 98,790
MZWD6 TN – Built-in Dish Warmer Drawer 49,990

*The price list is indicative, and the prices mentioned are as of 27th September 2023.


Benefits of having built-in appliances in your kitchen

In the contemporary kitchen landscape, owning these intelligent and efficient appliances has become nothing short of essential. The integration of a built-in dish warmer, oven, and wine cooler not only demonstrates a keen sense of practicality but also signifies a commitment to embracing the finest in culinary technology and sophistication.

  1. Ideal serving temperature: Built-in dish warmers guarantee the impeccable serving temperature of your food. This enhances your dining experience with delectably warm meals.
  2. Variety of cooking applications: These appliances offer a wide variety of cooking options from different settings and modes. This allows you to prepare different types of dishes with ease.
  3. Wine storage: The older the wine, the better it tastes. But, there is a catch: STORAGE. Built-in wine coolers meticulously maintain ideal temperature and humidity levels. This preservation not only maintains the quality of the wine collection but also facilitates optimal ageing.
  4. Simplicity and elegance: These integrated appliances bring an element of convenience and elegance to your kitchen design. Ovens offer precise temperature control and timing settings, wine coolers grant easy access to your wine collection, and dish warmers ensure that you prepare and serve your food at precisely the right moment, elevating both the practicality and aesthetics of your culinary space.




What is the Mazzini Series by KAFF?

The Mazzini series by KAFF comprises premium built-in kitchen appliances crafted to elevate your kitchen and cooking encounters. It includes steam oven, regular oven as well as wine cooler, all designed to deliver enhanced performance and convenience to users.


What is unique about the Mazzini Series built-in oven?

These ovens are famous for their advanced technology, sleek design in Titanium finish, and helpful features that make cooking easier. Moreover, they offer various cooking choices and have smart memory functions.


Can I use these appliances for professional cooking?

Yes, these appliances work well for home cooking as well as professional use. Their precise controls and versatile cooking options make them suitable for various settings.



KAFF’s Mazzini Series built-in appliances are companions for architects and interior designers in their quest to craft contemporary and practical kitchen spaces. These appliances offer versatility, style, and efficiency, making them valuable additions to modern kitchen designs. They empower professionals as well as homeowners to create kitchens that blend aesthetics with functionality. This allows them to satisfy their needs for stylish and efficient living spaces.

With their sleek Titanium Finish Fascia and advanced features, they offer an exciting canvas to work with. These appliances are not just tools for cooking and wine storage; they become integral elements of kitchen and dining space design. The wine cooler, with its striking design and blue interior lighting, can be a focal point in wine cellars. The dish warmer adds sophistication to dining areas and allows users to serve food at the right temperature. So, bring home these premium appliances by KAFF to create beautiful and functional spaces that cater to modern lifestyles.


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