Wall designs to transform your space (70+ ideas)

green, black and white geometric tile wall


For a few people, designs are nothing but painted walls, while for other creative and artistic souls, it is a gaiety affair. Thus, whether going for boundary, parapet, compound, living room, office, or TV wall, it in a manner that fits the overall theme of the house.

Irrespective of how you choose to decorate your walls, the point is to never leave them unattended.

So, you must always look for ideas and inspiration to enhance the appearance of the entire space and add value to your home. Also, every nook and corner of the house serves a different purpose and has some unique functions.

Therefore, having the perfect interior is the key to reflecting your personal style and adding a statement at the same time.

In this article, you’ll find various beautiful ideas for residential and commercial purposes.

When used in a proper manner, your walls can provide an excellent framework to plan the rest of the room. Also, whether you’re an artist, a book lover, or a nature enthusiast, there are no limitations in customizing walls and you can always be surrounded by the things you adore.

So, this article deals with TV, parapet, and plain wall ideas to spice up your home, office, and restaurant and create a masterpiece.

Hence, it will touch upon the following areas:-



Decoration Ideas for


Bedroom Designs


Bedroom Design #1

This modern for the bedroom is made of wooden panels with coved lights. Moreover, all the panels are rectangular but the sizes are different.

Hence, the wall artfully contrasts symmetry with asymmetry.


wood cladding with concealed lights for bedroom wall design
Beautiful wood cladding in a bedroom with concealed lights

Image Source: Solo Studio


Bedroom Design #2

Use one dark and one pastel shade of the same color to create a unique bedroom.


bedroom wall design in contrasting shades of green
Simple yet bold wall to create a contrast

Image Source: Berger Paints


Bedroom Design #3

This embossed bedroom is an exquisite choice for people of royal tastes.


white wall for bedroom with 3D pattern
White bedroom textured feature

Image Source: Sohu


Bedroom Design #4

This bed in emerald green gives a rich look to your bedroom.


Green wall design with gold highlights, bed back wall
Green bed for a luxurious look

Image Source: Pinterest


Bedroom Designs #5

These golden stickers on a white give a delicate touch to your bedroom wall.


white bedroom wall design with gold stickers
White with golden stickers

Image Source: Pinterest


TV Wall Designs


TV Design #1

Give your TV a royal backdrop with this designer wall for interiors.


minimalistic wall art
Muted yet classy for a minimalistic vibe

Image Source: Pinterest


TV Design #2

Adding bold texture or imagery of stone/brickwork behind the TV like this creates an absolute out-of-the-box TV design.


brown stone cladding
Statement making with stone cladding

Image Source: Stone


TV Design #3

This white solid marble finish TV is all you need for your cozy modern home.


monochrome marble wallart
Monochrome for TV

Image Source: Best Italian Marble


TV Design #4

Wooden veneer with warm accents will add a status of class to your TV wall.


Wooden panelling on the that adds warmth to the space

Image Source: KUBErick


TV Design #5

Adding a pop of color to an otherwise monochromatic by painting one in a solid bright bold color will add a touch of modern minimalism to your TV design.


Simple with a solid painted background

Image Source: Asian Paints




Wall #1

are often used in kitchens to save the from damage and thus, are most commonly used for walls.


white tile wall for kitchen
Classic tile for

Image Source: Wayfair


Wall #2

Glass wall is sleek and highly reflective.


Printed Glass Splashback
Printed glass splashback

Image Source: Image Glass


Wall #3

Get an embossed to add some symmetrical detailing to the space.


White, textured backsplash with brown cupboards
Embossed to turn eyes

Image Source: Candle Homes


Wall #4

This patterned wallpaper makes for a countryside aesthetic for your wall!


patterned tile for kitchen
Traditional tile with vintage prints and patterns

Image Source: Love property


Wall #5

Tile in multiple shades of green gives a relaxing respite from the heat of the kitchen.


green tile kitchen splashback
The perfect tile for with shades of green

Image Source: Tile mountain


Living Room Designs


Living Design #1

This living with curtains not only looks good but is also functional.


neutral pastel pink curtains
Simple with neutral curtains

Image Source: Creative and


Living Design #2

Smooth lines, patterns, and contrasting color are the factors that make this wallpaper ideal for the living creating a modern yet elegant space.


black and white patterned wall design
Black and white patterned for interiors

Image Source: MSI Surfaces


Living Design #3

Since the pop of color is a smart strategy to brighten a that would otherwise be grey and gloomy, this fancy living will surely delight the creative soul.


textured grey wall designs with a pop of color
Add a pop of color to your walls using accessories

Image Source: Nippon Paints


Living Design #4

This contemporary living shows how prints can be incorporated without making the space look too busy. Also, strategically painting patterns on the beside the window allows the vibrant blue color to reflect light.


floral patterned walls with blue backdrop
White patterns on a solid blue backdrop

Image Source: Concrete by


Living Design #5

The dramatic arrangement of wooden panels is done in such a strategic way that each component catches the at different angles.

Thus, this living is impossible to miss.


geometric wood panels
Artistic living panels

Image Source: Behance


Bookshelf on Wall


Bookshelf on Wall #1

This modern has staggered wooden blocks offering plenty of storage space. Moreover, the bookshelf on creates a playful landscape and is a great 3D idea.


wood bookshelf on walls
A mammoth bookshelf on the is a masterpiece

Image Source: Pinterest


Bookshelf on Wall #2

This classic black bookshelf on goes well with the other minimalistic components of the room. Also, the orange blocks add weight to the by breaking the monotony of one color tone.


black bookshelf with orange storage blocks
A classic bookshelf on the with a pop of orange color

Image Source: Bespoke


Bookshelf on Wall #3

Moroccan bookshelf is the latest trend and makes the space look luxurious, sharp, and clean.


moroccan bookshelf
Integrated Moroccan bookshelf on

Image Source: Bookriot


Bookshelf on Wall #4

This colossal book shelf on makes use of the space around and between two large windows occupying the entire for functionality and storage.


A bookshelf on the to add some extra storage space

Image Source: Bespoke


Bookshelf on Wall #5

There is nothing better than an enormous uniform layout of boxes as your white bedroom bookshelf on wall.


white bookshelf
A classic white bookshelf on a white

Image Source: Designing


Partition Designs


Partition Wall #1

This glass partition is perfect for an intimate, moody atmosphere.


Glass partition with metal frame
Glass partition with a metal frame

Image Source: Michael Haverland


Partition Wall #2

These unique laser-cut partition patterns can be achieved with acrylic, MDF, and particleboard.


laser cut detailing on partition
Laser-cut partition with intricate details

Image Source: Snowyandme


Partition Wall #3

Glass partition walls are suitable for application in almost all areas, like thick and texture glass for wet areas, glass with frames of different materials like aluminum, timber, and PVC in office areas, etc.


glass partition walls
Glass partition for transparency

Image Source: Pinterest


Partition Wall #4

Partition walls with strings are one of the most innovative and cost-effective methods of partition providing visual clarity and divisional functionality.


backlit string partition walls
for visual clarity with a rich feel

Image Source: Pinterest


Partition Wall #5

Apart from offering privacy, wooden panel partition walls are elegant looking and will take your living space a notch higher.


wood panel partition walls
Partition walls out of wood planks

Image Source: tobi


Garden Wall Designs


Garden Wall #1

In this garden wall, the concrete and integrated make a lovely pairing.


exterior marble cladding design
Garden with accent

Image Source: House of Luxury


Garden Wall #2

A penthouse-style garden is multifunctional and comprises various finishes and textures.


garden wall design with wood frame and panels
Garden with wooden frames and blue wood planks

Image Source: Pinterest


Garden Wall #3

Mosaic garden walls are the most popular and cost-effective way to add an artistic touch to your garden.


Mosaic stone wall design for exteriors
Mosaic for the garden is a colorful option

Image Source: Art and science 


Garden Wall #4

This vertical living garden adds depth and interest to an otherwise empty and gives an appearance of a bigger garden.


vertical garden for added greenery
Trending vertical garden for nature lovers

Image Source: Pinterest


Garden Wall #5

A wooden perfectly complements the white minimalist vibes creating a modern, aesthetically pleasing garden wall.


garden wood wall
Wood fencing garden

Image Source: the spruce


Front Wall Designs


Front Design #1

To make the house look not just like a structure made out of stone and concrete, it is necessary that harmony remains between each component.

Subsequently, this front makes the house look modern, comfortable, and cozy, all at the same time.


wooden front wall
Front with wood panelling

Image Source: Primefeed


Front Design #2

To add a rustic yet classy charm to the walls, black or charcoal stone cladding is an ideal choice for front walls of the house.


granite cladding on exterior walls
Front for exterior

Image Source: TDCA


Front Design #3

This modular front creates a sense of seclusion and privacy which is the main concern of homeowners these days.


perforated front wall design of house
Statement-making front for house

Image Source: Pinterest


Front Design #4

This front is ideal for the exterior as it can protect the walls from the effects of temperature changes and natural precipitation.


Stone cladding wall design for exterior
Exterior with stone

Image Source: Pinterest


Front Design #5

This front is a breathtaking concoction of bricks, wood, and glass.


exterior wall design with wood, brick and glass
Front elevation of a house with wood, glass, and bricks

Image Source: Pinterest


Boundary Wall


Boundary Design #1

The following type of boundary is great for people who want to boost the street appeal of their house. Also, such designs are perfect for differentiating your house from others.


exterior boundary wall design with plants
A simple boundary with plants

Image Source: tuacasa


Boundary Design #2

Add warmth to your boundary by using accent lighting. It creates a gorgeous effect and ties the entire look together making it an ideal choice for boundary design.


boundary wall design with outdoor lighting
An exterior boundary with added

Image Source: Architecture ideas


Boundary Design #3

When in doubt, go for stone cladding as your boundary design.


boundary wall designs with stones
Stone for a minimalistic exterior

Image Source: Pinterest


Boundary Design #4

This brick boundary wall is a natural and antique way to ramp up the look of your from the outside.


textured brick wall design
A classic brick to embrace the unusual

Image Source: Pinterest


Boundary Design #5

For another modern boundary design, adding a personal touch by painting a mural on the boundary walls makes them stand out.


jungle theme pinted mural walls
Painted murals on the for a high aesthetic value

Image Source: Kimhunter


Parapet Wall

A parapet is a protective wall, rampart, or elevation that runs along the edge of the roof, terrace, or balcony and is an extension to it. Moreover, besides being an extended barrier, parapets are aesthetic features of any exterior walls in an architectural building.


Parapet Design #1

Unlike simple plain designs, these types of parapet walls have various openings for to seep in. The openings in such balustrade designs are an added feature to make the walls stylish.


perforated parapet wall design for staircase
Perforated parapet for the to seep in

Image Source: Pinterest


Parapet Design #2

This solid parapet is similar to other brick walls. Such walls provide added strength to the structure and are made out of concrete.


parapet brick wall
Brick parapet for added strength

Image Source: Native Contracting


Parapet Design #3

Glass parapet is a new and emerging trend!

It is used to improve the appearance of the conventional parapet as it uses fiberglass along with steel railings.


fiberglass wall for parapet with stainless steel frame
Fiberglass parapet with steel frame

Image Source: Pinterest


Parapet Design #4

This idea is a combination of two parapet designs to make an ideal one for you.


parapet wall design
Simple parapet wall

Image Source: Pinterest


Parapet Design #5

Choosing wooden blocks with a metal frame as fencing or a parapet wall will make your house stand out.


parapet wall design with wood planks
Parapet made out of wooden planks

Image Source: Perimtec


Compound Wall


Compound Design #1

This particular compound wall has successfully replaced traditional wooden planks. Therefore, it is durable as well as stylish.


brick pattern metal compound wall
A simple compound with sleek details

Image Source: Xcel.pl


Compound Design #2

Contemporary compound walls are the perfect example of how a little details and accent lights can change the entire atmosphere and look.


Compound with backlit wood panels

Image Source: Pinterest


Compound Design #3

This compound wall uses wooden planks which add warmth to space. Also, such designs not only look modern but also fancy.


wood wall design for compound
Compound with a vintage appeal

Image Source: Pinterest


Compound Design #4

One can never go wrong with the rustic brick wallpaper for a compound wall with wood. Also, adding lamps and takes the look to a whole another level.


compound wall design with brick wallpaper
An adventurous compound with brick wallpaper

Image Source: Decorholic


Compound Design #5

This compound wall has an awesome concept of mix and match. Moreover, the touch of greenery and makes this idea all the more stunning.


comound walls with vertical garden
Experiment by adding a vertical garden to the compound to enliven your space

Image Source: Pinterest


decoration ideas for office


Office Designs


Office Wall #1

This office is for those who insist on making work an interesting affair!

Also, the patchwork of the illustrations infuses joy and brightness to the overall look of this meeting room.


Office wall with orange and greeen patchwork
Office with a pop of color to uplift your mood

Image Source: setyouroffice


Office Wall #2

Offices require good and what better way to acquire it than built-in lights in wooden panels.


Wall with staggerd wooden planks
Edgy wood for office

Image Source: The architecture designs


Office Wall #3

Inspire people with high-impact words pasted on the wall with a stencil. Also, the word “CREATE” in black on a plain white makes for a simple yet awe-inspiring office wall.


typographic walls for office
Trendy typographic

Image Source: Kuarki


Office Wall #4

Walls with wood paneling are a favorite when it comes to the workplace. Also, it adds a rich warmth to the workplace.


Office wall with wood and accent lights
A minimalistic set up for office

Image Source: Pinterest


Office Wall #5

Cool blue is always the perfect color to make an environment soothing. Also, some researchers also claim that blue improves the productivity of employees at a workplace.

Hence, it is suitable to be an effective office paint design.


blue office wall to break the monotony
A blue statement to uplift the boring whites

Image Source: Scott Brown Painting


Hall Walls


Hall Design #1

This for the hall is not only modern and colorful but also creates an interesting visual statement.


colorful wall for hall
Add a feature to the hall and enliven the space

Image Source: Pinterest


Hall Design #2

This for the hall is the perfect example of the fact that paintings are the only aesthetically pleasing things.

Moreover, adding a wallpaper on a darker along with some cove lights is a great wall idea.


hall wall with neutral wallpaper on dark wall
Wallpaper on a dark is an excellent option for office

Image Source: Kireiusa


Hall Design #3

Choosing a subtly-toned wallpaper is so much better than a white boring wall. Also, it emphasizes the open space and matches the rest of the décor in the room.


wallpaper for office
White walls act as a stunning canvas for artwork and decoration

Image Source: Wallpaper Safari


Hall Design #4

Modern walls are an absolute treat to the eyes. Thus, these walls stand out effortlessly.


modern office wall, wooden wall for office, wood wall paneling
Sleek and stylish for office

Image Source: Freepik


Hall Design #5

All walls for the hall need not be dramatic and eye-catching.

So, go for a wooden texture for a distinctive look that does not seem too overwhelming.


wood panel with lighting
The wood panel is perfect for the monochromatic theme

Image Source: Pinterest


Restaurant Walls


Restaurant Wall Design #1

Bold graphics, letters, charts, or diagrams are the most fun way to reflect the vibe of your restaurant.


restaurant wall with bolg graphics
Bold graphics on a black backdrop are perfect for a restaurant setting

Image Source: Unsplash


Restaurant Design #2

When done right, adding plants on a white as a part of the décor is always a hit.


white brick wall with plants
Neutral restaurant with plants to add some greenery

Image Source: Italian bark


Restaurant Design #3

Sometimes less is more and in that case, chose modern minimalism as your theme. Therefore, just add a timber panel on the and a few lamps and you are good to go.


restaurant wall with wood planks
Wooden panelling on a for a cozy environment

Image Source: founterior


Restaurant Design #4

This plush is all you need to up your game. Also, it gives a rich, classy and elegant look to your restaurant.


gold feature wall for restaurant
Luxurious with mirrorwork and golden highlights for a rich feel

Image Source: Occa


Restaurant Design #5

If you make an impact with an over-the-top wallpaper or an elaborate mural using various colors, you can keep the rest of your interiors clean and simple.


colorful mandala artwork on restaurant wall
Colorful mandala artwork on a is an eye-catcher

Image Source: Pinterest


Latest Designs


Latest wall #1

A black with golden highlights is an absolute classic. Also, it is an inspiration for your next favorite style. Moreover, the neutral and accessories are a bonus.


Black statement wall design
A black statement is all you need for a dramatic look

Image Source: Londonart


Latest wall #2

This remains an excellent carpentry idea for having ample storage that looks good and easy with custom-made carpentry solutions.


black wall design with storage space
A functional and statement-making with storage space

Image Source: Quanvast


Latest wall #3

Staggered wooden blocks with backlight reflect from different angles and give this a very modern yet simple look.


Wall with wood planks and concealed lights
Wooden covering with concealed lights

Image Source: Next Luxury


Latest wall #4

Adding a statement decorative tree with fairy lights will alleviate the entire look.


woodwork art on wall
with a fairy tree for a mystical look

Image Source: Flickr


Latest wall #5

Black with laser cut panels and backlight. Also, the perforations brighten the space and add some aesthetical value.


3d black wall paper design
Geometry takes center stage with this sharp modern

Image Source: ESSE


Wall Ideas Picture Gallery



Whether you live in a small city apartment or a sprawling luxurious house, blank, windowless walls can be a total headache.

Also, whether your personal style vibes with maximalist or minimalist, the walls of your house certainly need not be blank and boring.

Are you wondering how to spruce up an empty or create a space of grandeur?

Firstly, it is important to understand the theme and the area of application. Since every space has its own unique features, the right walls pull together the entire space and add value to it.

If you want the walls of your to contribute to the inviting and cozy atmosphere, you can opt for anything from monochrome marble to colorful and from wood panelling to painted murals.

The choices are endless.

Lastly, when it comes to offices and other commercial spaces, it is important to give your walls the attention they deserve.

As professionals, when choosing an appropriate way to revamp the walls thoughtfully, the right walls can provide for the entire room. Moreover, walls matter most in design.

However, if the idea of putting your walls in such a prominent spot in your plan intimidates you, use this post as a guide on how to precisely choose the right walls for your existing space to have a harmonious interior.




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