False ceiling designs for living rooms: 9 design elements you must know (40+Images)

false ceiling design for living rooms


Today, ceilings are more than just a roof over our head. Décor has smoothly found its way to the designs for living rooms. A is the fifth of the house. Designer ceilings for living rooms have become as essential as curtains and furniture. There is a common saying that the reflects your personality, and the décor reflects your style. Hence, your choice of designs for living rooms & drawing rooms with and colours speaks a lot about your taste and creative sense.

Therefore, you must pay close attention to the ceiling designs for the living rooms. As a professional, it becomes your job to justify the aesthetics as well as the functionality of a space.

Living ceiling must be done smartly and articulately. It should complement the other components of the living such as lighting, furniture, flooring etc.

Furthermore, you must go for affordable ceiling cost for living room. ideas for drawing rooms should be such that the maintenance is easy and the cost of ceiling for drawing also remains reasonable.

The article gives valuable details on how to choose the best designs for drawing rooms. This information will surely give you an upper hand while choosing your false ceiling.


Latest false ceiling designs for living rooms

False ceilings for drawing rooms in India should add to the climatic, functional, and aesthetic needs of the room. From a drawing- simple to a catchy living colour, the list goes on endlessly.

When a client reaches out to a professional, he comes with a wish list describing his ideal ceiling designs of living rooms. Most of the time, the end-users only focus on the beautification of their space.

As a result, it becomes your responsibility to cater to the aesthetic dreams of your client along with providing practicality and functionality to the for living room.

For instance, designs for drawing rooms in flats differ from designs for big drawing rooms. Therefore, it becomes important for an architect or an designer to consider all aspects of drawing ideas.

The modern designs for living rooms not just serve the aesthetic needs of the but also have many other benefits.


Let us find out some new designs for drawing with pictures.


Creative layers modern false ceiling designs for living rooms

If you want to jazz up your drawing without appearing too loud, add layers to your drawing simple false ceiling.


Single layer white colour lights for guest room cum dinning room
Single layer ceiling for living rooms.


The single-layer drawing designs are ideal new ceiling designs for small drawing room. Colour the living in a neutral shade and leave it as it is. Or, add some beautiful lights for living room.

Single-layer designer false ceiling for drawing are perfect for minimalistic interiors.

If you have a bigger space, get a multi-layered for drawing rooms in India. Therefore, you can go for cove with installation. The of the drawing- must never compromise with the functionality and aesthetics.


multi-layer false ceiling design
Multi-layer design.


You can also get a multi-layered of drawing with a tray design. Adding a chandelier to an inverted tray ceiling makes the of drawing look luxurious.


Canopy designer false ceiling designs for drawing rooms


Canopy look for quirky room setting
Beautiful canopy for living room.


If you want to make a mind-blowing impression on your guests, go for the natural canopy look of designer ceiling for living room. This canopy pops up the room. Canopy offers a low designer ceiling cost for living room. In addition to that, the drawing false ceiling makes the space feel warm.

Tip: If you want to go for a more vibrant look, use bright colours for the canopy and shade for the rest of the colour.


Subtle living room false ceiling colour

You can always play with colours when it comes to colour designs.


Subtle colours false ceiling ideas
Beige, white and cream shades for living


Neutral and subtle shades are trending these days. Therefore, you can go for such shades for your living colour designs.

Paint the four walls of the living in a shade of cream colour and pair them with a white designer ceiling colour.

The beige colour drawing false ceiling work goes well with pastel-coloured walls.

To give a contrasting look to the house, use neutral and pastel colours in the living rooms and bright shades in other rooms of the house.


Subtle tones for false ceiling ideas for living room
Green walls and White false ceiling.


You can combine two or more colours and a beautiful designer ceiling for living rooms. For instance, add an extra sea-green coloured panel to an otherwise white drawing designer ceiling design.

Tip: You can subtly highlight your living with vibrant elements such as rugs, indoor plants, artworks, etc.


False ceiling lights for living

lights for living come in endless choices. As a result, you can transform an ordinary living simple into a masterpiece just by using the lights smartly.


false ceiling lights for living room
lights for living room.


Cove lights make the latest and new designer ceiling designs for living rooms aesthetically pleasing. They come in different shades and warmth.

You can add a contrast to the living colour using cove lights. In addition to that, you can also install track lights for a more dramatic look.


False ceiling for living rooms with 2 fans

If you are looking for designer ceiling designs for living with 2 fans, go for cove lights for optimum in your living room.


false ceiling design for living rooms with 2 fans
Layered ceiling for living with 2 fans.


Additionally, you can also pick designer ceiling fans with lights to add multiple layers to your drawing simple false ceiling.


ceiling fan with light for false ceiling
Ceiling with for living room.


Read more about the different types of ceiling fans.

Dropped Wooden false ceiling designs for living rooms


Wooden false ceiling
Wooden false ceiling for a natural look.


To give your living an artistically vintage look, go for dropped wooden designer ceiling for living rooms. These designs reflect the inhabitant’s love for nature and vintage.

Moreover, you can also add various and elements to the dropped wooden structures.


Space divider false ceiling for combined living and dining rooms


false ceiling design for living rooms
Divide your space with designs.


In India, we have a trend of extending our living into a dining as well. Therefore, if you want to give a unique look to your where you can separate the lounge area and the dining area, use space divider false ceilings.

Two false ceilings are designed for the room, one for each area. The lights paired together, diffuse and distribute light, enhancing the efficiency of the room.


Smart living designs 

Set right in the middle of the room, the smart designs add a jazzy vibe to space.

Basically, lights play a greater role than the ceiling structure. However, even the best and smartest lights won’t look appealing and give the desired impact if the ceilings are not built properly.


Smart false ceiling design for living rooms
Colour changing smart false ceiling.


Therefore, get translucent designer ceiling designs for living rooms with hidden colour changing lights to make the living look extremely pleasing.

You can change the intensity of the lights according to your mood or season.


How to choose the best false ceiling designs for living rooms?


Pay attention to the space of your living

You should consider the area of your drawing carefully to avoid proportional and dimensional mistakes with drawing false ceilings.


designer drawing room with yellow and white lights and brown furniture
Neutral shades with lights for living room.
Image Credits: Finolex


The minimum height of the designer ceiling of living from the remains about 8.5 to 9 feet.

Moreover, the minimum distance between the roof and the designer ceiling for living must remain at least 8 inches.

Living rooms are a place of get-together and relaxation. Therefore, your ideas for drawing should also allow a comfortable environment. The should not look too vacant or stuffed-up.


Understand the position of false ceiling lights for living room

Determining the height of the lights for living is as important as choosing the right decorative lights. designs for drawing rooms in India should not be too low and intricate.


lights for minimalist white and cream living room
Brightly lit living with lights.


Choose the lights for living in advance. In addition to that, consider the position of the ceiling lights prior to the installation as well.

Lights placed at far ends do not up the properly. Moreover, too small lights also make the look dull.

Choose the ceiling designs for living rooms first and the lights after that, or vice versa. But, make sure that the selection and positioning of both are done before the installation.

Brands such as TISVA, Jaquar, K-lite, etc. offer beautiful lights for ceilings.

Read more about the different types of decorative lights and how to position them properly.


Allow easy operation of service lines in your living

Modern designer ceiling designs for living rooms should allow manoeuvring of service lines with ease. Drawing false ceilings have access to wires, pipes, smoke detectors, etc. These products need constant fixing and replacement. Therefore, your ceiling designs for living rooms should not hamper any of these works.

This will not just make the job troublesome but also cause damage to the ceiling. As a result, your designer ceiling cost for living increases.


Match the designs living with other elements 

Here are some tips on designer ceiling for living room:

a. You can contrast the drawing colour with the colour of the walls. Choose a green colour for walls and pair it with a dark green false ceiling.


colour contrast with white and green shades
Colour contrast false ceiling.


b. Matching flooring and designs living look extremely beautiful. Additionally, apply darker shades on the walls and use its lighter tones for the flooring and ceiling.


minimal look with designer lights white interiors and popping pink furniture
with matching flooring colour.


c. Use plants pattern in your designer ceiling designs for living rooms. You can use both original and artificial plants. However, if using real pants, ensure that they get enough sunlight and some water source.


Innovative plants and sky pattern for living room.


d. Match your colour with the colour of your living ’s furniture. This gives a visually appealing look.


False ceiling idea for living room
idea for living with matching furniture.



Exclusive Gallery ( designs living pictures)



Ceiling designs for drawing rooms come with endless possibilities and opportunities. You have to make a smart choice by choosing the best designer ceilings for living rooms.

This article discusses the different drawing designs and how to choose them wisely.

Cleverly chosen designer living ceilings helps conserve energy and reduce wastage. As a result, the cost of becomes effective in the long run.

Moreover, false ceilings offer other benefits such as sound and heat insulation, and sound amplification. Therefore, your living becomes more accommodating and comfortable.

With the help of your aesthetic sense and this detailed visual guide, you can get a beautifully efficient idea for living room.


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