False ceiling colours: 25+ colour ideas for that plush look

false ceiling colours
false ceiling colours

The false ceiling or the fifth wall of the room needs detailed attention when it comes to interior designing.  Choosing the right paint for the false ceiling determines the entire look of the space. On the contrary, if your false ceiling colour combination or the ceiling paint designs do not complement the interiors, it will sabotage the entire look of the room.

The wrong wall and false ceiling colour combinations can make the room look too small and damp. Moreover, it can also hamper the efficiency and productivity of the room. A room that becomes too hot due to the false ceiling colours needs more power consumption for cooling.

Hence, you must pick the right colours for false ceiling.



False ceiling colour ideas with reference to the walls of the room


Ceilings lighter than the walls


designer ceiling solutions
Light false ceiling paint

Image Source: Gviet Group


Choosing a lighter false ceiling paint colour makes the walls of the room look higher and space seem bigger.

Furthermore, the standard false ceiling painting technique is to whiten your ceilings with a ratio of 80:20 where 80% white and 20% other colour is used.

This false ceiling painting is perfect for ceilings that have lower ceilings. Hence, this is a good kitchen false ceiling idea.

Furthermore, you can also pick lighter false ceiling paint colours for the following reasons:

  1. A low-contrast look of the wall and false ceiling colour combinations.
  2. To get a simple false ceiling with a minimalist tone of the materials for false ceiling.


Ceilings darker than the walls


simple ceiling solutions
False ceiling paint in a darker shade.

Image Source: Cocokelley


If you want darker ceilings for a more dramatic look, darker false ceiling shades are a good option. They offer a contrast between the ceilings and wall.

However, you must remember that dark false ceiling colour combination must only be 2 or 3 shades darker than the wall colour if you choose bright colours. Also, do not go overboard with dark shades otherwise, it will make the false ceiling look unappealing.

Moreover, you can use the dark false ceiling paint colour for the following reasons:

1. To make the room feel more intimate and cosier

2. To highlight the details on the ceiling

3. To give a striking contrast

Additionally, shades like navy hues, charcoal grey, brown, chocolate, black, etc. with white walls look extremely fascinating.


Simple white ceiling paint design


simple false ceiling with lighting solutions
Simple false ceiling in white shade

Image Source: Eperiod LED


No matter how many colour choices you have, white has its own charm. Also, one can say that white remains the safest and best ceiling colour. You can always count on a simple ceiling design in white paint colour.

Furthermore, here are a few more reasons to get a white ceiling colour for your room:

  1. Go for white ceiling colours if your room has too many bright colours already.
  2. Choose white false ceiling paint colour if you want to go for false ceiling colour combinations with darker walls.
  3. White false ceiling paint colour hides visible imperfections like lumps and bumps. It would eliminate unwanted attention to these errors.
  4. White ceiling colour is ideal for rooms that do not receive a lot of natural light. The white colour reflects more light into darker spaces. Therefore, opt for white ceiling colour in darker spaces.


False ceiling with matching wall 

You need to understand the role of colours in determining the space of the room. darker colours make the room more intimate. On the other hand, light shades make space roomier.

Therefore, considering the size of your room, choose the false ceiling colour appropriately.

Now that we know all about the right ways to pick the ceiling colours, let us go through some designs and colours for the ceiling.


Wooden-finish false ceiling 


wooden planks on ceiling
Stylish wooden-textured ceiling colours.

Image Source: Interior design edu- Facebook.com


This wooden texture false ceiling design looks posh and gives a natural look to space. Also, installing this wooden false ceiling in kitchen makes it spacious and roomier.


wooden false ceiling colour
Wooden-texture ceiling colour.

Image Source: IIC- Facebook.com


The wooden false ceiling paint colour with wooden panels are ideal ceiling solutions for slope roofs. Also, they give a natural feel of the woods and brighten up space. They are ideal bedroom ceiling colour choices.


wooden false ceiling design
White and wooden-finish ceiling colours.

Image Source: Paragon Interiors- Facebook.com


Go classy with the excellent wooden living room simple ceiling colour. Also, the ceiling colours living room must be unique. Moreover, they should make the best false ceiling designs for living room look more elaborate. Therefore, the wooden finish ceiling colour living room remains a go-to choice of all Interior Designers.


wooden planks on ceiling
Wooden planks on white false ceiling.

Image Source: VIP Selling- Facebook.com


If you love the wooden texture, this modern false ceiling design is ideal for you. In addition to the enhancement of the aesthetics, this ceiling colour and design also offer ample brightness in the room.


Unique paint ideas


false ceiling paint ideas
B/W Strips ceiling colours for seamless bedroom walls.

Image Source: Facebook.com


These bedroom ceiling colours give a unique seamless look to the wall and false ceiling. The strip patterns of the bedroom false ceiling along with false ceiling cove lighting give it a dramatic look.


POP false ceiling design
Modern POP false ceiling colours.

Image Source: False Ceiling Designs- Facebook.com


This unique false ceiling painting design has an extremely different mood. The POP false ceiling with added false ceiling lighting gives a rare look. You can go with this false ceiling colour combination if you want fancy false ceiling designs. This false ceiling painting design goes well with every room.


white and blue false ceiling colour for living room design
White and blue ceiling colours.

Image Source: KreateCube on pinterest.com


Another unique false ceiling paint idea is to get white and blue false ceiling colour combinations. With this false ceiling colour combination, you can literally sleep under the sky!


latest false ceiling colour ideas
Green glass false ceiling design.

Image Source: m.ok


If you like to go a little extra, choose this amazing glass false ceiling design. This ceiling colour adds a sizzling taste to your room. The green and white wallpaper give a unique look when it’s reflected on the glass false ceiling.


Trendy false ceiling wallpaper designs


false ceiling wallpaper
Clear sky with flowers wallpaper for false ceiling.

Image Source: eBay



This sky false ceiling wallpaper drastically transforms the look and feel of the bedroom. Therefore, you can go for this trendy bedroom ceiling colour wallpaper!


false ceiling paint design
Stylish metallic ceiling colours.

Image Source: Shakun Interiors- Facebook.com


If you really want to go overboard and style your walls and false ceiling in a totally unique way, choose this brown leafy wallpaper for false ceiling. Moreover, this false ceiling wallpaper adds a metallic touch to your false ceiling design which is quite a rare sight.


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wallpaper for false ceiling
Soft flowers bedroom false ceiling wallpaper.

Image Source: Threads werindia


Transform your bedroom with this trendy bedroom ceiling colour. The green and white flowers in this wallpaper for false ceiling give a unique touch. Moreover, adding another layer of PVC false ceiling or Gypsum false ceiling in a more subtle ceiling colour makes the bedroom ceiling look more stylish.


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false ceiling wallpaper
Beautiful flowers and sky wallpaper for false ceiling.

Image Source: Tumblr


Another way to give a different taste to your false ceiling design is by installing a flowery false ceiling wallpaper with a backdrop of a clear sky. Furthermore, installing decorative lights and other lighting fixtures as false ceiling lighting highlights the wallpaper for false ceiling.


false ceiling wallpaper
Green and blue garden look false ceiling wallpaper.

Image Source: Day Podip


This beautiful green wallpaper for a false ceiling completely transforms the look and feel of the room. Also, false ceilings that are usually not given much significance will become the MVP (most valuable player)  of your bedroom.


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Luxury false ceiling design ideas


Single layer ceiling solutions
Royal ceiling colours.

Image Source: bedding Inn


Give your false ceiling colour combinations a royal touch by using shades of golden. Moreover, you can achieve this royal false ceiling paint design in two ways:

  1. Get a wallpaper for false ceiling
  2. Install POP false ceiling and then use such shades of paint for false ceiling


multi-layer ceiling colours
White ceiling colour for a luxury look.

Image Source: Behance


White is royalty in itself! Therefore, go all white with a white false ceiling, white flooring, white drapery, and white furniture!

However, ensure that the room is not too heavily exposed to natural light otherwise it can sabotage the entire look.


false ceiling colour ideas
Golden ceiling colour for a royal look.

Image Source: Flickr


Golden colour for false ceiling can never go wrong! You can get seamless royalty with an all gold ceiling colour. Additionally, you can achieve this wall and false ceiling colour combination with the gyproc false ceiling (metal)!


latest false ceiling design
Designer false ceiling in bronze colour for a luxury look.

Image Source: Mirt


Another way to achieve a royal look is by installing this luxury false ceiling in bronze colour. The unique design of the office false ceiling gives it a rich look.

Additionally, you can also install designer flooring for a posher feel.


simple false ceiling colours
White and silver ceiling colours for a luxury look.

Image Source: Tim Herr- Pinterest.com


Golden and silver are undoubtedly synonyms of luxury. If you have to go off-beat with your ceiling colours, go for a silver paint colour for the ceiling. The different patterns on the false ceiling design give it a royal touch.

Additionally, you can add some decorative lights to complete the look.


Contrasting false ceiling colour combinations


modern false ceiling colour ideas
Colourful false ceiling panels.

Image Source: Acustico


Give a contrast to your false ceiling colour combinations to get away with the monotonous look of the space. Adding colourful false ceiling panels on an otherwise dark false ceiling painting design eliminates the boredom.


multi-layer ceiling
Black and White ceiling colours for a layered ceiling.

Image Source: Kelly Hoppe Interiors


Black and white false ceiling paint ideas are always right!

Moreover, if you have added bright colours to the other elements of your room, you can go for a B/W false ceiling paint colour design.


modern ceiling designs
Unique false ceiling colours for seamless spaces.

Image Source: Kararo


Eliminate the division among the walls, flooring, and ceiling of the space. Stretch the false ceiling paint colour all along the wall and then the floor. This will make your space look extremely delightful and interesting.


lighting solutions
Beautiful false ceiling light for fark false ceiling colours.

Image Source: lights.co.uk


A simple yet effective way to get colour contrasts is by installing white false ceiling lighting on a dark grey colour for false ceiling. Additionally, you can install light grey false ceiling panels for panel lighting. This will give a unique look to the false ceiling.



There are numerous false ceiling painting ideas. You can go for a monochromatic look, contrasting false ceiling colour combinations, seamless false ceiling paint, a royal false ceiling colour combination, or a trendy false ceiling wallpaper. This endless list has amazing things for your space.

However, you must study your space carefully before choosing your design and paint for a false ceiling.

Going for dark ceiling paint colour in a small room or light ceiling colours in a huge room with too much sunlight are some major letdowns.

Therefore, you can refer to the ceiling colour options and pick the best one for you. These ceiling colours should be chosen as per your room’s requirements. So, if all the factors are taken care of smartly, then you can get the most amazing false ceiling design for your room within your budget.


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