How to Install Room False Ceiling?- Instruction Video

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Many experienced professionals often make small mistakes that could hamper the quality of a false ceiling. Hence besides material, installation is the other most important factor for a durable false ceiling. Given below are the tips on how to install a room false ceiling with a grid, tiles, and border. With the help of these tips, the installers will not compromise the correct installation technique leading to sub-optimal results.



room false ceiling grid with tiles & border
Designer Ceiling for Room

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How to Install Room False Ceilings – Tips for the installer:


Before You Start

1: Allowing panels and tiles to adjust to the job site


Room false Ceiling Grid—Wall Molding

2: Leveling wall molding

3: Installing wall molding on drywall

4: Installing wall molding on solid or concrete walls

5: Installing wall molding along an uneven wall surface


Ceiling Grid—Main Beams and Cross Tees

6: Choosing your hanger wire

7: Bending hanger wires

8: Supporting the main beam for the room false ceiling

9: Squaring the grid

10: Installing Easy Up Track


Tile Installation Using the Ashlar Method

11: Using the Easy Up system


Overhead Support Beams and Ducts

12: Boxing around overhead ducts and beams

13: Using grid to box around obstructions


Support Columns

14: Boxing in columns with a suspended ceiling

15: Installing panels around columns, pipes, vents, and posts



16: Boxing in basement windows

17: Installing decorative molding on boxed-in area


Room False Ceiling Borders—Panels

18: Figuring borders on scored panels or panels with 12″ x 12″ patterns

19: Cutting “recessed grid” ceiling border panels



20: Replacing damaged tiles using the Easy Up Installation System


Room False Ceiling Lighting

21: Hanging 2′ x 4′ lights

22: Installing recessed lighting in a false ceiling tile

23: Installing recessed lighting in a suspended ceiling

24: Installing surface-mounted lighting in a tile ceiling


Room Ceiling Fans

25: Mounting a ceiling fan in a tile ceiling


Vents and Recessed Fans

26: Mounting ceiling vents


Cathedral Room False Ceilings

27: Installing WoodHaven™ planks on a cathedral ceiling

28: Installing molding or trim between a suspended panel cathedral ceiling and wall



29: Installing insulation

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