Hanging curtains? Don’t make these 5 terrible mistakes!

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Most people commit many basic mistakes while hanging curtains in their homes. Whether you are aware of these mistakes or not, this video will guide you in making your ceilings look high, windows look bigger, and let more light enter your room with the use of curtains. Once you follow the basic rules of perfectly hanging curtains on the rods, you will witness a drastic change in the aesthetics of your room.



Common mistakes you should avoid while hanging curtains | Ultimate guide


Mistake #1 – Hanging curtains too low

Hanging the curtain rods too low from the ceiling is a common mistake that most people commit. The height and width on which you place your curtain rods are very crucial. If done right, it makes your windows look bigger and ceilings look higher. A curtain rod should be set at least 4 to 6 inches above the window frame and should be 8 to 12 inches longer than the width of the window. In case, you have crown mouldings, you can place these rods about three-quarters of an inch below them. Make sure you don’t hang the curtain rod too close to the mouldings as it may look strange.


Mistake #2 – Using narrow rods for hanging curtains

Most of the time narrow rods suffocate the windows and also block the incoming light. Make sure you use rods that are at least 4 to 6 inches wider than the widow frames so that when the curtains are open, they only overlap the edges of the window and make your windows look wider.


Mistake #3 – Using narrow curtain panels

Narrow curtain panels look restrained on windows. Always buy curtain panels that are 1.5 to 2 times wider than your windows. This will make sure that your curtains have an elegant gathered look when you open or close them.


Mistake #4 – Using a short curtain panel

Hanging short curtains is one of the worst ideas when it comes to the overall aesthetic of your window.


guide and rules of hanging curtains
Curtains can make or break the entire look!

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Below are the four standard lengths or ideas that interior designers suggest for hanging curtains:

  • The kiss: The kiss barely touches the floor. This method is difficult to execute because precise measurements are required. However, once completed, your curtains will elegantly float on the surface. To measure the length, you can simply put the curtain on the rod and mark the exact length you want.
  • Puddle: This process adds a contemporary style statement to the room. For this, you have to get curtains that are 2-5 inches longer than the floor. For an exquisite voluminous puddle, one must ensure that the material is thick.
  • Break puddle: This method comes in between the puddle and the kiss. It is easy to create as you just need ½ -1-inch extra material which will resemble a break when your curtain touches the floor.
  • Slight float: If you want to hang your curtains without breaks, get a curtain that is 1/2 inch shorter than the actual length from the curtain rod to the floor.


Mistake #5 – Excessive Puddling

Excessive puddling is something that one should avoid doing. It can lead to piling of dirt and other mess in the lower parts of the curtain.

Watch this video guide to get in-depth knowledge about the basic rules of hanging curtains!


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