Kitchen design trends | Top 10 designs that will last in 2023 and beyond

modern kitchen design in white and grey with a workstation sink in the middle and ceiling lights
modern kitchen design in white and grey with a workstation sink in the middle and ceiling lights

In recent years, kitchen design has evolved, with kitchens becoming central hubs for entertainment and socializing, leading to an increase in design trends. Fueled by open-concept living, kitchen design has become crucial in modern homes. The market offers sleek and modern, warm and inviting, and bold and colourful styles with unique backsplashes. Whether you are a seasoned chef, a food enthusiast, or simply someone who enjoys cooking and entertaining, there is a trendy kitchen design that will suit your needs and reflect your personal style. Kitchen design evolves to match changing tastes and technology, with key trends shaping design and usage in 2023. With so many options available for kitchen colour patterns, designer cabinets, etc., it can be difficult to know where to start. To help you out, here are the top 10 modern kitchen design trends & ideas you must consider.



Top 10 trendy kitchen designs


Kitchen design trend #1 – Two-toned kitchen design


trendy two-toned kitchen design in blue and white
Two-toned kitchen design for a fresh and clean look

Image Source: Bob Vila


Bringing depth, intrigue, and subtle variations into your kitchen is simple with two-toned cabinets. Professionals prefer two-toned kitchens, which use contrasting colours, finishes, or materials to visually separate different parts of the kitchen. The contrasting design of light upper and dark lower kitchen cabinets can be elegant and modern. Neutral upper and bold lower cabinets add a pop of colour for visual interest.


Kitchen design trend #2 – Open shelving


open-shelving kitchen design for your modern kitchen
Modern and stylish open-shelving kitchen design

Image Source: Pexels


Open shelving kitchen design is a modern and stylish trend in 2023 that involves using exposed shelves instead of traditional cabinets to store and display kitchen items. This design style creates an airy and open feel in the kitchen while providing increased storage space, better organization, and visual interest. It can also be more cost-effective than traditional cabinetry.


Trend#3 – Workstation sink


Workstation sink kitchen design for your modern kitchen
Workstation sink provides versatility and style to a kitchen

Image Source: Food and Wine


A workstation sink is a large kitchen sink with a spacious basin for washing large pots/pans and a built-in cutting board/colander. Made of durable materials (e.g. stainless steel, granite, etc.), it has a modern look and may have added features (e.g. soap dispenser, spray hose, etc.). Workstation sinks provide versatility and style to a kitchen.


Trend#4 – Natural texture kitchen design


natural texture design combined with white tiles
Natural texture kitchen creates an outdoor-inspired atmosphere

Image Source: Pexels


Natural texture kitchens incorporate natural materials and textures to create an outdoor-inspired atmosphere. They feature wood, stone, brick, etc. Natural texture kitchens typically have reclaimed wood cabinets, soapstone or slate countertops, and mosaic tile backsplashes made from natural stones. The design emphasizes a harmonious blend of textures and materials. The goal is to create a space that feels connected to nature and has a functional and beautiful design that can be personalized.


Kitchen design trend #5 – White kitchen design


white coloured modern kitchen
Classic white coloured kitchen makes the atmosphere of the kitchen clean and bright

Image Source: Pexels


White colour brings a classic and timeless look to the kitchen and creates a clean and bright atmosphere. You can use white for cabinets, countertops, and walls or incorporate it as an accent colour. Pairing white with other neutral colours or contracting it with bold accents results in a variety of styles. Its versatility, ability to reflect light, and the effect of making small kitchens appear larger make it a popular choice.



Trend#6 – Finished cabinets to the ceiling


Finished cabinet to the ceiling in white with a bold grey lower cabinets
Finished cabinets to the ceiling enlarge the appearance of the kitchen

Image Source: Bob Vila


Through this design, the cabinetry extends to the ceiling, eliminating the gap and providing extra storage in the kitchen. This modern and sophisticated style makes the kitchen appear larger and more organized. It works well in both large and small kitchens and can be customized with a variety of countertop materials and wall colours.


Kitchen design trend #7 – Waterfall edges


Waterfall edges kitchen countertop in black
Waterfall edges are the latest modern kitchen design trend

Image Source: Unsplash


This design features a continuous flow of the countertop material over the cabinetry’s sides for a sleek and minimalistic look. Often constructed with quartz, marble, or granite, this design adds sophistication to a kitchen while also being easy to clean. For a contemporary or traditional kitchen, this countertop can be paired with a variety of cabinet styles, colours, and finishes.


Trend#8 – Reclaimed wood


Beautiful transitional kitchen in white and grey and reclaimed wood countertop
Beautiful reclaimed wood kitchen design

Image Source: Pinterest


This design is a trend of 2023 that showcases the beauty as well as the character of recycled wood in the kitchen. It creates a warm, rustic atmosphere with its natural textures, rough edges, and warm colours. So, use reclaimed wood for countertops, cabinets, islands, and backsplashes to add unique character to the space. The design, which works in both traditional and contemporary kitchens, can be paired with various materials and colours for a custom look. It’s also an eco-friendly option, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.


Kitchen design trend #9 Blue cabinets


blue kitchen cabinets with beige backdrop is a trendy design in 2023
Brilliant blue cabinets for your kitchen

Image Source: Unsplash


Blue cabinets bring versatility and a calming and soothing vibe to the kitchen. From pale powder blues to deep navy hues, they suit various design styles, including coastal, nautical, contemporary, and traditional. You can pair blue cabinets with a range of contemporary materials, wall colours, and hardware finishes to create a personalized look. So, use blue cabinets as the main colour or an accent to freshen up your kitchen design.


Kitchen design trend #10 – Walk-in pantries


white walk-in pantries are on-going trend of 2023
Walk-in pantries

Image Source: Poosh


A highly sought-after feature, walk-in pantries provide ample storage, organization, and accessibility for food and kitchen supplies, enhancing cooking convenience. Additionally, utilizing shelving, cabinetry, custom built-ins, or floor-to-ceiling storage options can help design walk-in pantries that fit unique needs. Ultimately, walk-in pantries add value to any kitchen, whether traditional or contemporary in design.

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